Microsoft Bing Testing Showing “Alternative” Search Engines In Search Results

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We’ve seen how Google may display competitive search engines in their search results, based on an EU antitrust settlement. But how will it look for Bing if they did the same thing? Aaron Wall at SEO Book posted a screen shot of what he saw Bing testing around displaying…

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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Wrap Up: Waves to Remember from Social Media Marketing World 2014

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Social Media Waves

Social Media Marketing World (SMMW14) was quite a ride for over 2,000 people from 40 different countries that attended, especially the team at TopRank Online Marketing.

From an opening night reception on an aircraft carrier (The USS Midway) to surfing lessons to over 120 different speakers presenting across 5 to 6 different tracks, this event was one of the biggest mackers of social media conferences. (macker is surfer for “big wave”).

I’m happy to share that TopRank was actually the first and sole media sponsor for SMMW14 and our CEO Lee Odden gave a captivating presentation to a packed room as you can see below. Lee’s talk focused on how content plus an influencer network can help grow your business using the SMMW14 conference eBook he co-created with other speakers as a practical example. Both the eBook and the presentation were mentioned throughout the conference by other speakers, attendees and of course the lightning-paced conference Twitter stream.

Audience SMMW14

TopRank Social Strategist Emily Bachelor provided awesome coverage of speakers including Jay Baer, Ian Cleary, and of course our own Lee Odden. I had the opportunity to view and write about excellent presentations from Jason Miller, Joe Pulizzi, Todd Wheatland and Michael Stelzner.  We made connections with other smart social media marketers and brands from around the world, including British Columbia, Mexico, Africa, the United Kingdom and even our home state of Minnesota.

Like surfing on a perfect day, we weren’t able to ride every wave, simply because it’s impossible to be in 6 places at once (average number of sessions going on simultaneously), but some of the waves we did catch were truly memorable and epic experiences.

Here are some of our favorite social media waves from #SMMW14:

Content and Social Media Strategy

Find your sweet spot

90% of businesses are engaging in content marketing, yet only 45% of them report it to be effective, according to Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute. A hot topic at Social Media Marketing World centered around creating content that gets results, rather than just filling up more web pages and social profiles.

Joe’s advice? Before creating another blog post, whitepaper, video or infographic, online marketers need to think about the ‘why’ behind it. An effective content strategy that answers why, will help content and social marketing teams be more successful by clearly defining:

  • Objectives
  • Audience
  • Niche

The Power of Influencers

The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to LinkedIn - Print edition

At TopRank, we have been advocates of leveraging influencers to help boost the reach and effectiveness of content for a long time and it has paid big returns for both our client and agency digital marketing programs. Some notable examples are Dell’s Social Media Predictions for 2013 (TopRank client) the conference eBook TopRank co-created for SMMW14: Riding the Waves of Social Media: 38 Tips from the Pros and LinkedIn’s The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn (TopRank client).

Skilled social media marketers are intimately aware of the power of influencers and there was much discussion at Social Media Marketing World about how to most effectively integrate influencers into content strategy and promotion in order to drive better business results.

Empowering Social Media Brand Advocacy

Lee Odden & Jay Baer

Speaking of influencers, some of the most powerful potential social advocates for your business are right under your own roof, according to social media guru Jay Baer, seen above with our CEO. Due to their extensive knowledge of your brand, relevant connections and motivation to help contribute to the company’s success, happy employees are some of the best social media advocates.

Jay says the key to empowering social advocacy is to instill a culture of freedom and trust, and that means being comfortable giving up some control over the message. Brands who are comfortable making the trade off are seeing huge boosts to their social media presence and outcomes.

Measuring the ROI from Social Media Marketing

Lewis Bertolucci

Social media has come a long way in a short time. Once seen as merely an employee time waster, brands are embracing social media marketing as an essential tactic and backing it up with big budgets. Despite this, many are still struggling to measure the true ROI they are getting from their social media investment.

While social media is generally not a primary source of direct conversions, its value as a means of attracting and engaging with customers should not be discounted. It may be some time until web analytics are able to capture the full impact of social media marketing on the bottom line, but there is no doubt that it is a high value tactic that should be a part of any company’s digital marketing mix.

Optimizing Specific Social Channels

Jason Miller

In addition to higher level social media strategy, there was plenty of helpful content from experts on how to maximize the effectiveness of individual social channels. Social platform-specific advice ranged from how to integrate LinkedIn into your company’s digital marketing mix from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions’ Jason Miller (TopRank client pictured above) to how to get maximum business value from SlideShare with advice from Todd Wheatland, author of The Marketer’s Guide to Slideshare.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Emily put together a fantastic post covering Ian Cleary’s presentation on a mix of social media tools that can help boost your marketing performance. Everything from social media listening to social and search optimization, social media image creation and social content sharing combine to provide time and resource strapped marketers with tools to compete with.

