Social Media Predictions for 2013

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Social Media Predictions 2013Companies of all sizes are in search of answers towards better social media strategy and at TopRank Marketing we’re helping to make that happen.

This week Jolina Pettice and I completed giving a 2 day social media and content marketing workshop for a $400 million company and a few weeks ago I gave a presentation to executives at a $22 billion company on how social media could advance some of their objectives. The way forward with social media is top of mind for many businesses and organizations.

Many marketers possess core knowledge, but they’re often missing confidence on the why, what, who and how of social media that can advance customer and business goals. Answering those concerns is one of the reasons why I like this new ebook from Dell. Of course, I also like it because they asked me to participate. The group of thought leaders tapped to provide forward thinking insights about social media is impressive and includes social media smarties Ann Handley, Michael Brito, Paul Gillin, Shel Israel and many more.

Take a look, I think you’ll find some interesting advice. Below the embedded deck, you’ll find my complete set of answers.

Here are my answers to the full set of questions I was asked, I hope you find them useful and interesting.

What is the one social media behavior you would like to see more of in 2013? What needs to stop?

Just one? OK. Let’s talk about the hashtag shall we? Here’s three hashtag behaviors that need to stop as soon as you finish reading them.

1. #followfriday – #ff has jumped the shark. It’s over with people. Done. Buh bye.
2. Speaking of #hashtags, #let’s #just #stop #with #the #hashtagging #of #every #word #in #a #tweet #OK? #You #keyword #spammer #you.
3. This one I am guilty of myself, so I’ll come clean for all to see: Using the #hashtag in places it wasn’t intended. Like on Facebook. And Birthday cards. Or the specials chalkboard at coffee shops.

What social media channel do you feel is primed to grow its audience base the most in 2013 and which one may disappear?

There are a few ways to look at growth in a meaningful way. There’s quantity, as in which network adds more people. But are they the right people for your business? There’s also quality, as in who adds the most people that actually use the service. Going to a party where no one talks to each other is #boring. Oops, there goes the hashtag.

Then there are things like rate of growth or geographic growth like in the U.S. versus internationally. I think Pinterest and Google+ will continue to grow rapidly as will YouTube. I think there will be some mobile and tablet apps we haven’t even heard of yet that will surprise people the way Twitter did. Snapseed anyone?

As for disappear, I think Path’s days are numbered. If it wasn’t for Jason Falls, I would be off Path in a second.

Which social media metric is the most overrated? Which metric is most underrated?

Overrated: Likes.

Underrated: How many people link to me or who mention @leeodden on Twitter. I can’t think of a more qualitative social signal than a nice link to one of my blog posts to show what an impressively smart person or brand you are :)

Actually, revenue is underrated when it comes to social media metrics. The trick is connecting the dots. As much as it makes sense to measure KPIs that don’t directly represent value to the business until better monetary methods can be figured out, companies should not lose sight of monitoring and measuring the performance of their social media activity. Never settle for fans, friends and follower counts or comments or impressions. Strive for measuring impact, directly or indirectly, on business goals no matter how difficult it is.

Can you share your best advice for a brand to connect with their audience on a one-on-one level? Eg.: create a real, lasting and meaningful connection.

Do brands actually need to connect on a one to one level in a real, lasting and meaningful way to be successful? As a consumer, the idea of a real, lasting and meaningful connection with a box of soap kind of scares me. But I get where you’re going.

The best advice about how brands can connect with people in a meaningful way is to have a great product or service and to be genuine when talking about it. To be liked, you need to be likable, so figure out what that means for your customers. Find out what they really care about and what their goals are. Then find a way for your product and company to be the best answer and resource for those things. Tell stories about how your brand makes those connections. Be meaningful, not mechanical. Your audience will love your for it. Unless you’re a box of soap.

What are some of your predictions about social media going forward? Which of the contributors to this Dell eBook do you agree with? Or disagree?

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February 28th 2013 Online Marketing, Social Media

Etihad Airways set to launch global advertising campaign this Sunday March 3 via M&C Saatchi

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Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 9.26.10 PM.jpgEtihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, today unveiled a new global brand advertising campaign via M&C Saatchi, which will kick off on this Sunday March 3 with the airing of a new television commercial.

