Local News Site Linkbait Ideas (Weekly Q&A)

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Link baitWe all love linkbait and there’s never too much brainstorming there. Therefore I enjoy discovering forum threads discussing linkbait ideas.

This thread is from SEOchat forums discussing link bait ideas for a local newspaper site:

1. Create news instead of re-printing it:

Don’t re-use news: create it! You need to piss someone off to get noticed! Go hyper-local!

Have you considered doing some hard hitting pieces? …surely there is a city worker asleep in his truck during work hours, a local politician asking city workers to mow his grass, a city contract that was awarded to the brother-in-law’s consulting firm?

How about hidden camera piece filming local service people not fixing something.

2. Go mobile:

Create news feeds featuring hyper-local news and go mobile: apps keep people tied to the news resource.

3. Go social:

With Twitter you can certainly use some territory-specific hashtags to get heard by those who care to hear.

Going local on social media has another great advantage: you can be the first to hear hyper-local news and spread it. That’s how journalism works! Be the first to hear and publish!

4. Hyper-local-news videos

Creating a new media type based on some outrageous news is what you need:

Get hyper-local, find real heroes!

5. Go offline

The awesome thing about the hyper-local resource is that you can be at any event that is held nearby. Become their media partner!

I find your “niche” very nice, challenging and quite easy to succeed within if you’re passionate and have the time to dedicate to it.

Tools and Further Reading:

checkFinding link bait inspiration (an oldie but can still be useful!)
checkLooking for some link bait ideas for local businesses?(more tips at SEOmoz q&a)

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WebmasterWorld Awards Tedster With Lifetime Achievement Award

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WebmasterWorld Awards TedsterI covered this in my Jim Boykin buys WebmasterWorld live blog coverage but it didn’t really get noticed here.

Ted Ulle, aka Tedster, one of the most giving individuals I know in the search community, was awarded with WebmasterWorld’s first and maybe last, Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ted has been the administrator of the Google forum for the past five or more years and been involved in the community for over 13 years. He has over 37,000 posts on the public site and over 20,000 posts on the private site. He gives his life to webmasters and does so with huge class.

Brett Tabke, the founder of WebmasterWorld, wrote in a WebmasterWorld thread:

Ted has been one of the most outstanding moderators and admins I have seen on the internet in my 30 years of forum building. He is a proactive diplomat and is willing to work with anyone, regardless of who they are or where they live. He has had the unique ability to connect with people all over the world. His web development skills are second to none, and his SEO skills are beyond most books on the subject. We have been blessed and honored to know and work with Ted for all these years. I doubt there is a website on the Internet that hasnât been touched by Ted in some way. From Fortune 500s to a massive list of independents, Ted has worked with everyone on some level.

Thank you so much for all the service to the community Tedster.

Congrats Tedster, it is well deserved but honestly, we all owe you a heck of a lot more than just this recognition.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Be Afraid: 33 Scary Online Marketing Tales of SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing

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Scary Online MarketingHappy Halloween to all the online marketing ghosts, ghouls, and goblins out there.

Have you ever heard or received a really bad piece of online marketing advice?  Maybe the recommendation was founded on total hearsay, completely out of date or you discovered that the suggestions actually hurt, rather than helped? Scary! At one time or another we’ve all received the trick and not the treat in our internet marketing candy basket.

In this post you’ll find 20 scary SEO, social media and content marketing tales from the team at TopRank Online Marketing and from our friends on Twitter @TopRank, fans on Lee’s Facebook page and the TopRank Facebook page.

BOO! Scary Stories From the Crypt

1 – Classic scary: “Build great content and it will attract visitors all on it’s own. SEO isn’t necessary for good content to stand out.”

As Lee likes to say, “Great content isn’t great until it gets discovered, consumed and shared.” Competition for attention online is tough and unless efforts are made to promote great content or build social promotion into the content creation itself, there’s a chance it won’t be able to attract the audience it deserves. Great content + smart and relevant promotion = WIN!

