Adultery Web Site Touts Google’s Unethical Image Search Filter

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Ashley Madison - Google ImagesI do not know much on how the Google Image SearchSearch filter works, I do know that many safe images get caught by the filter and Google has to make exceptions but I also know that it lets through some non-safe images on occasion.

So when I spotted this Google Webmaster Help thread that said an adult oriented web site can still have images included in the moderate or strict SafeSearch filter, I was intrigued.

Susan Moskwa from Google explained “the SafeSearch filter only cares about the content of the images, not of the website.” Good to know.

Outside of that tidbit, I found the thread pretty interesting to read. The user is complaining that Google is being unethical by filtering out a “company that promotes adultery” images. But yet doesn’t feel adultery is unethical?

The bottom line here is that Google is only filtering the images because some of the images are pornographic and if they remove the pornographic images, the images can be included again in the SafeSearch filter. But to argue ethics of Google about a site like that, just seemed ironic to me.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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Social Media Monitoring Company Visible Technologies Lands $6 Million

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A mere day after Salesforce announced that it was acquiring social media monitoring company Radian6 for $326 million in cash and stock, rival Visible Technologies this morning announced that it has secured an extra $6 million in financing.

The round was led by the company’s previous backers, which include Investor Growth Capital, Centurion Holdings, Ignition Partners, In-Q-Tel and WPP. Visible Technologies has raised a total of $45 million in funding to date.

Visible Technologies aims to provide its clients with a 360-degree view of social media chatter, and helps companies turn this data into actionable marketing and business strategies.

Visible Technologies CEO Kelly Pennock yesterday penned a blog post on Salesforce’s purchase of Radian6, positing that it shows social media monitoring is going mainstream and that the acquisition – for a ‘great premium’ – validates the space.

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Goodbye AlltheWeb: Webmasters Loved You

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AlltheWeb LogoI remember back when Yahoo bought AlltheWeb. Most Webmasters and SEOs were a bit upset, because AlltheWeb was one of those upcoming search engines who really could compete with Google back in the day.

So Yahoo acquired it back in 2004 when Overture, which acquired AlltheWeb in 2003, was acquired by Yahoo. Very early 2004, Yahoo was shopping for search engines to buy, so they no longer have to be dependent on Google’s search engine. They were expected to use Inktomi which they acquired earlier, but then they bought AllTheWeb and Alta Vista. They made changed to both engines and released their own flavor of Yahoo Search soon after, surprising some webmasters.

AlltheWeb had one of the largest web indexes back then and was loved by Webmasters.

Now, well, those investments are gone. They outsource their search technology to Microsoft and will redirect the technologies they acquired in 2004 to Yahoo Search, which is powered by Microsoft.

The funny thing, they are doing this on Microsoft’s birthday – April 4th!

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Automatically Hide The Firefox Bookmarks Bar When Not In Use

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The bookmarks bar is a useful way to quickly access your favourite sites, but it takes up a lot of vertical space. Here’s how to make Firefox hide it when you aren’t moused over it. (more…)

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adCenter Updates Coming: Notice Of Possible Downtime

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adCenter logoAs to not upset advertisers, Microsoft has issued a big heads up that they are performing maintenance on Microsoft adCenter tonight through tomorrow morning.

The update doesn’t seem to be significant. In fact, they said the “adCenter Engineering team will be rolling out some improvements to adCenter.” Those improvements are expected to be “minimal internal upgrades.” But it may result in “latency and timeout issues within adCenter and pubCenter” console. So be aware.

The maintenance window is between 4pm EST (1PM PDT) today and 8PM EST (5PM PDT) tomorrow, April 1, 2011. It is a very big window, 28 hours to be exact. I am not sure if a 28 hour window is normal for typical upgrades but this is the information we have from Microsoft.

Forum discussion at Microsoft Advertising Community.

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myYearbook Bets Big On Android With Acquisitions Of Five Apps, FlockEngine

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Social networking company myYearbook this morning announced it has acquired five new Android apps to support its mobile strategy and grow its team. In addition, the company acquired FlockEngine, which powers multiplayer games on Android phones.

The acquisitions include Toss It, Tic Tac Toe (both of which are among the top 30 most downloaded free Android games), Minesweeper, SpringDroid, and Line of 4.

As a result of the acquisitions, Chris Hager of Austria-based FlockEngine and James O’Brien of UK-based SpringDroid join myYearbook.

myYearbook made the moves to advance its mobile social network, which is focused on meeting new people. The company’s mobile applications, which it says are downloaded more than 25,000 times per day, are monetized through advertising and its proprietary virtual currency.

The acquisitions expand on the company’s launch earlier this year of a Web-based gaming platform pairing live video chat with synchronous games and follow in the footsteps of significant additions to its mobile ad sales team and development team.

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Google Doodle For Robert Bunsen

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Robert Bunsen Google Logo

Today on almost all of the Google home pages, including you will find a special Google logo for the 200th birthday of Robert Bunsen.

