Aussie expat adman Marc Burns promoted to managing director role at BBDO San Francisco

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Marc Burns photo cropped.JPGBBDO announced today that Aussie expat Marc Burns has been promoted from group account director to managing director of BBDO San Francisco.

In his new role, Burns will be responsible for driving growth for the agency, in addition to continuing to serve as the senior account lead on select Mars brands, Tourism Australia and other businesses handled out of San Francisco. He will report to Jim Lesser, president and CEO of the office.
“Marc has had an important impact since joining us in San Francisco last year,” said Lesser. “He has had leadership roles with multiple BBDO agencies across the network and worked in a wide range of challenging categories. He’s a great addition to our senior management team.”
Burns started his career in 1996 in the mailroom at Clemenger BBDO in Australia. Since then, he has grown to take on management roles within the agency network, including at BBDO Atlanta and New York, where he was SVP, group account director on AT&T Wireless.
On his watch, AT&T enjoyed four successive years of subscriber and
profit growth and the agency produced popular and award-winning work
including the “Shout it from the Mountaintop” campaign for Valentine’s
Day and the “You’ve got a Case” youth effort starring Will Arnett. 

2012, Burns relocated to BBDO San Francisco where, among other
accomplishments, he led the successful pitch for the Tourism Australia
business for that office.
Burns assumes his new position
immediately, joining Lesser, Craig Mangan, executive creative director,
and Matt Herrmann, director of strategic planning, as a member of the
agency’s senior management team.

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Deutsch Gets Back on J&J Roster with Acuvue

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Interpublic Group’s Deutsch hasn’t had a major spot on the Johnson & Johnson roster since its seven-year run on the Tylenol account ended in 2010, but it’s getting another shot with Acuvue.

Deutsch assumes the role of Acuvue’s lead global agency from sister shop McCann Health, which is part of McCann Worldgroup. McCann will continue to support the account abroad as part of Interpublic’s larger relationship with J&J. The contact-lens brand did not hold a review.

Agencies either referred calls to the client or declined to comment. J&J did not respond to a request for comment.

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Dr. Oz Fires Back at Accusation That He’s Shilling for NFL

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Dr. Mehmet Oz is firing back at charges he’s shilling for the NFL at a time when the country’s richest, most powerful sports league is struggling with medical, legal and image problems from the player-concussion issue.

The host of the syndicated “Dr. Oz Show” described as “unfair” a Los Angeles Times column accusing him of “shamelessly shilling for the NFL.” The column, written by Michael Hiltzik, was a response to a 30-second spot aired during football games over the weekend. Part of a campaign in which celebrities and others discuss their connection to football, Dr. Oz, a former high school and college football player, describes football as a “rite of passage” that helped his teen son Oliver “grow up.” He recalls his pride when the announcer called his son’s first game tackle.

Mr. Hiltzik, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, wrote it was a new low for Dr. Oz to endorse the NFL without adding a “cautionary disclaimer” on the risk from traumatic head injuries. Just how blistering the column was becomes clear in the lead paragraph: “Medical experts realized long ago that there’s no point in guessing how low Dr. Mehmet Oz will sink in pushing patent cures, fad diets and unproven health “miracles” on his Oprah-produced TV show. But his appearance this weekend in an NFL promotional campaign looks like some sort of a milestone.”

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Halloween Poll: Is Oreo or Tide’s ‘The Shining’ Vine Best?

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Reminder: Deadline for Ad Age Agency A-List Submissions Next Week

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You’ve been working so hard all year that it’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again: Agency A-List time.

This is the opportunity for you to spend a little time crafting your story — to share the work you’ve produced over the year and, just as important, show us how that work is improving your clients’ business.

Ad Age is accepting submissions for our annual Agency A-List that honors the best shops — regardless of discipline or specialty.

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Trick or treat from @UKBing with a frightfully interactive homepage

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For those knocking on Bing’s doors today you’re in for a real ghostly treat…

(Please visit the site to view this video)

Paying homage to six of the greatest horror films of all time, the Bing Halloween homepage is fully interactive and cleverly references some of the most iconic moments of each film.

Hover over sections of the page, scary images and sound effects bring the film’s horror to life – providing you with clues so you can guess the film reference. Clicking on the clues will lead you to the Bing search results, where the film will be revealed and you can find out more.

It’s great to see such a positive response on twitter comparing Bing’s homepage to Google’s today. 

And for those who prefer treats, we haven’t forgotten you:




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Godin’s first law of pizza

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Pizza quality is inversely proportional to flexibility. At some places, the inflexibility can be appropriately confused with callous indifference or even rudeness.

Saying yes to every prospect and every request isn’t the point of most organizations. The point is to do work that people seek out, that changes things for the better, to bring ideas that spread to the world.

Some of the legendary families that serve great pizza in New York aren’t in the customer service business. They’re in the great pizza business.

Saying yes to every request is one way to do business, but it’s not the only way.

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Mobilising brand experience

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mobile_websites1.jpgSimon Hilton, Mobile Embrace’s solutions expert is often asked the question; Should I advise my client to optimise their website for mobile? The question is a pertinent one as mobile internet access is set to overtake desktop in the next 12 months globally.
So what does Hilton say? “A simple review of web traffic analytics is the key to making this call. If 10% or more of a website’s traffic is coming in from mobile devices, then the answer is yes. On average most websites have mobile traffic of nearly 40%, and if a site isn’t optimised for mobile, it’s likely that most are having a less-than-perfect brand experience. With such a significant proportion of your potential sales moving on to competitor sites that work, mobilising web content is essential.
And if your client hasn’t asked the question, take a look for them. It’s
astonishing that only 50% of big brands are optimised for mobile.
That’s a lot of poor brand experiences.”

