BMF set to bring back Solo Man with new campaign launching nationally on February 5

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Screen shot 2012-01-31 at 11.36.08 PM.jpgBMF Melbourne is bringing back a famous Australian advertising icon, Solo Man, in a new campaign launching nationally on February 5.

The TV campaign is supported by
cinema, outdoor and an extensive online presence including a YouTube


Remembered with fond affection but absent from our screens for over 20 years, the new campaign is a light-hearted take on Solo’s history and shows how the Australian legend began. The campaign heroes the first Solo Man and his discovery of a magical lemon tree that created the original thirst crusher.

“Our aim was to reinstate Solo as the best reward for a big thirsty
effort, and we felt there’s no better man to deliver this message than
Solo Man,” said Meg Terrill, Solo brand manager. “He’s demonstrated
Solo’s thirst crushing powers to generations of Aussie men, so we’re
really excited to see this campaign introduce a new chapter in his
Screen shot 2012-01-31 at 11.36.44 PM.jpg
Screen shot 2012-01-31 at 11.35.36 PM.jpgSays Dave Klein, executive creative director BMF
Melbourne: “I grew up watching Solo Man jump over cliffs, ride wind
surfers through the desert and even wrestle crocodiles. Back then he was
pretty awesome. Our challenge was to introduce him to a new generation
of fans andbring the idea to life of why Solo is the original thirst
Agency: BMF Melbourne
Director: Hamish Rothwell
Production Company: Good Oil
Sound & Music: Turning Studios
Post Production: Fin
Media Planning and Buying: Carat
Client: Schweppes

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Getting Your Internet Marketing Dream Job: How to Interview & Succeed at a Top Agency

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TopRank Online Marketing Shoreline Drive Spring Park, MN

Picturesque view of Lake Minnetonka from the TopRank Online Marketing office

Today marks my 4 month anniversary at TopRank Online Marketing and almost 5 years in the online marketing industry.  It has been a goal of mine to learn as much as I possibly can from those who know the industry best.  In this seemingly short amount of time I have received, and continue to receive a top notch education at an unbeatable price.

I would like to share some of my experience to give other marketers interested in breaking into Internet marketing or continuing their online marketing education an idea of what it looks like from one person’s perspective.

The Interview Process

Do Your Homework
Walking into an interview with no base knowledge of who the company is, what they stand for, and how they operate is a huge mistake.  Especially if you are an Internet marketer.  I would recommend reviewing the following information pre-interview:

  • Company Website: This should give you a sense of the services they offer and who some of their clients are.
  • Management: If you can find information about the management team be sure to do some additional research on them as well to get a sense of their background and accomplishments.
  • Content & Social Profiles: At the bare minimum I would recommend looking at the company blog (if they have one), Twitter profile, Facebook page, and Google+ page.
  • News & Press Releases: Do a Google search to see if the company has released any exciting news over the past few months.

If you are working with a recruiter be sure to ask as many questions about the companies services, their culture, and preferences as possible.  The recruiter will typically have spoken with contacts at the company and with other interviewees post interview.  This is a great opportunity to gain some inside knowledge before you step in the door.  These are all great ways to educated yourself before walking in the door and will allow you to have an intelligent conversation about the company during your interview.

Demonstrate Value
Depending on what position you are applying for take some time to identify what you believe to be areas of need or improvement for the company.  You should walk in knowing you may not be 100% correct but it will be appreciated that you made the effort.  If applying for a social media position I would take some time to analyze what they are doing currently, what the results appear to be, as well as some recommendations for increased customer engagement.

Spending some additional time to identify what you believe to be their competitors will also be a great source for gather information.  Perhaps you notice a competitors blog or social profile that has a lot of readers or followers.  Try to identify what they are doing and how the company you are interviewing with could do that better.