2 – Marketing Bandwagon: As people in the SEO community jump on the content marketing bandwagon, many seek advice on how to incorporate content in their search engine centric online marketing mix.  One of the scarier pieces of SEO / Content Marketing advice is: “Content Marketing’s Goal Is Not To Convert Customers Directly, To Acquire Leads Directly, or To Make Sales Directly.”

Sure, you don’t execute a financial transaction for a product within the text of an article, but the “buy this” button is only one click a way. The “contact us” for a lead form is just one click away. Content Marketing is designed specifically create the information customers need to become aware, interested and to consider products and services. Further, content marketing is also designed to specifically influence customer leads, sales and conversion actions. That’s called optimizing across the sales cycle and it’s been around for a very long time.

3 – Keyword Density: ”To increase the ranking of web pages in Google, optimize the keyword density of meta description tags.” from a SEO professional.

While meta descriptions are often used in the search snippet displayed in search results, they content of meta descriptions are not a ranking factor according to Google.  Meta descriptions could influence clicks on search results which could lead to other signals affecting ranking, but as a driver of ranking on it’s own? The not so scary advice from Google:  ”Even though we sometimes use the description meta tag for the snippets we show, we still don’t use the description meta tag in our ranking.” Matt Cutts, Distinguished Engineer at Google.

SEO Horror Stories From The TopRank Team

halloween scary pumpkins

4 – Lee Odden – The competition is doing (tactic XYZ) so we need to do that too.

5 – Brian Larson – Brand is not important – I’ve heard from several SEO ‘experts’ that there’s no need use your brand name in your onpage copy and meta fields, since people will always be able to find your site if they know your name.

6 – Rob Bayne – The SEO process is complete! It’s finished! There’s no more work necessary.

7 – Shawna Kenyon – Stuff your content full of keywords. This is not only a bad user experience but Google doesn’t really fancy it either.

8 – Sara Duane-Gladden – Why would you need to write keyword optimized webpage content when you can hide keywords in HTML? Just make text the same color as the background or set it to such a tiny size no one can see it. Search engines will love it and people won’t notice it at all.

9 – Thom Craver – Reciprocal linking is where it’s at. I link to you, you link back to me and we’ll both succeed! More links is always better, right?

Terrifying Online Marketing Stories From Fans of @TopRank & our Facebook Fans:

trick or treat

10 – Lisa Barone – Good content doesn’t need to be promoted.

11 – Brian Crouch – Be needlessly controversial! Say things you don’t mean just to get a rise out of people.  Curse-filled comments on a post gets links!

12 – Tammy Emineth – Hey!  You can get 3,000 backlinks for just $9.99.

13 – Josh Peters – There is not such thing as black hat.  Google can’t tell the difference.

14 – Krista Neher – You don’t have to track ROI trust me, engagement just “works”.

15 – Jordan Kasteler – Play hide and seek with keywords for search engines.

16 – Steve Farnsworth – You should tie your content marketing into hot memes to drive tons of (unqualified) traffic to your website.

17 – Amanda Maksymiw – We should just do whatever we did last year.

18 – Phil Gomes – Social media is just another channel.

19 – Carolyn Shelby – We dont’ need a website.  We have a Facebook Page.

20 – Dave Roher – So we had the designer put all of the content in the image.  Doesn’t that page look great?

21 – Wendy Bauer Piersall – Don’t worry about (Not Provided) because it will only be 5% or so of your search engine traffic.

22 – Patricia Skinner – Ah, that would be the advice to use link building software. Hands down the scariest SEO advice ever.

23 – Lydia Fabry Mazorol – “We think it would be well advised for us to get the link building [spammers] we’ve been paying to add us to directories and random sites for years and now pay them to clean up that mess!” #pay?!!!

24 – Andrea Sodergren Vahl – “Just add a whole bunch of keywords in white lettering” :)

25 – Robyn Green Tippins – Just keep tweeting the sale link. People like that.

26 – Becky Ryan – “Oh we tried to do that Social Media, and we were doing great until Matt Cutts said Google hates. My boss stopped all of us and after that my phone crashed, so I have been on twitter for months”

27 – Carri Bugbee – You can get 10k Twitter followers for just $5! [BTW, you actually can. They just happen to be fake.]

