SEO Is Deeper Than What You Read

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There is an outstanding thread by Tedster, Ted Ulle, at WebmasterWorld. The topic is on too many newbie SEOs taking the SEO advice given on forums, blogs, news sites and here at face value. He is concerned that a new SEO will read something and not understand the true meaning of what is really being said.

Let me quote a piece of his concern:

Recent years have seen a flood of interest in SEO. Unfortunately, a lot of recent entries into SEO have no sense of perspective and no idea of how to evaluate advice that they read or hear. And still they write blog articles ;( There’s a lot of regurgitated second and third hand learning being spread today – and it’s even being sold to clients.

SEO began in the 90s, back before the acronym itself was even created. Most of the pioneers were early affiliate marketers who personally reverse-engineered the search engine algorithms of the day. What they learned was privately shared, until it stopped working so well. At that point, the tidbits began to bleed into the wider pool of knowledge.

Why do I bring up this old time stuff? The same pattern still holds. And taking anyone’s SEO advice at face value is a dangerous practice. Anyone who is not doing their own testing and measurement is at a disadvantage. They may be buying into advice that’s outdated by many years – and some of it may even come from back in the 90s!

Truth be told, I am a culprit of spreading information that is not explained in detail each time I write it. Personally, I don’t have patience, I don’t have patience listening or reading something that needs to be explained in detail. I tend to get things quickly, at least I think I do, so listening to someone go on and on to make sure everyone is on the same page – well, it drives me nuts. So since that is my personality, I often don’t have the patience to explain things that I already know. It isn’t the best characteristic of myself, but we all have flaws, and this is one of mine.

Those who read this site every day, know this flaw in my writing and know how to read beyond what I write. If I make a comment that most people would likely break out into more detail and I don’t, my reader knows why. I try my best to write concisely and get to the point without repeating myself, unlike what I am doing here. But sometimes without reviewing stuff and explaining it in detail, some new people to the industry that read my stuff won’t get it fully and take it at face value.

I would say 50% of my posts, specifically when I offer SEO specific advice, don’t go into enough detail for new SEOs to fully understand what to practice. That is a fault I have and you need to know that.

I have a recent example and I hope this person doesn’t get upset with me using him as an example, but the content is out there in the public and thus complies with my blogging code of ethics.

Here is the tweets sent to me a few days ago:

@rustybrick Hi, I got a questions, how does SocialMedia impact on Google-Ranking? Is there any impact?less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

@rustybrick not the same power like a Link, am I right?! just like that the bot recognisize that the site is popular for some relevant KeyW?less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Most experienced SEOs know that social media typically doesn’t have a direct impact on your link building. It typically does not directly impact your Google rankings. What it does do it get people to become aware of your web site and the awareness may drive more links and the more links may drive better rankings in Google. So if I ever say that social media helps your Google rankings, that is what I may mean. I may skip over the details as to why and understanding why is important.

I am not the only SEO blogger who is guilty of taking this short cuts, so keep it in mind. And honestly, it is much worse in the forums. Then what you have is what Tedster described, new SEOs preaching half truths to other new SEOs and their clients and we got a problem. I apologize, but it is a bad habit I doubt will ever change. So please keep this in mind when reading what I write.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

August 31st 2010 Search Engine Optimization

Yahoo To Lose Major Ad Deal In South Korea

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Today is not getting off to a good start for Yahoo.  NHN – which owns both the South Korean equivalent of Google and the country’s largest gaming portal – has decided to stop using the American company’s advertising tech, and its chief didn’t exactly have nice things to say when parting ways.

Indeed, NHN CEO Kim Sang Hun stated according to Jun Yang, "We desperately need an advertising platform that’s more flexible and effective, with closer ties to the local market to respond to advertisers’ expectations promptly."

That’s pretty harsh (though in a businesslike and impersonal way).  And making the matter worse for Yahoo is the fact that some investors seem to agree, sending NHN’s stock up following the announcement.

Now, whether other companies come around to that point of view or simply fall in line as a matter of following the leader, it’s not hard to imagine those comments could cause a sort of domino effect to take place.

Jun Yang even wrote, "[Yahoo’s] Overture may lose all its business in South Korea’s 1 trillion won ($836 million) online advertising market as it is replaced with local technologies, said Choi Chan Seok, a Seoul-based analyst at KTB Securities."

Anyway, Yahoo’s contract with NHN is set to expire later this year.

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Staples Will Soon Be Able To Fulfill All Your Kindle Needs

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For the longest time the Kindle was only available via Amazon. It’s actually a wonder that it did so well without a brick and mortar presence, but a few months back, Target started displaying and selling the ereader within its stores. Soon, Staples will be the latest to hawk the best-selling ereader device in 1,550 of its stores. Participating Staples locations will begin selling all three Kindle models sometime this autumn.

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Google Adds Blog Filter To Help Find Blogs On Subjects

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Google announced they added a new filter that helps you find “specialized blogs” on any topic you can imagine.

Here is how it works. Go to Google, search for a topic, then click on the “blogs” filter on the left side (note: it might be hidden under a “more” link). Then when the page filters to blogs, click again on the left side, this time where it says “homepages.” That filter will show the most important and relevant blogs on the search query you entered.

Here is a screen shot:

google blog filter

How is this useful? Well, for a searcher it is obvious, but what about an SEO? Finding blogs in a niche can sometimes be hard. Google has just made it so much easier. You can now find blogs in the aerospace engineering field or duck hunting field with ease. Form a relationship with those bloggers and garner links from them over time.

