Coming Soon: Google AdWords Automated Extensions Report

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Google AdWords ReviewsGoogle quietly announced on Google+ that in the next couple weeks they will roll out a new advertiser report within the AdWords console to show advertisers how well their automated ad extensions are performing.

Some AdWords extensions are simply automatic, they show or not show based on some criteria. Since you don’t turn them on or set them up, the reporting has been pretty limited. Google said in the “coming weeks,” they will be “rolling out a new report in AdWords that shows you how your ads perform when they appear with automated extensions.”

This report will help with some ad extensions, specifically the consumer ratings and seller ratings ad extensions, which donât require setup and will automatically appear with your ads if your ad meets certain criteria.

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iOS Users Now Get Google My Business App Update

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Google My Business App IconYesterday we covered the pretty awesome updates to Google My Business including a ton of mobile updates to the Android app. Those updates are now available in the iOS version which was approved and released by Apple last night.

The updates include:

  • Read and respond to reviews from your customers
  • Get insights about when customers call your business
  • Choose to get notifications about important activity for your business

You can learn a lot more about the updates over here but iOS users can either download it for the first time over here or open their App Store and check for updates.

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Why Would Google Show More Indexed Pages Than Submitted Pages In Your Sitemap Report?

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Google Webmaster ToolsA webmaster asked Google why would Google show more indexed URLs than submitted URLs in the Google Webmaster Tools Sitemaps reporting section?

In this case, Google Webmaster Tools sitemap report showed the webmaster 2,365 URLs submitted with 2,469 URLs indexed. Here is a screen shot:

How can this happen? John Mueller responded on Twitter saying it is a timing issue.

John wrote:

Your sitemap file size has gone down, it looks like it’s just a matter of timing (old file indexed counts, vs new submission)

Indeed that was true. Shortly after, Google Webmaster Tools updated the report and the numbers now make sense.

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Google AdWords Multi Login Support Rolling Out

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Google AdWords Callout Extensions IconGoogle announced on Google+ that you can soon login to multiple AdWords account via the top right menu. It basically will let you toggle from one account to the next very quickly.

Google wrote:

Today, weâre introducing a new, simplified workflow that allows you to toggle between multiple Google accounts without having to log out and back in again. With this update, you can now:

+Manage multiple AdWords accounts simultaneously in the same browser
+Stay logged into multiple AdWords accounts or other Google accounts at the same time
+Save time switching between accounts with different logins

Here is a screen shot showing where you click to access the accounts:

click for full size

To use the multiple account sign in for your AdWords accounts, you can click on your Customer ID or login email within AdWords to open the account selector. Then select to add more accounts using the “Add Account” button.

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Bing Sever Ties With Webmasters By Firing Duane Forrester

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Duane Forrester

Duane Forrester, the face, the connection, the personality for Bing and the webmaster community has been downsized. This week, Microsoft announced huge layoffs and part of those layoffs included letting Duane Forrester go. Duane announced it on his blog, sharing that it was one of the most “emotional days of” his life.

He is not bitter, he is thankful, he said:

The last 7 years of work with Microsoft have been a gift. I have learned, made new friends, traveled, helped build successful products and in some small way, I think, helped make a difference, a positive difference, for businesses, consultants and SEOs worldwide. Tough to be bitter with anyone who enabled THAT in your life.

My life is filled with fortune, however. And for this I am grateful. No, I didnât find a winning lottery ticket on the way home yesterday(though I DO need to check my tickets!). I have a supportive family, I have a broad network of friends & people, and I have transferable skills.

But the big loss is not for Duane, I am sure he has offers lined up like crazy now. The big loss is for Bing, who needs Duane to give Bing a connection and purpose with Webmasters. Can someone else pick up in his place? Probably but that person would have to start from scratch.

Some are wondering if Google will try to snatch up Duane. John Mueller from Google wrote on Twitter “Sorry to hear about that! I’m sure we’ll see more of you regardless.” Some people are asking if that means Google wants him. Honestly, I am not sure, it is just John saying that Duane will keep his ties in the industry and not go into selling flowers on the street corner.

That being said, now with Matt Cutts still on leave, which Danny equates Duane of Bing to Matt of Google – the search community may feel at a loss. Matt Cutts did comment also:

That all being said – we all huge respect and best wishes to Duane for all his service to the community over the last decade or so. I am sure you will be fine, but I hope Bing will not suffer to bad from the poor decision.

