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One of the big criticisms of iPhone version 1.0’s user experience is that it doesn’t support cut-copy-paste, even though users definitely expect these commands in any modern design.
The cut-copy-paste triad wasn’t the original generic editing command set. The original designers at Xerox PARC used move-copy-delete. If you think about it, these two triads both map to all common user actions, they just do it in different ways

October 29th 2007 Alertbox

The End of SEO is Not Near – Kim Krause Berg

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The End of SEO is Not Near

SEO’s had lots of opinions about Jakob Nielsen’s latest future projections for their industry noted in Bright SEO career prospects could dim . SeobytheSea owner, Bill Slawski, conveyed his usual calm during a thread of comments in Sphinn, with thoughts like:

Funny thing in that interview is that he suggests a shift in search paradigms at the search engines from information retrieval approaches to a popularity based one (which is what PageRank was about). That happened with the introduction of PageRank almost ten years ago. He’s a little late to the party. From a lot of what I’m seeing, there’s a strong shift back towards an information extraction and retrieval approach, and towards a strong use of data mining, machine learning, and the use of statistical models based upon user searching and browsing activity. PageRank, which we’ve probably talked about too much lately, is increasingly becoming less valuable these days.

And while he insisted in that interview that personalized search will never work, the search engines are trying their hardest to prove him wrong.”

October 27th 2007 News

Google Webmaster Groups statistics for September 2007

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I finally got around to getting the statistics for September 2007 for the Google Webmaster Help Groups finished up. I have to admit the numbers for September aren’t the best, especially the counts for the posts by Googlers. Getting started at Google took quite some time and a lot of learning :) . And wow – look at the Googlers post in October (great work, everyone!).

On a slightly sader note, I don’t think I can continue to provide these statistics here. I hope I can work something out as a replacement though, we’ll see.. or maybe I would be better off just posting in the group instead :D .

Without further ado, here are …

The numbers

  • Number of new threads = 1157
  • Number of new posts = 5902
  • Average number posts/new thread = 4.81
  • Number of posts by new users = 915 (15.5%)
  • Number of threads by new users = 696 (60.2%)
  • Average number of posts in threads by new users = 4.8
  • Number of new threads started by Googlers = 2
  • Number of new posts by Googlers = 35

Feel free to compare to August and July 2007. Comparing those numbers to the previous months there’s a visible drop, especially in the number of posts (-1774 or 23%) and threads (-172 or 13%). I hope we can push that back up soon (and answer more questions in the FAQs so that fewer threads are needed :) ).

Top posters

Thank you, top posters!! It’s great to have you in our community helping so many people to get their issues solved. You’re the best! Come on back, JLH, we’re missing you.

  1. webado = 746
  2. cass-hacks = 207
  3. Phil Payne = 195
  4. JLH = 178
  5. cristina = 168
  6. Admin Aaron = 163
  7. Robbo = 157
  8. abracadabra = 145
  9. seo101 = 117
  10. burchman519 = 94
  11. IceGiant = 80
  12. dockarl = 67
  13. Red Cardinal = 53
  14. Sam I Am = 51
  15. Randy P. = 49

seo101 and Randy P. – feel free to give me a site to link to, even if it isn’t yours :) .

Top thread starters

  1. burchman519 = 10
  2. Admin Aaron = 9
  3. tal7080 = 8
  4. Tomcat619 = 8
  5. Alaa Maanawi = 7
  6. Chibcha = 7
  7. ShaneMC = 7
  8. JLH = 6
  9. ARC = 5
  10. = 5
  11. Phil Payne = 5
  12. Vic = 5
  13. yorkieron = 5
  14. azholkover = 4
  15. Blue Fin = 4

Threads with Googlers participating

I hope we push this category off the charts in the next months!!

New threads started by Googlers

New threads started by regulars (>100 posts)

Lots of regulars are great to see. I love it when you come back and start a thread for something special.

Top most active threads

  1. Crawl, Index, Rank: Thoroughly sabotaged (50 new replies)
  2. Crawl, Index, Rank: Do Outgoing Links Increase Ranking? (48 new replies)
  3. Crawl, Index, Rank: ARGH!?! Why, why, why Google? (45 new replies)
  4. Crawl, Index, Rank: mystified by penalty … went from #1 to #726 overnight (42 new replies)
  5. Crawl, Index, Rank: DNS error in Google Webmaster tools (40 new replies)
  6. Webmaster Tools: DNS/URL timeout for Googlebot crawler (37 new replies)
  7. Crawl, Index, Rank: proxy hijacked pages (but no action from google) :( (35 new replies)
  8. Crawl, Index, Rank: Help with SEO ! (34 new replies)
  9. Crawl, Index, Rank: Breaking Out Of Frames Used By Google Image Search With Javascript (30 new replies)
  10. Crawl, Index, Rank: Popular Picks — What would *you* like to know more about? (29 new replies)
  11. Crawl, Index, Rank: spam question (27 new replies)
  12. Random Chit-Chat: Has Anyone noticed how not so relevant Googles serp's are lately? (27 new replies)
  13. Crawl, Index, Rank: Duplicate Content on Different CC TLDs (25 new replies)
  14. Crawl, Index, Rank: Former PR6 site, now PR0 and individual pages not being indexed for past 6 months (25 new replies)
  15. Crawl, Index, Rank: Need Help Please! – My Site Is Going Down The Google Toilet! (25 new replies)
  16. Sitemaps: Sitemap (25 new replies)

Top most linked Domains

  1. = 657
  2. = 583
  3. = 220
  4. = 153
  5. = 152
  6. = 127
  7. = 124
  8. = 93
  9. = 85
  10. = 74
  11. = 74
  12. = 73
  13. = 71
  14. = 59
  15. = 57

I always find this list interesting. Besides reference sites, examples ( is up and coming :D ) and tools, the sites being linked to usually do not get listed for more than one month. I hope that’s because the issues were resolved (but I know sometimes it’s not that simple and I’m glad to see perserverence among you all).

