Miami Florida Real Estate Agent Needed ASAP

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I will just be renting for a while – but I could use a hand on the inside scoop on things. If you are a top notch real estate agent in the Miami area, I could use your help. In return, I’ll be happy to answer some SEO questions, because I’m sure your website could use some improvement. I promise it will absolutely be worth your while. If you’re a Miami SEO, and you’re reading this – do your real estate buddy a favor and have them get in touch;) If you’re the person I’m looking for – drop me a line at todd at this domain name or just fill out the contact form. I am looking at moving around the beginning of January to either Coconut Grove, Brickell, or Sunny Isles. I’ll be taking applications for a week or two – tell me why you’re my realtor – if you don’t have a website already – you needn’t apply.

October 31st 2009 News

By: Dixon Jones

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Thank you for taking the time to talk about us, Thinkseer. We really appreciate it. I think both the “Good” and the “Bad” are fair points, but we have been working very hard on the “Ugly” – namely the timeliness of data. We think we have just about cracked it. Here’s what we have committed to:

Monthly updates: We are now able to update our index monthly. The problem you are seeing is partly because we still keep data on expired indexes, but it is easy to filter these out. When you examine a domain in the control panel, simply go to options and exclude all deleted domains and all “mentions” at the very least. Then force a new analysis This reduces the number of backlinks counted, but improves the quality. Far better for analysis – unless you specifically want deleted links.

Default Filters: In the near future, we will look to implement these filters by default – so that if you want to see deleted link, THEN you may need to filter and reanalyse the data, but by default, the deleted links are taken out of the analysis.

We are quite excited about what we have got so far… but we promise not to rest on our laurels!


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By: Affiliates – Jump Start Your Keyword Research – 5 Star Affiliate Blogs

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[…] Improve Keyword Conversion Rates with Google Analytics “You then look at your site traffic numbers for these keywords, and they are higher than ever. Then you scratch your head and ask, “Why are conversions so low?” Take a breath: the answer can be found in your Google Analytics data.” […]

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November 2nd: Join the Social Web Camp in Santa Clara

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The W3C Social Web Incubator Group is organizing a free Bar Camp in the Santa Clara Sun Campus on November 2nd to foster a wide ranging discussion on the issues required to build the global Social Web.

Imagine a world where everybody could participate easily in a distributed yet secure social web. In such a world every individual will control their own information, and every business could enter into a conversation with customers, researchers, government agencies and partners as easily as they can now start a conversation with someone on Facebook. What is needed to go in the direction of The Internet of Subjects Manifesto? What existing technologies can we build on? What is missing? What could the W3C contribute? What could others do? To participate in the discussion and meet other people with similar interests, and push the discussion further visit the Santa Clara Social Web Camp wiki and

If you are looking for a reason to be in the Bay Area that week, then here are some other events you can combine with coming to the Bar Camp:

  • The W3C is meeting in Santa Clara for its Technical Plenary that week in Santa Clara.
  • The following day, the Internet Identity Workshop is taking place in Mountain View until the end of the week. Go there to push the discussion further by meeting up with the OpenId, OAuth, Liberty crowd, which are all technologies that can participate in the development of the Social Web.
  • You may also want to check out ApacheCon which is also taking place that week.

If you can’t come to the west coast at all due to budget cuts, then not all is lost. 🙂 If you are on the East coast go and participate in the ISWC Building Semantic Web Applications
for Government
tutorial, and watch my video on The Social Web which I gave at the Free and Open Source Conference this summer. Think: if the government wants to play with Social Networks, it certainly cannot put all its citizens information on Facebook.

October 16th 2009 security

Google bought reCaptcha

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Google acquired reCaptcha about a month ago, you might want to throttle your reCaptcha solving per IP address from now on.

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October 15th 2009 News

16 Things You Never Knew About The Automobile

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I created my first infographic for a client and it came out pretty bitchin. It’s for The Car Connection and it’s a visual walk-through of interesting facts about the automobile. Click here to see the whole thing.

16 things you never knew about the autmobile

Click here to enlarge

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One month of Social Web talks in Paris

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Poster for the Social Web Bar Camp @LaCantine

As I was in Berlin preparing to come to Paris, I wondered if I would be anywhere near as active in France as I had been in Germany. I had lived for 5 years in Fontainebleau, an hour from Paris, close but just too far to be in the swing of things. And from that position, I got very little feel for what was happening in the capital. This is what had made me long to live in Paris. So this was the occasion to test it out: I was going to spend one month in the capital. On my agenda there was just a Social Web Bar Camp and a few good contacts.