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Halloween Google Logos: Doodle Team Scares Up Six Different Designs For Today’s Homepage

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Today’s Google homepage is ready for Halloween, dressed up with six different GIFs to mark the holiday. Also known as All Hallows Eve and All Saints Eve, Halloween has been around throughout the ages, with its beginnings often credited to the Celts who celebrated the day to mark the end of…

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AOL Gives Advertisers an Alternative to Facebook’s People-Based Marketing

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AOL is into "people-centric" marketing just like Facebook. The company said it could now identify 100 million consumers and target ads to them no matter what device they utilize—desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

New York-based AOL is combining its ad platforms—Adap.TV and AdLearn Open Platform (AOP)—into one system, which is aptly named One. Launching in February, One will combine programmatic buying of video from Adap.TV and display and banners from AOP, and it will include the cross-device capabilities.

"This is really along that pathway of making life easier for marketers within our platforms," said Chad Gallagher, director of mobile at AOL Platforms. "Two major pieces of data are now available: device-linking technology linking users from desktop to mobile devices. The second piece of data is [location information]."

Cross-device technology is a strong focus in the online ad world as players develop their own solutions to ensure brands can accurately find users who constantly use multiple devices. Facebook launched the Atlas ad server earlier this month to take advantage of its data on 1.3 billion users who are constantly flipping between desktop/laptop and mobile.

Facebook could employ Atlas to serve ads to properties outside its digital walls, and help advertisers connect with users anywhere. AOL Platforms, the ad tech arm of the Web company, has been developing its programmatic tools for brands to manage digital ads across devices.

AOL has compiled 100 million consumer profiles that could target multiple devices, and it claims 93 percent accuracy reaching the intended target, as measured by comScore. So 93 percent of the time a consumer could be traced from one device to the next. Gallagher said AOL complies with privacy requests of users, who can opt out of such tracking.

System Reaps Results in Brand Trials

Citi and T-Mobile were early testers of AOL's new ad tech, which is available through Adap.TV and AOP for now until the two are united into One. AOL Platforms said that 54 percent of its ad campaigns were cross-screen during the second quarter of 2014.

AOL said advertisers with access to such data and technology were seeing a 30 percent increase in the effectiveness of their ads, with cost per action down. For example, a marketer with a $55 cost per action would see that drop to $35, Gallagher said.

"We take a very integrated, holistic approach to how we engage our customers," Peter DeLuca, T-Mobile's svp of brand and advertising, said in a prepared statement. "Reaching them on multiple platforms with relevant content suitable for each channel—whether that be their desktop or mobile device—helps us target our message, build brand awareness and lead to direct customer action."

Linking devices is a key component to measuring the effectiveness of advertising because often a consumer could see an ad on one screen and then make a purchase on another.

"If someone performs an action on one device but ends up converting on desktop, all that data piece together to tell a story," Gallagher said. 

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Halloween Logos From Google, Bing, & More

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Today is Halloween and we already showed you the Google Halloween logos but I wanted to share what the rest of the search engine community was doing with their logos. I should note, Bing went all out with their home page. Surprisingly, Yahoo does not have a special logo for the day.

Here are the logos…


Google Halloween Doodle 2014




Mr Jingles from Google+:

Mr Jingles Halloween

Search Engine Roundtable:

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Matt Cutts Halloween Custom: The Son of Man

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Matt Cutts Halloween Custom: The Son of Man

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Top 10 Web Video Series: Brutally Honest Look at the Latest X-Men Movie

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If there's one thing that the folks at Honest Trailers do best, they know exactly how to skewer the basic truth out of movies—and they don't spare critically acclaimed ones such as X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Even fans of the mutant hero movie have to admit that despite the Bryan Singer-helmed flick being entertaining, the movie has a lot of flaws. One big one is that it negates everything that happened in all the past X-Men movies, even the absolutely dreadful X-Men Origins: Wolverine. (Well, except for Taylor Kitsch as Gambit. That part was awesome.)

At any rate, Honest Trailers' take-down YouTube clip has been viewed 4.2 million times since Oct. 21.

Also making this week’s top 10 videos is the Spanish-language Expectativa Realidad—Profesiones (English translation: Expectations/ Reality—Professions). You don't have to speak Español to understand what is going on in this hilarious clip, although we have to warn you, some of it is NSFW. The video, by Enchufetv, has been viewed almost 6 million times since Oct. 19

The entire list for your perusal:

NOTE: Adweek's VideoWatch Chart, powered by VidIQ, reveals the Top 10 Web Series Videos on YouTube every week. The chart tracks more than just pure views; VidIQ incorporates sharing data from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, among other data sources, in an effort to measure true engagement. Every video is also ranked with VidIQ's proprietary score, which helps judge the likelihood of a video being promoted in YouTube Related Videos, Search and Recommended Videos.

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