With the theme ‘The World Is Our Home, You Are Our Guest’, it is the airline’s first major campaign in three years. It will be supported by international and regional TV, print, outdoor, and digital media advertising.

The campaign reinforces the airline’s ‘guest’ proposition and explains
how Etihad Airways draws inspiration from around the world to provide
industry-leading ‘signature moments’ on the ground and in the air.

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 9.26.19 PM.jpgThe
concept for the TVC, which is central to the campaign, was created by M&C Saatchi, and
produced by Rogue Films in London. David Edwards directed the TVC which
was filmed in Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Prague and Sydney between mid-December
2012 and mid-January 2013.

The split screen technique used in
the TVC juxtaposes the airline’s award-winning onboard service with
lifestyle scenes from international destinations, fine dining
restaurants and five-star hotels around the world. This illustrates how
the airline has established itself as a world leader in the provision of
hospitality services by benchmarking itself against best-in-class
hospitality establishments rather than other airlines.

uses high production values and a soundtrack of Bobby Darin’s 1967
classic, Beautiful Things, to create a visually stunning TVC that brings
to life the flair, glamour and inspiration of Etihad Airways and its
home of Abu Dhabi.

It also highlights the airline’s dedication
to sourcing the best products and ingredients from around the world to
provide ‘signature’ and ‘outstanding as standard’ service to all its

Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 9.25.55 PM.jpgTom Dery, M&C Saatchi’s Worldwide Chairman, said:
“This particular commercial really reflects the confidence and
enthusiasm that the Etihad Airways’ management team has in their
airline. The commercial takes the image of Etihad Airways to a new level
and highlights the wonderful product they have.”

Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways’ Chief Commercial Officer, said: “This
is our first brand advertising in many years. Having focused on product
innovation and service excellence, the time is now right to make a bold
and confident brand statement to the world.

Etihad_Brand LS_fullV3.jpg“This is not a
rebranding exercise, but a continuation of our brand story drawing from
the values of our home in Abu Dhabi and our inspiration from around the

The TVC will be released in the UAE on 3 March 2013 and
then across the world on 4 March. It will be aired on TV networks in
Australia, China, Germany, India, Japan, UK, USA, UAE and Nigeria.

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You can’t change everything or everyone, but you can change the people who matter

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Marketing is about change–changing people’s actions, perceptions or the conversation. Successful change is almost always specific, not general. You don’t have a chance to make mass change, but you can make focused change.

The challenge of mass media was how to run ads that would be seen by just about everyone and have those ads pay off. That problem is gone, because you can no longer run an ad that reaches everyone. What a blessing. Now, instead of yelling at the masses, the marketer has no choice but to choose her audience. Perhaps not even with an ad, but with a letter, or a website or with a product that speaks for itself. And yet, our temptation is to put on a show for everyone, to dream of bestseller lists and the big PR win.

So the first, most important question is, “who do we want to change?”

If you can’t answer this specifically, do not proceed to the rest. By who, I mean, “give me a name.” Or, if you can’t give me a name, then a persona, a tribe, a spot in the hierarchy, a set of people who share particular worldviews. People outside this group should think you’re crazy, or at the very least, ignore you.

Then, be really clear about:

What does he already believe?

What is he afraid of?

What does he think he wants?

What does he actually want?

What stories have resonated with him in the past?

Who does he follow and emulate and look up to?

What is his relationship with money?

What channel has his permission? Where do messages that resonate with him come from? Who does he trust and who does he pay attention to?

What is the source of his urgency—why will he change now rather than later?

After he has changed, what will he tell his friends?

Now that you know these things, go make a product and a service and a story that works. No fair changing the answers to the questions to match the thing you’ve already made (you can change the desired audience, but you can’t change the truth of what they want and believe).

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How MINI celebrated being the car behind the internationally successful SPCA driving dogs with NZ print campaign via DraftFCB, Auckland

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Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 6.02.48 PM.jpgMINI wanted to celebrate being the car behind the highly successful SPCA
driving dogs campaign.