This powerhouse list of both free and paid tools is a veritable one-stop-shop for social media marketers looking to:

  • Target the right people
  • Get better results from content
  • Convert more traffic
  • Analyze and improve results

Here is the full list of #SMMW14 coverage from us at TopRank Marketing:

Evan Prokop & Emily Bacheller

The near ubiquitous feeling among attendees of Social Media Marketing World 2014 was that the conference was a resounding success. I think many were actually wishing it could have been a few days longer to allow for attending more sessions, meeting more influential social media people and having more of the kind of fun and memorable experiences you can only find at an event like this.

The #SMMW14 tide may have rolled back out to sea for now, but we’ll be sharing stories, trying out new tactics and waxing up our social media surfboards to get ready for next year!

What were your most memorable takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2014?

Top image: Shutterstock

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The cure or the story?

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The plumber, the roofer and the electrician sell us a cure. They come to our house, fix the problem, and leave.

The consultant, the doctor (often) and the politician sell us the narrative. They don’t always change things, but they give us a story, a way to think about what’s happening. Often, that story helps us fix our problems on our own.

The best parents, of course, are in the story business. Teachers and bosses, too.

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A pragmatic guide to Backbone.js apps

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A pragmatic guide to Backbone.js apps

A ranty, opinionated series of easily digestible tidbits

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Dear Dare : utilisez LinkedIn pour nous poser vos questions les plus complexes

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Pour toute personne s’intéressant à l’avenir de la publicité en ligne, nous lancerons très prochainement une nouvelle initiative dans notre groupe LinkedIn Bing Ads : Dear Dare. Dear Dare vous permet de poser vos questions les plus complexes sur l’avenir de la publicité par liens sponsorisés, des stratégies concurrentielles et de l’innovation des plateformes, au Responsable Programmes principal de Bing Ads.

Écrivez à Dear Dare sur LinkedIn

Nouvelle année, nouvelle étape dans le monde de la communication. Une étape qui se désintéresse du brouhaha quotidien pour s’attaquer à des questions d’envergure sur la publicité « display » et par liens sponsorisés, Bing Ads, le paysage concurrentiel et la planification des produits. Cette initiative est appelée Dear Dare, et nous vous invitons à nous poser vos questions les plus complexes sur l’avenir de la publicité par liens sponsorisés, des stratégies concurrentielles et de l’innovation des plateformes.

Voici quelques exemples de questions pour activer vos méninges :

  • Bing Ads accordera-t-il plus de temps au développement de la parité avec AdWords ou à ses propres offres innovantes en 2014 ?
  • Que pensez-vous de l’avenir de la publicité « display » comparativement à la publicité par liens sponsorisés ?
  • Quelle est votre opinion sur la publicité native ?
  • Comment envisagez-vous l’évolution de la relation entre les utilisateurs et les concepteurs en termes de plateformes autonomes et personnalisables ?

Si vous n’êtes pas membre de notre groupe LinkedIn Bing Ads, vous pouvez vous inscrire icipour suivre les discussions et y participer.

Dear Dare : comment ça marche ?

Posez-nous une question sur l’avenir de la publicité par liens sponsorisés, des stratégies concurrentielles et de l’innovation des plateformes ou sur des situations de recherche sur lesquelles vous désirez obtenir un avis de professionnel. Dare répondra à une question par mois sur le groupe LinkedIn Bing Ads. La question et sa réponse pourront ensuite être débattues par les internautes sur le même réseau social.

Posez vos questions ici, à @BingAds sur Twitter (#deardare), Facebook, ou sur notre page LinkedIn.

Dear Dare emboîte le pas aux initiatives suivantes :

Attendez-vous à plus d’événements Ask an Expert et de discussions sur le secteur en 2014. Par ailleurs, vous connaissez peut-être déjà le Forum Bing Ads sur la suggestion de fonctionnalités, une plateforme où vous pouvez proposer et commenter des suggestions sur les plateformes Bing Ads.


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Comic for March 31, 2014

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Dilbert readers – Please visit to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to

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Coopers celebrates the festival season in South Australia in a new poster campaign via Showpony

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Showpony Advertising Behind Every Good Festival.jpgFestival season represents the most exciting time in the South Australian calendar. And with so many iconic events showcasing art, performance, sport and music right here on our doorstep, it’s only fitting that a local icon, Australia’s oldest family owned brewery, Coopers, would get behind each and every one. Agency: Showpony, Adelaide.


Agency: Showpony Advertising
Creative Director: Parris Mesidis
Copywriter: Parris Mesidis
Art Director: Jon Pagano

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Article: Content Marketing in Norway: Full Steam Ahead in 2014

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Three-quarters of marketers in Norway say content they create has a clear and significant effect on their business. Company websites and social networks are the most important channels of distribution.

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Article: Breaking News Is the Top Reason for Mobile News App Usage

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US mobile phone users use news apps to keep up with breaking news, and smartphones are particularly useful for this. However, consumers aren’t likely to pay for these apps anytime soon, with less than one-third saying they paid for a smartphone or tablet news app.

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Article: Facebook Is No. 1 for Social Commerce

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Facebook claims nearly all orders from social media—85%—according to research. However, it doesn’t rule when it comes to average order value, landing in fourth place behind Polyvore, Instagram and Pinterest.

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