This logo is different in that is one of the few animated and interactive Google Doodles. Try it out, you can mouse over the burner to heat up the water above it, in a Bunsen burner. You can play with the logo and it will play back. Pretty neat.

Who is Robert Bunsen?

He was a German chemist. According to his Wikipedia article, he investigated emission spectra of heated elements, and discovered caesium in 1860 and rubidium in 1861 with Gustav Kirchhoff. He also developed several gas-analytical methods, was a pioneer in photochemistry, and did early work in the field of organoarsenic chemistry

But most importantly, everyone knows his name from the “Bunsen burner.”

The interesting thing to me is that his birthday was March 30th not March 31st and we have a logo on March 31st. Bunsen died on August 16, 1899.

Here is a video from Websonic on how this logo works:

Forum discussion at Google Blogoscoped Forums.

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Mozy iPhone App Makes Finding Your Backed-Up Files Easy

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iPhone/iPod touch: Mozy is out with a new iOS app that works with the online backup service’s free and paid accounts, letting users find their photos, documents and other data from their small screens and open it, send it along, or even post it to Facebook. (more…)

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Radioplayer launches

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Today I’m delighted to announce the launch of Radioplayer.

Radioplayer is the culmination of a successful partnership between the BBC and Commercial radio to provide consumers with an attractive proposition for easy online radio listening and an easy-to-use application that allows quick navigation between stations and search function across radio stations online.

I’ve been asked many times about the future BBC plans for online Radio, on this topic it is worth referencing Daniel Danker’s previous post.

So what does Radioplayer mean for BBC online radio listeners? Quite simply whether you navigate from the Radio network sites or from BBC iPlayer if you use the existing pop up console, you’ll have a new console with some great enhancements! There are no changes to how you consume Radio in BBC iPlayer, so if you prefer to listen in page you’ll be pleased to hear that option remains.

radioplayer console

The Radioplayer console

The previous version of the BBC radio console was designed against three key principles;

simplicity, discoverability and personalisation.

Throughout the BBC’s relationship with the Radioplayer partners it has been hugely important to ensure we built upon these principles.

We thought the best way to do that was by delivering a consistent user experience across BBC and Commercial stations, yet ensuring we have a framework for BBC, and indeed Commercial, stations to innovate and express their unique identity. This has been realised through enabling:

• Industry wide UK radio station presets

• Simple and consistent player controls

• Pan industry search allowing audiences to discover and switch between stations

• Establishing a framework for presenting supporting content

radioplayer preset

The Radioplayer preset

BBC and Commercial radio station presets

The Radioplayer partnership has enabled the BBC to extend its existing Station preset functionality, as of today you can now discover and save your favourite radio stations and programmes and seamlessly switch between BBC and Commercial networks. Over the coming weeks numerous new stations will be joining the partnership.




Same size, same media player…

The BBC UX&D team led the Radioplayer partnership in defining an agreed set of design guidelines, that outlined the size of the console, interactions and the simple media player controls. For the user this means whether they are using a Radioplayer console to listen to BBC Radio 1, Xfm, Absolute Radio or Juice 107.2 they will have a familiar experience.

A single place to discover UK radio

In February Paul Clark wrote about partner linking in iPlayer for TV broadcasters , with the launch of the Radioplayer, online listeners can similarly discover and switch to radio stations and programmes from across the UK. The common metadata and search functionality mean regardless of whether you are listening to BBC Radio 4, Capital or Smooth the results returned will be consistent.

Radioplayer search

Radioplayer search

Search is a feature that will experience continued refinement, as partner metadata improves and algorithms evolve the accuracy of results. By its very nature a degree of serendipitous content will also surface offering audiences the ability to quickly discover unfamiliar and new content.

For those interested Radioplayer search has been built upon the new Radioplayer metadata specification a result of the collaboration of industry metadata experts

Supporting content and innovation

While it was important for Radioplayer to offer a consistent user experience, none of the partners wanted to stifle innovation or restrict brand identity. As such ¾ of the real estate is available for stations to customise.

Our audience research clearly highlights that first and foremost online radio audiences want to listen. However, they consistently expressed the need to discover more about BBC programmes and quickly find and share content.


The team delivering the BBC Radioplayer console have continued to keep this in mind, and as such focused on improving how we surface supporting information, including improvements to the favouriting and recommending interactions, plus we’ve added track now playing information.

The latter has been the top feature request, and it’s great to be able to display the track information (and associated links to /music page) for live broadcasts on Radio 1, Radio 1 Extra, Radio 2 and Radio 6 Music.

I look forward to your feedback, and observing the usage of the BBC Radioplayer console.

Dave Price is Product Lead, BBC iPlayer, Programmes and On Demand, BBC Future Media.

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Yahoo Swag Collection

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9 Years Of Yahoo! Schwag

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