28 – Brian Crouch – “Be needlessly controversial! Say things you don’t mean just to get a rise out of people! Curse-filled comments on a post gets links! ”

29 – Tammy Emineth – “Hey! I can get 3000 backlinks for just $9.99!”

30 – Ross Dunn – Most recently it was an affiliate “Guru” posting to all of his followers delight that it is a good idea to buy comment link building services through Fiverr. I nearly lost my lunch.

31 – Josh Peters – “There is no such thing as black hat. Google can’t tell the difference.”

32 – Patrick Garmoe – Our yellow pages company said they could handle all our online marketing for far less than you charge.

33 – Jayme Westervelt – “It’s too risky to optimize your site by adding Title Tags and descriptions. Google will penalize you, so instead we concentrate on inbound links via a network of sites my friend owns.”

A lot of people that are learning about SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing may find it difficult to tell the difference between scary and smart when it comes to online marketing advice. Our advice is to connect with a trusted and experienced resource or better a network of resources that you can bounce ideas off of. Test things for yourself and be involved with the industry and you’ll soon be able to see how many zombie marketers there really are.

Those are some pretty dark online marketing tales.  What are yours?

Image credits via Shutterstock: Scary StoryPumpkinTrick or Treat.

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A Google Drive On Wheels

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Google Drive on Wheels

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Q and A: Do women bring a different perspective to SEO?

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QuestionHello Kalena

I’ve recently learned very quickly that SEO is a very male dominated industry.

As a female who has just begun in the SEO industry I was wondering if you would be able to tell me how you have dealt with working in a male dominated industry so well for all these years and what kind of challenges/obstacles have come your way? This would be great to know so that other female seo can prepare themselves if they should ever come to terms with them. More importantly how have you dealt with them?

Another question I was wondering – in your expert opinion – what do you feel that women bring to the SEO table? Anything new? Perhaps a different perspective?

Any advice that you could offer on this topic would be awesome and extremely appreciated.

Thanks for your time.



Hi Monica

To answer your question, I no longer work in a traditional *office* so I’m no longer exposed to the same male/female office politics that I once was. However, when I was starting out, there was a very obvious male bias in the industry, particularly at search-related conferences I would attend.

We used to see around 5-10% female attendees at such conferences, whereas now it tends to be 35-40% or higher. Not sure if this spread is because SEO is kind of a geeky/programmer industry which has traditionally attracted more males, but it has definitely evolved to become more mainstream and marketing-focused. With that shift has come more females interested in the industry and thriving in the field.

In terms of the female perspective on SEO, I definitely think there are points of difference that females can bring to SEO roles. One in particular is our insight into emotional purchasing and shopping trends. It is well documented that females respond differently to advertisements and also search differently from men in general – with emotional response being key in the decision-making process. Plus women tend to be the key gift purchasers in a large majority of households. These factors can give female SEOs added insight when it comes to keyword research and copywriting for web sites aimed at females in particular.

Same goes for pay per click advertising – ad copy, headlines and images/videos used can influence purchasing decisions so using both male and female SEOs/SEMs in the ad creation process is going to ensure a more successful campaign.

Hope this helps!



Sick of paying others to SEO your site? Download my Free SEO Lesson. No catch!


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Getting over ourselves

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In the face of billions of dollars of destruction, of the loss of life, of families distrupted, it’s easy to wonder what we were so hung up on just a few days ago. Many just went face to face with an epic natural disaster, and millions are still recovering. Writer’s block or a delayed shipment or an unreturned phone call seem sort of trivial now.

We’re good at creating drama, at avoiding emotional labor and most of all, at thinking small. Maybe we don’t need another meeting, a longer coffee break or another hour whittling away at our stuckness.

There’s never been a better opportunity to step up and make an impact, while we’ve got the chance. This generation, this decade, right now, there are more opportunities to connect and do art than ever before. Maybe even today.