Top most linked Google answers

  1. Webmaster Help Center – Hidden text and links = 54
  2. Webmaster Help Center – Webmaster Guidelines = 49
  3. Webmaster Help Center – How can I create a Google-friendly site? = 13
  4. Webmaster Help Center – Block or remove pages using meta tags = 11
  5. Webmaster Help Center – How do I block Googlebot? = 8
  6. Webmaster Help Center – How do you compile the list of links shown below some search results? = 7
  7. Webmaster Help Center – How can I ensure my content is eligible for removal from the Google index? = 6
  8. Webmaster Help Center – How does Google modify web pages for mobile viewing? = 6
  9. Webmaster Help Center – HTTP errors/ 401/407 authentication error = 5
  10. Webmaster Help Center – How do I add my site to Google's search results? = 5
  11. Webmaster Help Center – Does Google index dynamic pages? = 4
  12. Webmaster Help Center – My URL changed, so how can I get Google to index my new site? = 4
  13. Webmaster Help Center – URLs not followed /Redirect error = 3
  14. Webmaster Help Center – What's a preferred domain? = 3
  15. Webmaster Help Center – Link schemes = 3
  16. Webmaster Help Center – Why isn’t my site returning when I search for results from a particular country? = 3
  17. Webmaster Help Center – How do I request reconsideration of my site? = 3
  18. Why do some of my search results say "This site may harm your computer?" = 2
  19. Webmaster Help Center – Why should I report paid links to Google? = 2
  20. Webmaster Help Center – How do I use the URL removal request tool? = 2

Looking back at September, what were the most common issues that remained present in your mind?

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October 24th 2007 Google

By: rodney

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You are the first person of color that i have found in this industry and you have inspired me, I thought i was in a world all alone. I can say that i am in need of a mentor. I will work for free!!! I work for a large company that is slowly slipping behind the times so I have stop learning. IYP industry!!!

thank you for the motivation

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Being #1 with “Untitled Document” and Flash

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untitled DocumentUntitled Document

We’ve all seen it – “untitled document” is a popular page name, probably the most popular one out there. I wonder who decided that “untitled document” was better than no title at all? There are a lot of those pages out there, do they even know that a good title can do wonders?

Being “untitled” doesn’t make your pages uncrawlable though. If you wanted to go all out, you could make sure that your page has no indexable content at all and heck, just use Flash to display the whole homepage while we’re at it.

Of course doing that, you would think that it would probably destroy your site’s chances of being shown in search results. I suppose it generally would, but imagine if your site was still #1 in the results for your niche.

So I was in Kirkland and wanted to visit some local toy stores before I left. I’m still not sure if I go there for myself or to actually bring stuff home – having kids means that you finally get to go out and buy toys again :) . Anyway, I try the old faithful “toy store + location” query and browse the local search results to get a first idea. Google’s neat local search one-box on top of the normal results is always a good starting point.

Here are the results for “toy store kirkland“:

The #1 listing is one I actually checked out in person, it was easy to find and had lots of fun stuff (not as nice as the one in Los Gatos from my visit to the bay area though).

Tree Top Toys – a nice name with one of my keywords in it – has a site that is nothing more than an “Untitled Document” combined with a Flash-based homepage (sadly, even their old frames-based website was probably better for SEO). It ranks on top for a good local query though, imagine that.

When you look at the local search entry for their site, it shows that they have a couple of reviews (data imported from other sites), a photo (also imported) and that’s about it. From the looks of it (I don’t know too much about local search) they’re at that position because they’re close to the area and have some reviews, nothing special.

It looks like it doesn’t take much to hit the top spot in local search :) , and with that top local spot, you could be on top of the search results. Traditional SEO (working on on-site and off-site factors) isn’t even required (but it would probably be a good idea once the competition gets stronger) – you don’t even need paid links ;) .

How much work would it be to go out and talk to local businesses to inform them of the possibilities, to get them interested in actually putting their information online for the local search engines (e.g., getting verified and adding information and photos manually) and to help them to inform customers of feedback possibilities online? It doesn’t take much, you could set up a good, short presentation within a few hours. The good-will and reputation that you could build that way might even get you the one or other contract for traditional SEO work (or web-design, etc.).

As mobile search gets more popular, local search is only going to get more and more important. Helping small businesses in your community to get a foot in the door does not take much. Take the time and show people how SEO – getting set up for local search – is something that can make a difference in a positive way.

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October 14th 2007 Google

By: danielle

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wow, great post! you know, i’ve thought the same thing many times, and came to a conclusion about it. as you mention yourself, ppc is like offline marketing, just with more math. therefore, any business person with a dedication to testing can do ppc, yes? that’s why i figure there isn’t one ppc guru (unlike seo…).

as for myself, i would never buy adwords secrets revealed for $19.95 bc there’s probably nothing unique in there, i’ve already gone through the adwords learning center and that was free!

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Yahoo Search Assist Uses Eyetools Eyetracking to Optimize Design Based on Eyes and Where People Look

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You can check out the CBS news video at (alternately, try and search for "yahoo search" if the video doesn’t load)

About 1 minute into the video, Yahoo shows an eyetracking heatmap generated by Eyetools software and talks about how Yahoo used eyetracking data/heatmaps to optimize the Search Assist design. They’re calling it "the biggest consumer improvement to its search engine… ever".

(Begin self promotion: contact us if you’d like to optimize your webpages, landing pages, and emails. We’ve helped large and small companies; we can help you.)

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