What are the options?
Basically there are two; create a responsive site using your existing
website content that adjusts in size to various mobile devices and pay
the hefty costs, or develop a bespoke content platform taking only
essential information and incorporating the functionality of mobile.
And while the responsive experience should be the end goal, you simply don’t want to push all your desktop content onto mobile.

Hilton: “People snack on mobile content and feast on desktop, so each
platform can and should deliver a slightly different user experience.”

Hilton’s top five guide to developing bespoke content for mobile:
Don’t reinvent the wheel. You don’t need to create new material or
offer different content on your m-site – just offer an edited version of
your website. Be prepared for multiple edits until you’ve captured the
primary message and shown that first. If you don’t do this your visitors
will be annoyed and frustrated and you might as well have saved your
2.     Be guided, not hindered by the touch screen. Your
content needs to be tight on mobile as each element must work on a much
smaller screen. However this need not be a limitation. Some of the best
m-sites use Parallax design, which is just one big page that you scroll
down. Navigation is simplified, content doesn’t need to be scaled as
it’s shown in a hierarchy, plus fonts are legible and buttons are of a
useable size. A great example of this format is the music app Spotify.
Get into a mobile mindset. Understand how your customers are likely to
use your new mobile site. Mostly they are going to be task orientated;
looking for a store location, pricing, contact numbers or reading a
review. This is not the place for a flashy brand showcase – keep
functionality your key priority.
4.     Use the capabilities of
mobile. Wherever possible incorporate the native functionality of mobile
into your content. Think of a smartphones basic functions and ensure
these elements are part of your design. That means every phone number
has a tap-to-call function, every email contact point sends messages,
maps are available to locate offline premises and events have the option
of instantly installing reminders into calendars.
5.     Keep
it small. This is actually the first rule of creating an m-site. Your
file sizes should be the least they can be. Nobody likes waiting for
bells and whistles to load. People just want to do what they need to do
and get out. So your m-site needs to work and quickly. Every load time
second counts in the battle for positive brand experiences and sales.
is a solutions expert at Mobile Embrace – a leading mobile advertising
and m-payments company with its own leading premium network of m-sites
and apps that provides brands with reliable, trusted advertising

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Trayvon Martin’s Mom Wants Revisions

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Should someone without a weapon be shot in self-defense if another person considers the person’s behavior to be suspicious? Trayvon Martin’s mother (Sybrina Fulton) and the mother of Jordan Russell Davis (Lucia Holman McBath) both lost their sons (each were aged just 17-years-old) because other individuals found their teenage boys to be considered threats. The “stand your ground” laws influenced the outcomes in both situations because those pulling the trigger felt entitled to do so.

Trayvon Martin was shot in February 2012 while walking home. His confrontation with neighborhood watchmen George Zimmerman led to a series of debates. Though Zimmerman claims to have shot the teenager in self-defense, some questioned whether profiling actually led to the cause of the shooting.

“Stand your ground” laws center around an individual choosing to stand in defense instead of retreating, even in circumstances where the option to retreat is a possibility. Many are requesting states to reconsider the laws, and among this group includes Sybrina Fulton.

“I just wanted to come here to talk to you for a moment to let you know how important it is that we amend this stand your ground because it certainly did not work in my case. The person that shot and killed my son is walking the streets today. This law does not work,” Sybrina Fulton said.

While Trayvon Martin’s mom has been fighting for improvements toward present regulations, the late Trayvon Martin has lived on this year through a Halloween costume. However, some have found the costume to be distasteful and disrespectful.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons and Courtesy of David Shankbone]

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King & Wood Mallesons takes legal advertising to a new dimension in a campaign via Mr Mumbles

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KWM_lg_RGB_new_logo.jpgTomorrow, King & Wood Mallesons via Mr Mumbles will unveil a new global advertising campaign to mark the official launch of its combination with leading European law firm SJ Berwin. Together, they have founded the first and only global law firm headquartered in Asia.
Following on from the success of the visionary ‘Power of Together’
campaign in 2012 which gave the newly established firm its first push
into the market, King & Wood Mallesons has once again joined forces
with Mr Mumbles and strategic brand partner, Mext, to take its brand to
the next level.

In a refreshing departure from the predictable advertising that has long
been the hallmark of the legal sector, King & Wood Mallesons’
series of bold new ads has a simple purpose: to challenge clients and
future clients to stop and re-think what a law firm can do for them.
inspiration from the arts, King & Wood Mallesons commissioned
internationally renowned paper sculptor – Su Blackwell to create three
unique book sculptures which are carved from law text.  The visuals
conveying a concept that King & Wood Mallesons helps their clients
build success and value through the law.
Says Murray Prior,
executive director of marketing & BD at King & Wood Mallesons:
“Through our combination with leading international firm SJ Berwin, we
are building a new and different choice for clients. These ads reflect
our unique brand positioning as the only global law firm headquartered
in Asia and are designed to articulate our focus on delivering Asia to
the world and the world to Asia.”
Shot by internationally
acclaimed photographer Andreas Smetana, the campaign will appear in
leading magazines and newspapers across Australia, Asia, UK, Europe and

Client: King & Wood Mallesons
Murray Prior: Executive Director Marketing & Business Development,
Steven White: Head of Marketing Communications
Mr Mumbles: Andrew Town, Laurie Ingram, Michael Linke
Mext Consulting: Stefan Grafe
Typographer: Vladimir Cherepanoff

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