Eyetracking Study Underscores Facebook’s Mobile Ads Challenge

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Facebook now claims 543 million monthly active mobile users. The good news for Facebook is that mobile users are “more active” than PC users. The bad news is that mobile users are much harder for the social site to make money from. This challenge has been widely discussed and was the…

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What To Do When 87.5% More Queries Are Blocked: Coping With Firefox 14

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Mozilla’s latest upgrade to the Firefox web browser, Firefox 14, officially launched on July 17th and brought with it a number of desirable new features. These features, however, can have some not-so-desirable consequences for data analytics. One of the more notable changes (from both the user and…

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6 Ways to Best Utilize Different Personality Types Within Your Organization & Consider A Career At TopRank Online Marketing

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Work with TopRank Online Marketing

A few TopRank team members at the #OptimizeBook Minneapolis Launch

The team at TopRank Online Marketing recently took a Disc assessment which is a tool used to improve employee teamwork and communication by identifying behavioral differences and assigning a profile type to each individual.  If you’ve ever taken an assessment like the one that we did, you may find that the description of your traits and learning style are eerily accurate.

A Disc assessment is a tool used to improve employee teamwork and communication by identifying behavioral differences and learning styles within an organization.

Employees will score a little bit differently depending on company culture and industry type but on average these are the following percentages for each profile type:

  • 22% Dominance – values results action and challenge
  • 28% Influence – values enthusiasm, action and collaboration
  • 23% Steadiness – values support, stability and collaboration
  • 27% Conscientiousness – values accuracy, stability and challenge

What I learned most from this exercise was not about myself, but about how to best work with and appreciate the different types of people it takes to run a company.  Based on my experience with the Disc assessment here are 6 ways you as marketers can best utilize personality types within your organization.  Also, TopRank is looking for some key employees to add to our team so take a look at the opportunities included inline.

#1 – Understand Your Clients & Adjust Accordingly

Having an understanding of your clients and how they best communicate may be even more important than understanding your internal team.  A happy client will be more likely to listen to innovative ideas, add additional services or solutions to their contract, and communicate better in general.

If you’re like me you’ve had those clients that love you, and those that you really just don’t connect with.  If your company is agile and in tune with your clients you may be able to find a better fit for clients that are unpleased with the current communication style.  If you unable to quickly change leadership roles you may want to spend some time coaching fellow employees to find ways to better connect with their clients.

Client Champion – Are you someone who enjoys client interaction and going the extra mile to keep clients happy?  TopRank is currently searching for detail oriented and enthusiastic Account Managers & Account Coordinators to join our team!

#2 – Have Great Ideas But Trouble Executing?

Personality types that are innovators or “idea people” traditionally have a difficult time executing on their 1 in a million ideas.  The hardest part about this situation is admitting when you need the assistance of someone who is more organized than you are.

If you don’t have the luxury of pulling in other team members on a whim try some of the following tactics:

  • Force rank each concept in order of priority
  • Create an abridged timeline to keep you on track without getting too detailed
  • Break down your projects or ideas into assignable tasks to yourself and others
  • Have more detail oriented team members review your concepts

#3 – You Must Be Innovative & Creative

Working in an industry such as Internet Marketing requires innovation, adaptability, and creativity. If you aren’t finding new solutions to present to your customers, your competition will.

All marketers including Social Strategists, PR Professionals, Directors of Marketing and Marketing Managers must be educating themselves as well as their teams on an ongoing basis to stay ahead of the curve.

Social Mastermind & PR Pro- TopRank is on the hunt for a top notch Social Media Strategist and Online PR Specialist to join the ranks.  If you are a go-getter with keen attention to details, you may have just found your dream job.

#4 – Does Everyone Learn & Work the Same Way?

Successful companies are built upon many similar concepts including streamlined process, and good people.  Process for the sake of process alone will not work.  The purpose of process is to create a replicable series of steps that will work, most of the time.

