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Cannes Lions statement on “The Lucky Iron Fish”

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Above, Gavin Armstrong, president and CEO of Lucky Iron fish proudly posing with the grand prix on the red carpet in Cannes last week. Cannes Lions have this official statement about this award. The initial statement from Geometry posted here made it sound like Geometry was involved with developing the fish from prototype to mass-produced functioning design. “There has since been years of product development to create the workable version that was launched in October 2014 and which won the award”. A later statement from Gavin Armstrong himself credits Geometry with “a comprehensive marketing program”, “PR” and “helping scale up the Lucky Iron Fish and bring our design to the market”, which doesn’t say that Geometry was involved doing any design development post prototyping. Now here’s Cannes Lions official statement, which includes Gavin’s statement and Geometry’s statement.

Following reports concerning the validity of this year’s Product Design Grand Prix Winner, “Lucky Iron Fish” from Geometry Global Dubai and Memac Ogilvy MENA, the organisers of Cannes Lions have undertaken further investigation. We have received prompt written confirmation from both Gavin Armstrong, President and CEO of the Lucky Iron Fish company and Dr Christopher Charles, who developed the original prototype, that they worked in close partnership with the agencies concerned. This follows below.

Gavin Armstrong stated:
“Based on my understanding of the entry mechanism at the Cannes Lions festival, we gave Geometry Global approval to be the entrant for all Lucky Iron Fish entries, with full credit to Lucky Iron Fish and other participating entities. There has been no intention to misrepresent the role of Geometry Global or the campaign in the entry or any communications. I was present during the event and received each of the Lions award on stage. I also presented to the Judges for the Innovation award.”
Geometry Global also made the following statement:
“Geometry Global Dubai and Memac Ogilvy MENA are proud to have partnered with the creators of the Lucky Iron Fish product to bring wider exposure and commercial success to this important public health innovation. We have been transparent in our award entries about the contributions of all the players including Gavin Armstrong, CEO of Lucky Iron Fish, Dr. Chris Charles, Director on the Board of Lucky Iron Fish, and all of the supporting agencies. The product design and prototype were created by Lucky Iron Fish; Geometry Global helped to introduce the product to a wider audience.
With the misunderstanding that there could only be a single entrant company across all categories, we entered the Product Design category on behalf of our client and were therefore named ‘entrant company’. Our approach was in full agreement with Lucky Iron Fish company and all partners were credited in the entry. We now understand that Product Design could have been entered directly by Lucky Iron Fish without Geometry Global and Memac Ogilvy as an ‘entrant company.’ Therefore, we have agreed with the Cannes Lions that Lucky Iron Fish should be the sole recipient of the Grand Prix in Product Design, as accepted by CEO Gavin Armstrong during the ceremony in Cannes on Wednesday night. It is an honour to be partners of Lucky Iron Fish, and we are pleased that it has garnered recognition by the Cannes Lions juries. We look forward to being part of the continued success of this project.”
From our perspective, as the organisers of Cannes Lions, this satisfies the requirements of the competition and closes the matter.

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L’Oréal Paris – Helen Mirren / Now more than ever – (2015) :30 (UK)

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L'Oréal Paris - Helen Mirren / Now more than ever - (2015) :30 (UK)
Casting Helen Mirren in an anti-aging cream ad is a little bit of genius. Helen ages, but she’s also looked fantastic throughout her career – with her charisma, fit physique and ability to convey a thousand emotions with just once glance. And that’s really all we can hope for in a cream, something that helps us look fantastic, whatever age we may be.
In the ad, a young lass offers dear Dame Helen Mirren a seat, she is 69 after all, and Helen gives us that glance. “Ever feel like you go unnoticed? …And when you aren’t… Well. Enough” Helen switches into red bra and black leather to take to the town, while declaring “our perfect age, is now” for Age Perfect. She also gives her best cougar glance to a young man working out. “Are we worth it? Now more than ever.” Oh Helen, leave the poor boy alone!
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Alagoas “Ghosts” (2015) 5:15 (USA)

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Alagoas "Ghosts" (2015) 5:15 (USA)
Trippy video for Alagoas’ new track “Ghosts,” featuring an ancient civilization and an unexpected visitor. It’s kind of like National Geographic meets H. R. Pufnstuf.
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Vitaminwater “Keep your vits about you” (2015) 1:30 (USA)