Tedster said in a forum thread, “This is pretty handy. I’ve already found a few sources I didn’t know existed in various verticals I watch.”

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

August 31st 2010 News Adds Facebook Connection

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The New York Times has introduced a “Log in With Facebook” feature, which allows users to link their and Facebook accounts and share content with others.

Log in With Facebook is an opt-in feature. To view personalized content, users connect their Facebook and accounts, which allows them to share articles from with their Facebook friends on the site and on the social network.




The home page and article pages will highlight the most popular Times content within Facebook and the user’s network of friends – including comments and recommendations. users who choose not to connect their accounts will see an aggregate of the most popular Times content within Facebook.

Log In With Facebook is the next step in our commitment to the social element of our business – further allowing our readers to share and connect around our content," said Denise Warren, senior vice president and chief advertising officer, The New York Times Media Group and general manager,

"With this feature, we are delivering a more engaging, personalized experience on, and our readers can expect more on this front in the coming months."


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Stash Ice In A Colander To Provide Party Guests With Drip-Free Ice

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As the party progresses, the ice bucket inevitably fills with water as the ice melts. This clever hack uses a colander combined with your ice bucket to keep the ice elevated and easier to handle. (more…)

August 31st 2010 News

Google Cost A Business $4 Million or Was It a Link Curator?

Comments Off on Google Cost A Business $4 Million or Was It a Link Curator? posted a really great article with a very catchy title. The title is a bit misleading, it reads How Google Cost Me $4 Million. In short, it goes through a story of how a site was doing great on Google, until Google penalized them and they rankings tanked, costing them a fortune of money.

The article ends very well:

We didn’t see the kind of ratings we had before the penalty until Google’s Caffeine update, this June. That was our final pardon. Now we’re back at the top.

Without the Google penalty, we wouldn’t be anywhere near as far along as we are. You have two choices: You can roll over and die, or you can grow beyond it.

But I love how Googler’s respond to the title. Let me quote some Tweets:

I’m pretty sure I even know the specific SEO that caused @gmtgiftbaskets are you going to name them? 😉 #youveheardofthemless than a minute ago via web

This co. hired a Link Curator. Maybe link manipulators in the SEO trenches will reinvent themselves? than a minute ago via web

Reading . Agree with the comment by JustinM @ . Our guidelines are clear on this topic.less than a minute ago via web

Clearly the company and Google know stuff we don’t know. But in the end, this company received a nice amount of links and even asked Matt:

@mattcutts But you could link to us out of the kindness of your heart 😉less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

I doubt you will see Matt link to them any time soon.

So who cost this gift basket company $4 million? Was it Google, a link builder or themselves?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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As IFA Nears, Expect Nothing But Tablets & 3D TVs…sigh

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IFA is upon us; think CES but bigger. The showfloor doesn’t open until September 3rd, but most of the news should drop this week as companies try to steal 15 minutes of fame before the flustercuck begins. And this year it’s all about Android tablets and 3D TVs. I know, exciting stuff.

You could almost feel the excitement at CES 2010 back in January. It felt like the whole CE market was on the verge of something big. Tablets and 3D TVs were the buzzwords but only the big players where showing off prototypes and first-gen models. All the mid-level consumer electronics makers had ereaders instead of tablets. But IFA should be a bit different now that the Chinese OEM factories are already pumping out slates and 3D TVs are commonplace. But you might not wanna get too attached to any of the products announced in the coming days; they might not be for you.

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Google Merchant Center Scheduled Uploads Not Working

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Figured I’d cover a third Google bug this morning. Yea, three, first was a Google Social Search bug, then a Google Places bug and now a bug with Google Merchant Center.

Ronald from the Google Merchant Center team posted a thread at the Google Merchant Help forum saying that scheduled uploads currently do not work, instead upload your files manually. Of course, to many merchant, manual uploads is simply not an option. So hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Ronald said:

We are currently experiencing an issue with the scheduled uploads feature in the Google Merchant Center. Our engineers are aware of this issue and working to resolve it. In the meantime, please upload your data feeds manually. We will update this thread once this issue is resolved.

So if you don’t see your product feeds being updated on Google Product Search, this may be why.

Forum discussion at Google Merchant Help.

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Google Wave Around Until the End of the Year

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Google recently announced that it would be shutting down Google Wave, at least as a standalone project. The company has now released an update on that note. will be available at least through the end of the year, the company says. In addition to that, users will be offered ways to export their Waves. This falls in line with Google’s Data Liberation Front efforts, allowing users to take their data from Google services away for use in other places.

"Some of you may have seen a post on the official Google blog several weeks ago about some changes to the Wave project, and we wanted to let you know that since then we’ve been hard at work figuring out all the details of the next steps," says Google Wave’s Lars Rasmussen. "We’re looking at ways to continue and extend Wave technology in other Google products, open sourcing more of our code and providing support for our loyal users and Apps customers."

Google Wave - Around just a bit longer"Thank you for your outpouring of support and kind comments," says Rasmussen. "We’re grateful to all the people who have been using Wave and the partners and developers who have built on and improved the technology with us. We look forward to sharing more information with you in the coming weeks."

While Wave never really caught on among the mainstream, its hard to say if it wouldn’t have eventually. Google likely hopes it still will, just as an added feature to other Google products in the future (perhaps Gmail? Google Me?).

While there seemed to be a general lack of Wave enthusiasm between its launch and the announcement of its winding down, there have been a great many comments expressing sadness over its pending demise. There has even been a "Save Google Wave" site set up. More Google Wave discussion here.

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