As your company expands it is important that employees are encouraged to present new ideas and ways to improve your companie’s existing offering.  This flexibility will not only create a workforce that is invested but one that is constantly trying to find ways to improve.

#5 – Great Minds Think Differently

A room full of dominants and influencers can lead to a very interesting brainstorming session.  However, consider what a difference it would make to include employees with different working styles to add a unique perspective.  Employees who listen well, are precise, and will ultimately help with the execution of tactics are a great addition to a brainstorming session.

When onboarding new clients and finding new solutions for existing clients a balance of enthusiastic and calming can be a killer combination.

Witty & Experienced Writer – Do you have a way with words and want to be the member of a creative team?  TopRank is currently searching for experienced Marketing Writers who aren’t afraid to jump in and get their hands dirty to create some stellar content.

#6 – Find the Right Person for the Job & The Right Job For the Person

I think by this point you’ve seen that my opinion is that “one solution does not fit all”.  When onboarding new team members, and surveying your existing team it is important to keep a few things in mind.

  • What are the existing job openings for your company?
  • Have you had difficulty filling these positions? If so, why?
  • Do you need to add employees with a particular personality type to your mix?
  • How does the culture of your organization affect employee perception?
  • Are your employees motivated to promote your organization? If not, why?
  • What are the different motivators or incentives for your employees?

Optimization Innovator – Speaking of finding the right person for the job…  TopRank is searching for a Optimization Specialist who enjoys creating optimized web copy, managing content plans, and creating recommendations to improve rankings for our clients.

What is it Like to Work For TopRank Online Marketing?

In a couple short months I will have been working for TopRank Marketing for a year.  I can’t believe how quickly this time has flown by.  I would (and do) recommend this organization to anyone who will listen to me.  If you’re interested in working for TopRank please take a few moments to review the open positions that I have linked to throughout this post.

Also, feel free to send me a message on Twitter (@azeckman) to learn more.

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Olympic Data Services and the Interactive Video Player

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Photo of the BBC's Olympic Data Team

The Olympic Data Services Team at the Broadcast Centre in White City

Hi, I’m Oli Bartlett and for the last 15 months or so I’ve been the Product Manager for the BBC’s Olympic Data services.

My team have built the systems which provide all of the London 2012 data to the BBC Sport Olympic website, mobile applications, IPTV applications and other BBC websites showing Olympics content.

We provide three main functions:

  • The Dynamic Semantic Publishing platform (DSP). This is the framework for creating over 10,000 athlete pages, plus a page per event, discipline, country and venue.
  • A service to receive, process and store data from the Olympic Broadcasters’ Data Feed (BDF).
  • A stats service, the Olympic Data API providing all of the sports data: Schedules, starting lineups, results, records, medal tables and video logging data.

DSP has allowed us to dynamically publish a page per athlete as soon as we receive the information from the BDF. This page is linked in to the BBC sport website – it will link to pages on their events, their discipline and their country team. DSP also then allows us to aggregate relevant stories from BBC News and Sport onto each page on the Olympics website. Journalists simply have to tag the story with the people, sports or events it’s about, and a link to that story will be pulled onto the relevant pages. Jem Rayfield has written an in-depth piece on DSP if you’re interested in finding out more.

The BBC, like other broadcasters around the world, gets all of its Olympics data via a feed delivered over the internet and the majority of its Olympics video from the host broadcaster, Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS). The London 2012 Olympics are the first where a combined video and results data feed (the BDF) has been made available. If you’ll excuse the abbreviations: The BDF provides Olympic Data Feed (ODF) results and statistics from Locog, plus video data from OBS. In practical terms, this means that not only do we know the live results for every moment of every event, but we also know which video streams were showing the action at that time.