Asking questions is also a great way to demonstrate value.  If you can think quickly on your feet then this will allow you demonstrate immediate value.  Some questions you might consider asking are:

  • What do you believe is your biggest area of need?
  • What would you like/need to focus on but don’t have enough time to do?
  • What personality traits are you looking for in a candidate?
  • What does the typical day look like for this position?
  • Are there any other areas of your business that you would like to grow?

Consider Each Interview a Learning Experience
Whether it is your dream job or not I believe that you should walk into each interview hoping to learn as much as you possibly can.  In addition to being a great networking opportunity it can give you a sense of what companies in the industry are looking for in a candidate, industry buzz words, and a chance to learn more from someone else in the industry.

Even If You Didn’t Get the Job, Ask For Feedback
As disappointing as it may be you will not get every job you interview for.  If you receive word that they have decided not to hire you don’t be afraid to ask why.  I recommend sending out a brief and polite email asking for feedback.  Thank the interviewer for the opportunity and ask if they have any recommendations on skills that would make you more attractive to a company like theirs because you are interested in constantly evolving your skill set.

Working for an Internet Marketing Company

There Will Always Be Other People Who Know More Than You
No matter how long you have been in the industry there will be other online marketers who know things that you don’t.  Instead of foolishly refusing to learn from these other influentials I would recommend keeping tabs on what they’re teaching and apply information that you find useful to your own strategy.  There may be tactics that you do not agree with but if anything it will give you a sense of what other respected members of the community are recommending to your potential clients.

Welcome Constructive Criticism
I for one thrive on feedback.  If I don’t know what I am doing wrong or how to fix it how will I get better?  I have a tendency to take some feedback personally because I put so much of myself into my work.  However, I’ve learned that you can’t consider it a personal attack but instead an opportunity to learn more.  Take the feedback that you’ve been given, add it into your process, and work to avoid the same mistakes next time.  Say perhaps that you don’t agree with the feedback provided?  I’ve learned that there is nothing wrong with having an opinion as long as you have data to back it up.  So, until you have that information do not present an argument.  An educated opinion is worth so much more than an emotional response.

The Best Internet Marketers are Passionate About What They Do
In a field like Internet Marketing I think it is essential that you care about your work.  Care not in the sense that you like the paycheck, but that you actually have a interest in what you are doing.  Companies and clients can tell if you are not invested in marketing their product and getting results.  Social media engagement is a full time job.  You must be willing to connect even when it may not be convenient to answer the questions and address concerns of your customers and potential customers.

Adaptability & Process Are Extremely Valuable
In an industry that changes from one day to the next those that are not adaptable will be left behind.  Once you find tactics that work be sure to document them and make them part of your process.  This process will clearly evolve over time but it will help maintain order for yourself and the rest of your team.  If each team member is taking a wildly different approach to online marketing you will not be able to truly measure the success of your efforts or provide a best practice approach.

What Next?
I don’t consider what I do a job.  It is a journey and an education that I am extremely thankful for.  Through my experience I have learned what should be done, as well as what not to do.  I know that I have shared some of my personal experience but I am curious to know what helpful tips other readers in the industry might have.  If you could tell everyone one thing that you’ve learned while working in this industry, what would it be?

Are you interested in working for a company like TopRank Online Marketing?  If you would like the opportunity to work with us we would love to hear from you.  We are currently looking for Account Managers, as well as Search and Social Strategists to join our team.  Our Careers page on our website provides some more detailed information on our current openings.

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Winter 2012 Open Post

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Plaque on Outside of TARDIS Door:

Plaque on the door of the Russell T Davies era TARDIS

As one season closes, another one opens; welcome to the Winter 2012 Open Post.

This is a chance for you to talk about topics that are on-topic for the BBC Internet Blog, but aren’t covered by any other posts currently open for comment.

The Autumn open post covered a lot of ground; we had answers to questions about the use of video on the News website, the blogs platform and postcodes. Liz Brown, product manager for News, updated Keith on moving News programmes to /programmes, and we were able to give Russ a bit of advance notice of the blogs migration to iSite.