It’s pretty easy to decide to roll with the punches, to look at the enormity of natural disaster and choose to hunker down and do less. It’s more important than ever, I think, to persist and make a dent in the universe instead.

We’ve all been offered access to so many tools, so many valuable connections, so many committed people. What an opportunity.

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Celebrating Leonardo Torres-Quevedo, Spanish inventor of the world’s first computer game

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What does a cable car in Niagara Falls have to do with the world’s
first chess-playing machine? Surprisingly, both were inventions of Spanish civil engineer Leonardo Torres-Quevedo.
Next week, as part of our ongoing effort to celebrate Europe’s computing
heritage, we’re commemorating Torres-Quevedo’s legacy and his
remarkable machine—“El
(in English, “The Chess Player”)—in partnership with
the Telecommunication Engineering department of the
Technical University of Madrid.

Photo thanks to Wikimedia Commons

Torres-Quevedo’s inventions span many fields. He was the second in
the world to demonstrate wireless remote control, beaten to the
post only by Nikola Tesla.
His designs for airships were used by both the French
and British during WWI. He was a global leader in cable car design,
creating the “Spanish aero car” over the Niagara Whirlpool
which, nearly a century on, remains a tourist attraction.
However, his most remarkable achievements were in the field of
automation, developing machines that are antecedents to what we now
call computers and robots.

Torres-Quevedo’s ambitions were bold. As Scientific American proclaimed in 1915: “He would substitute machinery
for the human mind.” In the 1890s, Torres-Quevedo built a series of mechanical devices that solved algebraic
equations. In 1920 he wowed a Paris audience with an
electromechanical arithmometer with a typewriter attachment. You
simply typed a formula—say, “24×48”—and the machine would calculate
and automatically type the answer “=1152” in reply.

But El Ajedrecista, an algorithmically powered machine that could
play an end-game of chess against a human opponent completely
automatically, is his most notable creation. Although it’s a far cry
from Deep Blue, El Ajedrecista can lay claim to being
the world’s first (analog) computer game.


Photos thanks to Museo Torres Quevedo

The machine didn’t just calculate its moves—it had mechanical arms
that physically moved its pieces, in the form of electrical jacks,
across a grid. In later models the arm mechanism was replaced by
magnets, and play took place on a more ordinary-looking chess board.
You couldn’t cheat the machine as it could spot illegal moves; and you
couldn’t win, as the game always started at a point (machine’s King
and Rook versus human’s King) from which the machine could never lose.

In honor of El Ajedrecista’s 100th birthday, we’re working with the Telecommunication
Engineering department of the Technical University of Madrid
stage a conference commemorating Torres-Quevedo’s legacy. The
conference, taking place on November 7, will feature lectures and
panel discussions, as well as an exhibition of Torres-Quevedo’s
devices—including El Ajedrecista itself. Attendance is free—if you
want to join us, request an invitation.

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#Mozinars: They’re Back, and They’re Free!

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Posted by Erica McGillivray

You've been asking and waiting patiently for them. Well, Mozzers, today's your lucky day! Mozinars are back and better than ever. Now you can join us for any upcoming Mozinar or watch previously recorded webinars as we've opened them up to everyone. That's right; they're now free for everyone's viewing pleasure! Think of it as a big hug from us to you.

Free Hugs (or Free Mozinars)

Photo credit Tristan Reville
Because we're committed to bringing you interesting and fun online marketing tips, we've booked some amazing voices from our community for the upcoming Mozinars. We hope you'll enjoy them and learn a ton. 
Take a gander at our full Mozinar line-up with Mozinars booked through March 2013, and even a few more scheduled further out.
Or, scroll through these awesome topics and presenters:
As you can see, we have a ton of Mozinars coming up that focus on a diverse amount of topics. Register today, and we'll see you soon!

Sign up for The Moz Top 10, a semimonthly mailer updating you on the top ten hottest pieces of SEO news, tips, and rad links uncovered by the Moz team. Think of it as your exclusive digest of stuff you don’t have time to hunt down but want to read!

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Comic for October 31, 2012

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Article: Brands Get Users Sharing with Social Video

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YouTube anchors most social video

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