The BBC subscribes to the BDF and we receive it via our data provider Deltatre Media Ltd. The raw BDF is huge and contains a load more data than the BBC needs. Additionally the feed is stateful, so requires a relatively complex receiving system which knows how to apply updates as they arrive. Deltatre transforms the complex and stateful feed into a simpler, stateless feed which provides the BBC with just the data needed to power the online products. For example, a BDF update for a football match may say that Team GB have scored a goal. If you want to display a scoreboard, this information is of little use without knowing the previous state (score) in the match. The updates we get from Deltatre don’t require the BBC to hold state for each unit, so the football update would instead give the current score: GBR 1 – ITA 0. This has allowed the BBC to simplify its processing of the data as we are not required to build the complex business logic required to manage stateful updates of statistics across the 10,000 units of competition. Instead, we can focus on getting the data out to the audience as quickly and reliably as possible.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, if you’ve used the interactive video player you’ll probably have seen the Extras button in the bottom right of the player. One of the options here is the athletes panel. This shows you a list of the athletes competing in the event(s) you’re watching. Additionally you’ll see a picture of the athlete, a link to their page on BBC Sport, and their vital statistics – height, weight, date of birth. If you drill down further you’ll see statistics from the event in which they’re currently competing. This all works off our Olympic Data API which can serve up the latest results and statistics from any time during any of the 2,500 hours of video during the games. This means that when you rewind a live diving event, or watch a football match from yesterday, the athlete data and match stats stay relevant to what you’re watching. Alex talks more about the interactive video player in his blog post.

In addition to the sports data, the Olympic Data API provides chapter markers and the Olympics Live data to the interactive video player. These features are primarily driven by the video logging messages we receive from OBS. Each time something interesting happens on one of the multitude of video feeds, the event will be logged by a team of people in the International Broadcast Centre, in Media City and at venues around the country. Whether it be a record being broken, the start of a new quarter in a basketball match, or a foul in a football match, we will get a notification. We take these notifications and, according to a set of business rules, create chapter points or Olympics Live alerts. As the games get underway we can monitor the frequency and accuracy of the chapter points and live alerts, and can change these rules dynamically if required. Additionally we have ways to manually add chapter points or live alerts for those moments the logging hasn’t captured.

That pretty much summarises the Olympic Data services. Dave Rogers, the technical lead on this project, will be writing a follow-up post which will go into more detail around the architectural and testing challenges we’ve come up against, and the team’s development approach.

Until then, enjoy the games!

Oliver Bartlett is Product Manager, Olympic Data, 2012

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It could be one of two things

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It might be that your audience isn’t smart enough, caring enough, attentive enough, with-it enough or generous enough to understand and appreciate you.

Or it might be that you’re not good enough (yet).

If you’re in the habit of assuming one of these, try out the other one for a while.

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Links for 2012-07-30 [del.icio.us]

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  • Twitter DogHouse
    “Social networking with Twitter is great except when the people you follow pollute your feed with sponsored spam, political flamewars, and live-tweets of some show or event you don’t care about. With this app you can unfollow them, tell them they are being annoying, and re-follow them after a specified amount of time.”

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Yahoo! Premiers IntoNow 3.0: The Best Second Screen Experience Ever

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Have you ever watched TV and thought, “what’s that song?” Or maybe you wanted to share a funny “did you see that?” TV moment with your friends.

Today, Yahoo! unveiled the next evolution of IntoNow. We call it 3.0 and it’s available exclusively on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Our goal is to deliver the most innovative and engaging way for people to capture, communicate and get more from watching TV. IntoNow 3.0 was rebuilt and re-designed, to take into account what you, our users do.

You’ll see three brand-new experiences:

  • TV and Music Sync: IntoNow 3.0 automatically surfaces relevant content, including sports teams, personalities, articles, scores, polls, or trivia – right as it’s happening on TV. We also wanted to solve a perennial issue faced when watching TV, namely the “what is that song in the background?” question – with IntoNow. Whether you’re listening to a live performance, featured song or background music, Music Sync will automatically identify the music playing – a first! Songs surfaced by Music Sync can be one-click purchased through iTunes or people can view the music video on YouTube.
  • CapIt: After you see a breaking news story, red carpet dazzler or a funny scene, CapIt lets you capture and add your caption to that TV moment, so you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or IntoNow. Just think of all those “did you see that” moments… Simply tap a button and IntoNow will instantly synchronize and deliver still images of what you’re watching on TV.
  • Group Chat: IntoNow 3.0 allows you to create private conversations with friends, form groups for a particular TV event or set up groups to talk about favorite shows as the season progresses.