So, while the campaign was underway and
headlining around the world, DraftFCB Auckland ran this series of press
ads at home to drive potential customers online, and confirm MINI as the
car preferred by canine drivers.


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The White Agency expands leadership team with the promotion of Andrew Davenport to GM role and Brendan Fearn in head of marketing position

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White.jpgDigital shop, The White Agency, has expanded its leadership team by promoting client services director, Andrew Davenport (right) to general manager and also appointing Brendan Fearn (left) as its head of marketing.
Prior to The White Agenct, Davenport was managing director of UK agency, Code Computerlove. The promotion will see Davenport step up his involvement in the operational side of the agency, while maintaining his client focus across each of the agency’s clients.
Formerly at PLAY Communication, Fearn’s remit includes driving business
growth across both the Sydney and Melbourne offices as the agency
continues to expand following a number of high profile client
appointments in 2012. During his time at PLAY, Fearn delivered a string
of new business wins including Beiersdorf, Coca-Cola, Coty,
Kimberly-Clark, Mattel and Optus.
Both Fearn and Davenport will report to White’s managing director, Sandy Park.

Park: “White has experienced solid growth over each of the past few
years and we have been a leader in the digital space since 2003, but
it’s time to take the agency to a new level now. The roles that both
Brendan and Andrew have stepped into are fundamental to these plans.”

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There’s no other sport like AFL: GPY&R Melb launches international scale campaign for AFL

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He was up here!.jpgGeorge Patterson Y&R Melbourne has launched an international scale campaign for AFL this week showcasing people from around the world being shown the game for the first time to prove once and for all that AFL is an extraordinary sport, unlike anything else in the world.
Everyone from soccer fans, gridiron players, to New York street-ballers and pig farmers were asked to provide a fresh perspective on AFL and to highlight the aspects of the game that Australians, can take for granted.

What ball sport is that.jpgSays Ben Coulsen, chief creative officer of Y&R Australia/New
Zealand: “AFL is a truly unique game. Players are equally able to leap
onto the shoulders of another player to take a gravity defying mark, as
to run back with the flight of the ball, get crunched, and get straight
back again. They’re able There's nothing like our game.jpgto evade would-be tacklers with fleet-of-foot
maneuverability, and the next moment break through opponents with brute
force. We wanted a campaign that showcased the unbelievable athletic
skill of AFL in an fresh way, sure to open the eyes of non-AFL
followers, and AFL fanatics alike.”
AFL chief executive officer,
Andrew Demetriou, adds that developing the next chapter of Australia’s
Game was a natural step following the response to last year’s campaign.
Demetriou: “The Australia’s Game campaign continues to celebrate our
national competition as this country’s only Indigenous sporting code
while highlighting the many extraordinary threads throughout the game.
With AFL matches played across the country involving players and fans
from every conceivable walk of life, a campaign centred on the next step
of Australia’s Game was the obvious choice.
“This year’s
campaign takes us beyond our own country and reminds us why Australian
football is truly great and uniquely Australian.
“Whether it is
the remarkable on-field feats of current champions like Lance Franklin
or Jobe Watson, or the story of Nicky Winmar famously lifting his St
Kilda jumper, Australia’s Game is steeped in the extraordinary.”
Demetriou: “Australian fans have always been aware of our players’
extraordinary feats but through this campaign we can see that this is a
sentiment shared the world over.
“Ultimately this campaign
reminds us that this is our national game, a game with amazing elements
that makes it extraordinary, and not just in the eyes of our own fans.”

Client: AFL
Marketing Manager: Stephen Gray
Agency: GPY&R Melbourne
Executive Creative Director: Ben ‘Gazza’ Coulson
Senior Writer: Alex ‘Go Cats’ Wadelton
Senior Art Director:  Paul ‘Free Kick Sampi’ Meates
Agency Executive Producer: Romanca ‘Meat Pie’ Jasinski
Group Account Director: Julian ‘Hit the Boundary’ Bell
Senior Account Director: Kirsten ‘Carn Hawks’ Darbyshire
Senior Account Manager: Rachel ‘Gimme Bartel’ Semmens
Production Company: Exit Films
Director: Steve ‘Carn West Coast’ Carroll
Producer: Tobias ‘Cats Man’ Webster
Cinematographer: Ryley ‘The Ambassador’ Brown
Sound: Alec ‘Footy Mad’ Mcloskey
Editing:  Graeme ‘Plugger Pig’ Pereira, The Butchery
Online: Jon ‘Back Pocket’ Holmes / The Refinery
Music: ACDC “Long Way to the Top” (Alberts Music)
Music Supervision: Karl “No Collar, No Entry” Richter, Level Two Music
Sound Design: Paul “Shortbread” Le Couteur, Flagstaff Studios