Steve Hermann, Editor of the News website, answered @cping500’s question about text, video, and transcripts:

… currently we do not think the level of accuracy would be high enough to automate the process across the board. However, providing manually generated transcripts is something we try to do when we have pre-filmed material and the time to do it, but on daily news we do not have the resources to do it routinely.

We got the “About the BBC” site to change the address for our colleagues in the North-west to say “Salford” instead of “Manchester” – well spotted, Sue.

Steven Derrick explained more about how BBC iPlayer support works:

Every morning, the support team will sift through every single contact that we’ve received in the previous 24 hours. Any reports that indicate there could be a potential fault with BBC iPlayer, whether it’s an issue with a particular programme or with another aspect of BBC iPlayer, gets escalated for further investigation. The team will continue this process regularly throughout the day and once an issue has been escalated will update the help site accordingly.

A number of feature requests (eg #1, #3.2, #23, #36, #41) or bug reports (eg #20) have been passed on, and a couple of more detailed (#24, #30, #56, #80) or strategic (#19) questions haven’t had an answer yet. My colleagues are very busy building and maintaining services and it isn’t always possible to dig down into the details.

There were complaints that the BBC Internet Blog wasn’t getting enough links from the new home page, and that you wanted more blog posts on some things – such as the new home page. I naturally want more traffic and blog posts, so thank you for your support there.

I’d like to repeat my requests from the autumn open post: please separate questions, cite commitments, and use complaints site, moderation appeals process, and iPlayer help site if you have a complaint, a blocked post you want reversed, or a problem with iPlayer.

Several subjects – such as satellite reception – have been discussed at great length. It would be nice to hear some novel subjects come up. I look forward to reading and responding to your new questions and comments.

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The waffle paradox

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WaffleOne way for a candidate to change the conversation around her candidacy: have her followers pelt the opposition with waffles at every public appearance. Eggos in particular are lightweight and their shape makes them easy to toss.

Particularly in primaries, simplicity and certainty are rewarded. The waffling candidate, the one who hesitates to give a clear yes or no answer to every question is seen as weak.

(Worth noting that the word “waffling” didn’t start appearing in books much until after the 1960 elections).

Of course, this post isn’t about politics at all. Customers and employees and vendors and regulators almost always prefer simplicity and certainty.

There are two ways to begin an answer to most questions we face in organizations:

“It’s simple” and

“It’s complicated.”

Both are usually true. At 10,000 feet, most challenges are simple. But actually making something work is quite complicated.

Nuance is the sign of an intelligent observer. Nuance shows restaint and maturity and an understanding of the underlying mechanics of whatever problem we’re wrestling with. After all, if the solution was simple, we would have solved it already.

On the other hand, resorting to nuance early and often can also be a sign of fear, of an unwillingness to go out on a limb and make a difference. Hence the reactions of boards hiring consultants and CEOs, or of passionate primary voters. “Don’t tell me it’s complicated. Just show me the guts to make something happen.”

My vote: your goals and your strategy must be simple. You must have passion and certainty in order to make a difference as a leader. Your tactics, on the other hand, should be layered, multi-dimensional and reflect the patience of someone who cares about reaching a goal.

When Howard Schultz talks about coffee or Jill Greenberg talks about lighting or Cory Booker talks about education, they can impatiently demand clear and simple results. At the same time, successful leaders see the nuance they’ll need in executing to get there.

The paradox is that the simplicity we often seek in search of solutions rarely leads to the patient leadership we need to get them.

The irony is not lost on me… the decision on when to be bold is a nuanced one.

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This week’s breaking newspaper campaigns – including Australia Day ads

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simon 1.jpg

simon 2.jpg
Check out this week’s breaking newspaper campaigns from The Newspaper Works.