The Social Web Bar Camp at La Cantine which I blogged about in detail, was like a powder keg for my stay here. It just launched the whole next month of talks, which I detail below. It led me to make a very wide range of contacts, which led to my giving talks at 2 major conferences, 2 universities, one other Bar Camp, present to a couple of companies, get one implementation of foaf+ssl in Drupal, and meet a lot of great people.

Through other contacts, I also had an interview with a journalist from Le Monde, and met the very interesting European citizen journalism agency Cafe Babel (for more on them see this article).

Here follows a short summary of each event I presented the Social Web at during my short stay in Paris.

Friday, 18 September 2009
Arrived in plane from Berlin, and met the journalists at the Paris offices of Cafe Babel, after reading an article on them in the July/August issue of Internationale Politik, “Europa aus Erster Hand“.
Saturday, 19 September 2009
Went to the Social Web Bar Camp at La Cantine which I blogged about in detail. Here I met a many people, who connected me up with the right people in the Paris conference scene, where I was then able to present. A couple of these did not work out due to calendar clashes, such as an attempted meeting with engineers and users of Elgg a distributed Open Source Social Networking Platform popular at Universities here in France and the UK.
Monday, 21 September 2009
Visited the offices of Le Monde, and had lunch with a journalist there. I explain my vision of the Social Web and the functioning of foaf+ssl. He won’t be writing about it directly he told me, but will develop these ideas over time in a number of articles. ( I’ll post updates here, though it is sadly very difficult to link to articles in Le Monde, as they change the URLs for their articles, make them paying only after a period of time, and then don’t even make an abstract available for non paying members).
Friday, 25 September 2009
I visited the new offices of a startup with a history: they participated in the building of the web site of Ségolène Royal the contender with Nicholas Sarkozi, during the last French Presidential Elections.
There I met up with Damien Tournoud, and expert Drupal Developer, explained the basics of foaf+ssl, pointed him to the Open Source project, and let him work on it. With a bit of help from Benjamin Nowack the creator of the ARC2 Semantic Web library for PHP, Damien had a working implementation the next day. We waited a bit, before announcing it the following Wednesday on the foaf-protocols mailing list.
Tuesday 29 September, 2009
La Cantine organised another Bar Camp, on a wide range of topics, which I blogged about in detail. There I met people from Google, Firefox, and reconnected up with others. We also had a more open round table discussion on the Social Web.
Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd October, 2009
I visited the Open World Forum, which started among others with a track on the Semantic Desktop “Envisioning the Open Desktop of the future“, headed by Prof Stefan Decker, with examples of implementations in the latest KDE (K Desktop Environment).
I met a lot of people here, including Eric Mahé, previously Technology Advisor at Sun Microsystems France. In fact I met so many people that I missed most of the talks. One really interesting presentation by someone from a major open source code search engine, explained that close to 60% of Open Source software came from Eastern and Western Europe combined. (anyone with a link to the talk?)
Saturday, 3rd October 2009
I presented The Social Web in French at the Open Source Developer Conference France which took place in La Villette.
I was really happily surprised to find that I was part of a 3 hour track dedicated to the Semantic Web. This started with a talk by Oliver BergerBugtracking sur le web sémantique. Oliver has been working on the Baetle ontology as part of the 2 year government financed HELIOS project. This is something I talked about a couple of years ago and wrote about here in my presentation Connecting Software and People. It is really nice to see this evolving. I really look forward to seeing the first implementations 🙂
Oliver’s was followed by a talk by Jean-Marc Vanel, introducing Software and Ontology Development, who introduced many of the key Semantic Web concepts.
Tuesday 6th October, morning
Milan Stankovitch whom I had met at the European Semantic Web Conference, and again at the Social Web Bar Camp, invited me to talk to the developers of, a very interesting web platform to help problem seekers find problem solvers. The introductory video is really worth watching. I gave them the talk I keep presenting, but with a special focus on how this could help them in the longer term make it easier for people to join and use their system.
Tuesday 6th September, afternoon
I talked and participated in a couple of round table talks at the 2nd Project Accelerator on Identity at the University of Paris 1, organised by the FING. Perhaps the most interesting talk there was the one by François Hodierne , who works for the Open Source Web Applications & Platforms company, and who presented the excellent project La Distribution whose aim it is to make installing the most popular web applications as easy as installing an app on the iPhone. This is the type of software needed to make The Internet of Subjects Manifesto a reality. In a few clicks everyone should be able to get a domain name, install their favorite web software on it – WordPress, mail, wikis, social network, photo publishing tool – and get on with their life, whilst owning their data, so that if they at a later time find the need to move, they can, and so that nobody can kick them off their network. This will require rewriting a little each of the applications so as to enable them to work with the distributed secure Social Web, made possible by foaf+ssl: an application without a social network no longer being very valuable.
Thurday 9th October, 2009
Pierre Antoine Champin from the CNRS, the National French Research organisation, had invited me to Lyon to present The Social Web. So I took the TGV from Paris at 10:54 and was there 2 hours later, which by car would have been a distance of 464km (288.3 miles) according to Google Maps. The talk was very well attended with close to 50 students showing up, and the session lasted two full hours: 1 hour of talks and by many good questions.
After a chat and a few beers, I took the train back to Paris where the train arrived just after 10pm.
Saturday October 10, 2009
I gave a talk on the Social Web at Paris-Web, on the last day of a 3 day conference. This again went very well.
After lunch I attended two very good talks that complemented mine perfectly:

  • David Larlet had a great presentation on Data Portability, which sparked a very lively and interesting discussion. Issues of Data ownership, security, confidentiality, centralization versus decentralization came up. One of his slides made the point very well: by showing the number of Web 2.0 sites that no longer exist, some of them having disappeared by acquisition, others simply technical meltdown, leaving the data of all their users lost forever. (Also see David’s Blog summary of Paris-Web. )
  • Right after coffee we had a great presentation on the Semantic Web by Fabien Gandon, who managed to give in the limited amount of time available to him an overview of the Semantic Web stack from bottom to top, including OWL 1 and 2, Microformats, RDFa, and Linked data, and various very cool applications of it, that even I learned a lot. His slides are available here. He certainly inspired a lot of people.
Tuesday, 13 October 2009
Finally I presented at the hacker space La suite Logique, which takes place in a very well organized very low cost lodging space in Paris. They had presentations on a number of projects happening there:

  • One project is to build a grid by taking pieces from the remains of computers that people have brought them. They have a room stashed full of those.
  • Another projects is to add wifi to the lighting to remotely control the projectors for theatrical events taking place there.
  • There was some discussion on how to add sensors to dancers, as one Daito Manabe a Japanese artist has done, in order to create a high tech butoh dance (see the great online videos).
  • Three engineers presented the robots they are constructing for a well known robot fighting competition

Certainly a very interesting space to hang out in, meet other hackers, and get fun things done in.

All of these talks were of course framed by some great evenings out, meeting people, and much more, which I just don’t have time to write down right here. Those were the highlights of my month’s stay in Paris. I must admit that I really had no idea it to be so active!

October 12th 2009 security

A Peek At Google’s Future (Link Moses Resurrected 7)

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Below are several interviews conducted this week by Businessweek’s Rob Hof with key execs and engineers from Google. Rob spoke with Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Udi Manber, Google’s vice president of engineering in charge of search, Amit Singhal of the core ranking team, Scott Huffman who runs the change impact evaluation team, and Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team.

Most SEO’s would miss these interviews because they’re in a mainstream pub, and who has time for rags like Businessweek when we have all those SEO blogs to read that are never wrong, right?

You can click their names above to go to the interviews, or any of the links below.

I’ve read them all, and as much as I’d like to think I’ve learned in 14 years of link building and linking strategy related work, it’s never enough. So go forth, and read. Then read again. Why take the time to read them? Because collectively, if you read the text and between the lines, you will better understand just how amazing Google is at what it does, as well as what you can expect in the future, and for you link builders, you’ll glean several insights that you may want to incorporate into your strategies. And I pity any site whose rankings are based on trickery.

NOTE: To ask a link building related question, click the “comments” link below, or the “Post a Comment” link at the bottom of any individual post. You can also email your question to eric [at] ericward [dot] [com]

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October 9th 2009 Google

A Peek At Google’s Future (Link Moses Resurrected 7)

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Below are several interviews conducted this week by Businessweek’s Rob Hof with key execs and engineers from Google. Rob spoke with Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Udi Manber, Google’s vice president of engineering in charge of search, Amit Singhal of the core ranking team, Scott Huffman who runs the change impact evaluation team, and Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team.Most SEO’s would miss

October 9th 2009 Google

How Google deals with spam

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Matt Cutts on how Google deals with spam.

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