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AMG’s ‘Great Mind Experiment’ Melbourne event dissects Ferrier, Coulsen and Howatson’s brains

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DSCN1265.jpgFollowing its 2012 launch, The Account Management Group (AMG) wrapped up its second event ‘The Great Mind Experiment’ yesterday, (Wednesday Feb 27) with 80+ people in attendance with guinea pigs, Naked founder and regular Gruen panelist; Adam Ferrier, Ben Coulsen, chief creative officer from GPY&R and Chris Howatson, managing director, CHE Proximity.

To become a member of AMG, please contact Audrey Maxwell via email here. Membership to the end of 2013 costs $120 (inc.GST).

DSCN1267.jpgDesigned to be an opportunity for account managers to better understand
the thinking style of the people working within the agency areas of
creative, production, management or clients- and to manage their own,
the evening profiled the thinking styles of three industry characters.
by GPY&R, presented by AMG chairman Michael McEwan, general manager
Badjar Ogilvy, and facilitated by Kerryn Ross from PHuel,
a behavioral change learning and development company, attendees were
introduced to the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). HBDI is a
tool to assess a person’s thinking preferences which influence how a
person makes decisions, problem solves and interacts with others.
To demonstrate the tool and its application Ferrier, Coulsen and Howatson were profiled.
speakers shared work experiences while the audience had the opportunity
to quiz each panel member to gain evidence and facts to diagnose what
thinking style each preferred. This launched the way for a frank
discussion about how different styles can pose risks in
misunderstandings of colleagues and clients within the agency, and
sought to use the HBDI tools to avoid such conflicts.
Stay tuned for the next event on the AMG calendar.

1. Michael McEwan, Ben Coulson, Adam Ferrier, Chris Howatson; 2. Kerryn
Ross, Michael McEwan, Chris Howatson, Adam Ferrier, Ben Coulson).

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Comic for February 28, 2013

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Campaign Brief OZ+NZ Agency of the Year issue – including the annual Hot+Cold Chart – now online

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Screen shot 2013-02-28 at 4.48.06 PM.jpgHOT+COLD-CHART-2013-FINAL.jpgCampaign Brief print subscribers can now view the annual CB Agency
Creativity/Billings Index (or Hot+Cold Chart) ONLINE, including on iPads.

There is a chart for Melbourne/Sydney, plus Adelaide, Brisbane and
Perth, as well as New Zealand.

The interactive issue also
Australian, NSW and NZ Agency of the Year – Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Whybin\TBWA Sydney and Colenso BBDO, Auckland respectively.

Subscribers can also access and print pages and
spreads from past issues going back to 2007 so it’s well worth the
HOT+COLD-CHART-2013-2-FINAL.jpgYou can subscribe at Campaign Brief Online or contact Mina via email.

Or download the subscription form:

CB NAT SUB FORM 2010.pdf

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Blueye Wants to Turn Your Social Activity Into Sales

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Who Founder Shannon Smith (l.) and vp, product Abby Ross
What Social marketing agency
Where Chicago offices

When Facebook opened up its API to developers in 2009, Shannon Smith and Abby Ross jumped at the chance to build apps and ad campaigns on the site. Since then, their firm Blueye has quadrupled its staff while attracting business from Starwood Hotels, The Salvation Army, the Professional Golfers’ Association and Ticketmaster. Blueye is now in the rare company of Hearsay Social and Wildfire when it comes to female-led players in Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer program. And with Loyalty Hub, its new engagement program, it’s become a Big Data-era leader in converting social into sales.

February 28th 2013 Facebook, Social Media, Technology