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From The Tips Box: Kids’ Computers, Crashing Mac Apps, Instapaper Extensions

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Readers offer their best tips for setting up computers for your kids, solving regular application crashes in Mac OS X, and sending articles to Instapaper.
Every day we receive boatloads of great reader tips. From the Tips Box is where we round up some of our favourites. Got a tip of your own to share? Add it in the comments or send it using the contact tab on the right.
Use Computer Passwords to …

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Chief creative of News Lab Joe Talcott departs News Limited – steps down as chairman of AANA

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joe tal 1.jpgNews Limited chief creative of News Lab, Joe Talcott is set to depart tomorrow after seven years with the company – at the same time stepping down as chairman of the AANA.

Says AANA CEO Scott McClellan: “Joe has served more than three years as chairman. During this time, AANA membership has grown by over 15% and the Association has tackled several challenging industry and regulatory issues. Under his chairmanship, AANA has forged healthy working relationships throughout the Advertising, Marketing and Media Industry.”
Other highlights of Talcott’s chairmanship include establishment of AANA’s Congress, an annual gathering of the country’s most influential marketing leaders. The February 16 event has become a key forum for debating industry and regulatory issues and future challenges.

networking and professional development events also expanded, including
the much heralded “Table of 10” format. The Warner Award  for
achievement and outstanding service to the industry and the Young
Marketer of the Year Award are also important milestones.
Deputy Chair Inese Kingsmill, corporate marketing director, Telstra,
will assume the chair of the Association in an acting capacity from 1
February 2012.

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Cobook Powers Up Your Mac’s Address Book With Social Networks, Mouseless Navigation

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Mac: The default address book in Mac OS X isn’t bad, but it could do a lot more. Cobook is an Address Book app for Mac that sits in your menu bar, offers quick mouseless navigation, and lets you add a lot more to your contact cards, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
Cobook is a much easier way to manage your contacts than what comes bundled with Mac OS X. It has one simple …

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Healthcare advertising specialist H&T expands offerings in Sydney and Melbourne

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H &b T 1.jpgThe H&T Group, a long-standing healthcare and rural advertising specialist, has expanded its offerings in both Sydney and Melbourne.

This builds on growth in New Zealand and Singapore to make H&T Australia’s largest independent healthcare advertising concern.
Says H&T MD, Tony Northam: “For
agencies like H&T to remain at the forefront of communications
innovation we realise we need to both develop and invest in new skills
and new solutions. Whilst last year’s growth focused on developing
H&T in Auckland as well as moving into the Singapore market with The
Clinic, this year we are growing our domestic offerings in Sydney and

a new Sydney-based sister agency to H&T, has been created both to
fulfill the H&T Group’s affiliation with inVentiv Health/GSW (a
global specialist in healthcare communications) and to bring its own
style of versatile, boutique-agency thinking to the Australian
healthcare space.

cunliffe 1.jpg“By communicating daily with our global partners at inVentiv Health/GSW,
as well as creating our own niche in the local healthcare advertising
market, we aim to become one of the most internationally interactive
agencies in Sydney,” said Lesley Cunliffe, creative director of
inCeptiv (pictured left).

H&T Melbourne has also undergone a transformation through its merger
with Communovate, a well-established Melbourne-based healthcare
specialist. This brings together the wide-ranging strategic healthcare
skills of both companies with the burgeoning digital strategy and
production expertise that is being fostered by the H&T Group.

“When we discovered we shared similar philosophies, we realised that by
bringing our teams together we would have the ability to draw upon more
resources,” said H&T Melbourne creative director (formerly
Communovate creative cirector) David Bacon.

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Would You Subscribe To Mobile Anti-Virus?

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Vodafone is offering postpaid customers with Android phones the ability to add a McAfee Mobile Security subscription to their service for $3 a month. Is that a sensible investment?
First, the security argument. We’ve gone over this in some detail before, and the short answer is this: while you’re unlikely to suffer security problems on your Android phone if you exercise a little common …

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