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Vitaminwater "Keep your vits about you" (2015) 1:30 (USA)
Glacéau Vitaminwater wants you to keep your Vits about you, in the office workplace. Because there are all those stereotypes of people in the office who will bring you down, like the person who eats your food, or your boss, or the printer that is always down which isn’t technically a person but your get the idea. No? You mean a minute and a half later you are scratching your head? I agree with you there. A minute would have been more than enough to make whatever point you’re trying to make here.
All I know is this has something to do with Vitaminwater. And while it starts feeling like an homage to Office Space it never really gets around to explaining the benefit of Vitaminwater in those circumstances. Probably because they aren’t allowed to make any claims beyond “adequate refreshment,” so whoopeedoo. Water is adequate refreshment, too.
All I know is some dude is speaking in a quasi-medicated voice, so maybe he’s spiked his Vitaminwater with something else like Valium in which case its the Valium chilling you out, not the sugar water.
By the way, I get into this with Dabitch all the time, but y’all don’t know how to pronounce the word Vitamin. In the UK/Europe they may say Vitamin with Vit sounding like Bit, but here in the good old USA we say Vitamin with Vit as in Bite. So I kept reading it as “keep your vites about you,” which sounds hella strange, kinda like this ad.

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Everything You Wanted to Know about Pinterest Business Accounts

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We all love Pinterest on a personal level, right? It is a fun idea, using visual media rather than the usual form of social blogging that we are used to.

As far as business applications are concerned we all know we should be utilizing Pinterest as the valuable tool it is. But because it is so specific (It’s all about visual content!) it can seem a bit intimidating. How do you actually use it? Does it really work?

The answer to the latter is a resounding ‘Yes!’ Pinterest has been used by many brands, big and small, to improve everything from visibility to traffic, and can even be leveraged into full sales conversions.

Due to the versatility of the tool itself, and the wide range of uses it will have from company to company, your success is directly proportional to the time and creativity you put into it.

Pinterest is not just for fun niches! Bank of America used Pinterest to gain lots of exposure:

In less than 5 months, BMH content on Pinterest reached nearly 6 million unique Pinners, generated more than 29 thousand repins and led to thousands of actions on

Let’s look at Pinterest Business account and clear all the doubts.

Pinterest Business Accounts

In many ways the business account is similar to the personal account. Where the differences lie are in the features, and there are some that are available only to businesses. These give a brand the tools it needs to properly make its mark on the network.

Pinterest Analytics (Free!)

First, there is the cool analytics feature. While there are third party platforms out there that will monitor analytics for you, and they work well enough, Pinterest has their own dashboard which is free (There’s no other free alternative for Pinterest, mind you). You will be able to watch patterns over time, and put together reports that show you how your pins are performing.

Once you have that data, you will be able to better narrow down a content strategy. What pins are being shared most? Which are engaging through comments or likes? Is there some visual component that seems to be matching, or is it the content itself the image is representing?

Analytics is especially important for seeing the success of the next business specific feature: rich pins. These are pins that can be filled out in a format more fitting to the content and user intent.

For example, recipes can be written in a recipe form, listing the ingredients and instructions under the image. Movies, books and other media can have ratings. Soundcloud files can be integrated to be played in the pins, as well as YouTube and Vimeo videos.

Perhaps the most vital is a rich pin for product selling. You can list prices and product specifics right in your pinnable image meaning that users will be able to see it’s a product to buy when clicking the image in a pin.

Product rich pin

Promoted Pins

Once you have posted your pins, you may be able to feature them. Promoted Pins was launched in 2014, and it is still a limited product. It works by allowing you to target specific audiences, which determines the cost. You only pay per visit that results from that pin.

You have to join a waiting list. While that is a shame, it is worth throwing your business on there for the chance to use this excellent promotional tool.

Buyable Pins

The most recent addition (and the one I still need to play with personally) looks very promising for retailers. Your buyers can buy from you directly from Pinterest.

Sounds like fun especially for emotional shopping 😉

You’ll need to sign up to the waitlist but you have no chance to be accepted unless you represent a business account.

How To Set Up A Pinterest Business Account

Now that you see the benefits, it is time to get started!

Step 1 – Sign Up as a Pinterest Business Account

Go to the Pinterest For Business page, and sign up for an account. If you already have a personal account you have set up for your brand, or you want to take a personal account and make it brand specific, you can convert it on the same page. This is great news for the many who got started before Pinterest released business pages.

Convert business

Once you have your account, it is time to optimize it. Provide your business name, a logo, and write an informative but simple, keyword rich description. Usually your slogan will be enough, along with an explanation of what you do.

You should also provide a URL to your website, and verify it with Pinterest so it shows as an active link on your profile.

Step 2 – Begin Building Your Pinterest Business Account

From there, it is similar to setting up a personal account. You want a wide range of related boards where you will pin your own content, as well as share others to drive traffic to your profile. Make sure all boards are using an attractive cover image, and have titles that match popular keywords.

Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is not limiting its business entities in any way: You are free to follow anyone and interact with anyone (be it a person or another business page) which helps a lot in growing your presence.

Begin using your account regularly, and watch it grow!

If you have other social media accounts (of course you do), you can promote your profile on them. You would be surprised by how many people will follow just because you took the time to ask. Which puts your content on their front page, and will increase the chances of them seeing your new pins.

Step 3 – Optimize Your Pinterest Business Account Strategy

Once upon a time, Pinterest was available on Hootsuite. For some reason, that is no longer the case. Which has given many people the false impression that there are no social dashboard tools for Pinterest.

There are actually several, but the most popular right now has to be Tailwind. It is a  more advanced analytics tool, scheduler and monitor. If you do have Hootsuite, you can add an app for Tailwind. So you can technically use it for Pinterest, if in a very roundabout and inconvenient way.

In any case, having a third party tool to improve your Pinterest use should be a requirement for all business accounts. The difference it makes is incredible


That is all it takes! Creating a Pinterest business account, or converting a personal one into a business account, it surprisingly easy. It is also a necessity for brands today, whether you are specializing in a tangible product, content, or a service.

With a bit of creativity, you can improve sales, traffic, and brand visibility. So get started on your Pinterest marketing strategy today with your own business account.

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Google Makes Clicking On Mobile Ads Harder

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Google announced late last week that they are making three changes to how mobile ads work in their network, in order to help with accidental ad clicks.

Google said that some studies have shown almost as much as 50% of clicks on mobile ads are accidental. So Google is going to make it harder to click on these mobile ads in three ways:

(1) Blocking clicks that happen close to the image edge: On mobile image ads, Google has identified the image border as an area prone to accidental clicks when users are trying to click or scroll to adjacent content. Now, they must click on a more central part of the image to navigate to an advertiserâs website or app.

(2) Blocking clicks on the app icon: On in-app interstitial ads, users will no longer be able to click on the app icon of an install ad given its proximity to the ad close button. Instead, users must click on the call-to-action button to visit an app store page and install the app.

(#) Adding a clickability delay: Ads will only become clickable after theyâve been onscreen for a short period of time. This gives users enough time to examine the content of an ad and helps eliminate accidental clicks from users who didnât expect to see an ad.

Google hopes this makes for less accidental clicks on mobile devices.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Google’s Spammy Structured Markup Manual Action Lead To Ranking Decline?

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Back in February 2014, Google began sending a manual action notice for spammy structured markup. Back then I assumed that if you received such a manual action, it meant you lost your rich snippets from showing up in the Google search results until the manual action was revoked.

I did not think it may have meant your rankings would see a negative impact in the Google search results.

Tony Edward wrote a guest article at Search Engine Land about the topic and it seems that some people are thinking that this manual action also may result in your rankings in Google feeling a hit.

I am not sure. It can be, I asked Google about this but currently didn’t hear back.

Here is a picture of the manual action, which hasn’t changed in context in over a year:

click for full size

I suspect it depends on how bad the spam is, how often it happens and more.

Have you received one of these manual actions and noticed not just a removal of rich snippets but also a ranking decline?

Forum discussion at Local Search Forums.

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BBC Lists Directory Of Pages Removed Over Right to be Forgotten

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BBC LogoThe BBC has posted a web page listing all the pages they were asked to remove due to the Right to be Forgotten EU law.

The BBC said:

The BBC has decided to make clear to licence fee payers which pages have been removed from Google’s search results by publishing this list of links. Each month, we’ll republish this list with new removals added at the top.

We are doing this primarily as a contribution to public policy. We think it is important that those with an interest in the âright to be forgottenâ can ascertain which articles have been affected by the ruling. We hope it will contribute to the debate about this issue. We also think the integrity of the BBC’s online archive is important and, although the pages concerned remain published on BBC Online, removal from Google searches makes parts of that archive harder to find.

Yes, this page is indexed by Google in Google UK:

BBC Lists RTBF Links

The folks at WebmasterWorld are happy about this, but the truth is, Google is not to blame for complying, it is the law. The BBC added a update to their post saying:

Google has asked us to point out that links to the BBC articles below are only delisted from results for queries on certain names. They are not removed from the Google index entirely. We’re happy to make that clear.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Google “Slow To Load” Label

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turtleGoogle tested red slow labels in the mobile search results back in February. This month Google began testing another form of this label that reads “slow to load.”

The slow to load labels are not red, but rather look like yellow hazard signs, warning the user of a slow experience.

Here is a new picture from Parmar Divyesh on Twitter. Here is a picture:

Google Slow To Load Label

Have you seen this label yet?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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