In an era where 80 percent of people are watching TV with a device in hand, IntoNow 3.0 gives you entirely new ways to share, learn and engage with your TV, your friends and the broader IntoNow community.

Be sure to check out the latest version of IntoNow from Yahoo! Visit the IntoNow website or download in the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch at www.iTunes.com/appstore/.

To demonstrate the depth of IntoNow’s vast amount of data, we created this infographic based on some of last season’s most popular TV shows. Check it out and see how the shows stack up against each other. The results are both funny and surprising.


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Yahoo! Premieres IntoNow 3.0: Accelerating Second Screen Experiences

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Yahoo! Premieres IntoNow 3.0: Accelerating Second Screen Experiences

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In Sign of Priorities, Yahoo’s Mayer Accelerates IntoNow Product Update

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The app surfaces content on tablets and mobile phones that complements the TV show or live event that someone is watching on TV at that very moment.

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New Contest – Get Your Video on the New SEOmoz YouTube Channel!

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Posted by RuthBurr

Howdy Mozzers!

We're excited to announce the new SEOmoz YouTube channel!  Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/moz. We'll be adding a bunch of our video content from the last couple of years, including Whiteboard Friday and our just-for-fun videos like Aaron's First Day. Going forward, you'll be able to view SEOmoz videos on the YouTube channel a few days after they debut here on the site. We'll also be doing special YouTube-only content, presentations, and contests – like this one!

The SEOmoz YouTube Contest: "1 Tool/Tactic, 2 Minutes"

A few words from Rand on the contest:


Here's the rundown:

Create a 2-minute video on your favorite inbound marketing tool or tactic. You've got 2 minutes to tell the SEOmoz community why this one thing is awesome and how to use it to get real marketing results. Your video can be as simple as you talking into your webcam ZeFrank-style, or as complicated and special-effects-y as you care to make it, but it can't be longer than 2 minutes!  We'll be selecting winning videos in the following categories:

  • Content Marketing
  • Google Updates
  • Link Building
  • Social Media
  • Analytics
  • APIs
  • SEO Secrets
  • Email/Outreach
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

The winning videos will be selected based on how informative, entertaining, and actionable they are (infotainable?). Winners will get their videos featured on our YouTube channel (along with a link and shoutout in the video description) and will also win an SEOmoz swag bag!

Entries are subject to the SEOmoz Community Etiquette & Disclaimer. Videos must be original content that are not previously posted anywhere else.

To enter:

  • Make a video! 2 minutes or less.
  • Label the video file with the video's title PLUS your SEOmoz username. This is how we will know it's from you (ex: if I were submitting "Twitter for Links," an example file name would be: TwitterForLinks_ruthburr)
  • Upload the video using the "upload your video" button below.

Make sure the file name has the your SEOmoz username, or we won't know it's from you. When you click the button below, you'll be prompted to upload your video – simply select the file you want and click "Open." You'll see a progress bar letting you know how long you've got left for the video to upload, and when it's complete you'll see a message saying your upload is completed. The uploader may run a bit slow depending on your connection speeds, so please be patient. Ready to upload? Let us have it:  


Submit your video by Wednesday, August 15th. We'll start announcing the winners on Tuesday, August 21st and will release a new winning video on our YouTube channel every weekday until all the winners have been announced.

Sign up for The Moz Top 10, a semimonthly mailer updating you on the top ten hottest pieces of SEO news, tips, and rad links uncovered by the Moz team. Think of it as your exclusive digest of stuff you don’t have time to hunt down but want to read!

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