Throwback Thursday

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With YoastCon in a few weeks, we decided to look back to what we posted five years ago and how that might have changed over the course of these five years. Let’s call it our Throwback Thursday post.

“When you put a picture from a “while” ago on your social media sites”
Urban Dictionary

Let’s start with that picture: back in 2010 was already online for a couple of years, but this is the snapshot of the exact date YoastCon will be held (27th of May), five years ago.

Where the windmill has disappeared and our current share of Dutch customers has been reduced to about four percent, the illustration of Joost has survived in these years, albeit in a restyled and improved version.

Content changes of our website

At that time, Joost was Yoast. Posts and other publications were inspired by the issues that ended up in his Inbox, that came along on Twitter or were shared by friends in the industry. At the time of writing, there’s four of us posting on a frequent basis. The May 2010 archive holds four posts. Last week alone we published six (although that included the plugin update information, of course).

It’s not just that. It became less personal, and even more informational. Last year, we made it our goal to emphasize Content SEO, not just by publishing our eBook on that subject, but also by a series of posts like:

What stayed the same is that we try to touch all bases of website optimization, from technical aspects to speed optimization, and from security to specific WordPress related subjects.

What did we post five years ago?

As mentioned above, we did five posts back then. Let’s take a closer look at these.

Facebook & (the lack of) Privacy

Joost closes this post with these words:

I hope they get this fixed. I don’t want to do away with Facebook, not just yet, I do want them to change their way of thinking about and dealing with privacy though, and not just now, but for all eternity.

This discussion has been alive over all five of these past years. Privacy is a major issue for Facebook and Facebook is definitely upping their game. Just this week, we learned that Facebook is making some major changes in their app, “a big change that gives users more power over the information they share with outside apps.” That’s a pretty huge thing, as we all know Facebook advertising is thriving on targeting ads right in your target audience – a marketing tool we use a lot ourselves at Yoast. And let’s not forget the EU is making it pretty hard for Facebook sometimes. Sorry for that 🙂

Let’s look at another article.

hReview and hProduct in Magento

Magento? Yes. Although our current posts mainly deal with WordPress related tips and tricks, we still do our share of Magento website reviews, for instance. Magento has a number of specific issues we address in our reviews, one of them being the use of rich snippets. This post hReview and hProduct in Magento would mainly be about adding data to your Magento product pages, if we would (and we should indeed) write about that today. The post followed a guest post by Frederick Townes called Google & Microformats: Drive More Traffic.

Rich snippets are more important than ever, as these simply make it way easier for Google and other search engines to find out what type of content is on a page. hReview is replaced in our recommendations by and hProduct by, as these last ones are constructed by the major search engines themselves. Jon said it right: “It’s all the same, only the names will change.” That’s almost like rickrolling, right 🙂 Fact is that although the names are changed, these are still rich snippets and we highly recommend using them.

Back then, we also linked articles from others in quick roundup posts, much like the excellent newsletter our friend Brian Krogsgard sends us on a daily basis. If you are not subscribed to that newsletter yet and you’re serious about WordPress, be sure to subscribe.

Small updates from me & my friends

That post deals with our Salesforce plugin, a plugin we no longer develop. John Mueller was a guest on the WordPress Podcast. Almost a year ago, Joost himself was a guest on Dradcast. From host to guest, so to say. So that’s another thing that has changed.

In that post, Joost also mentions WordPress 3.0 beta 2 had been released. WordPress 3.0 was the first release to merge WordPress and WordPress MU. Nowadays we can’t imagine multisite not being in core, right. WordPress has matured over the last five years. And Yoast has been able to grow along with that. Having two plugins in the ‘most popular’ top 10 allows us to work closely with the core team now and then, and we value their improvements on WordPress.
We also contribute on a frequent basis, having a core day for our development team, for instance. During that day (once a month), all developers put their current projects aside and work on WordPress core instead. Yes, we benefit from the community by selling our premium WordPress plugins to them, but that also allows us to give back as well. This was also described in Joost’s talk at WordCamp EU 2014 about the Victory of the Commons.

NB. The fourth post of that month was a promotional post on “Outsource slicing & coding of your WordPress themes” that’s not currently online anymore.

5 years and counting

At YoastCon on the 27th of May, we’ll be celebrating 5 years of being an official business. I joined Joost at Yoast only three years ago and although we have learned a lot since then, we feel we’re not even halfway where we want to be.

The thing we’re very much looking forward to expand and grow is a project we named Yoast Academy (as announced in our newsletter about half a year ago). Triggered by the success of our eBooks and the fun we had and have thinking about YoastCon, this is a part of Yoast we’re really looking forward to work on even more. A quote from that newsletter:

Mind you, it’s far from finished, but we’re actually making a Yoast Academy for anyone who wants to learn more about SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization and usability.

This describes exactly our purpose of YoastCon. It’s for anyone that wants to learn about a broad spectrum of website optimization (usability, seo, business and security). We hope our speaker lineup reflects that as well. It would be awesome to meet you there!

This post first appeared as Throwback Thursday on Yoast. Whoopity Doo!

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BrightRoll Gives Advertisers Access To Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings

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“We are doubling-down on our efforts to give advertisers the ability to measure performance across the breadth of devices,” says CEO.

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April 30th 2015 video

The Research that Matters: Become an Expert in your Space

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Image from: Research / Shutterstock

In order to make informed strategy optimization, it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of online trends for your competitors and your industry. Becoming an expert in the digital landscape is easy with the right tools.

Understand Competitor Performance:

Compete PRO provides all of the information needed to get a broad understanding of site performance and digital success.

The best place to start is with the basics. If you’re looking to gain general insight on site composition, Site Summary reports will tell you not only how much traffic a site receives, but also how engaged that traffic is with site content. Taking note of both month over month and year over year changes can supply you with important information about trends have shifted, for better or worse when it comes to website effectiveness.

Site Summary Report

Beyond baseline traffic and engagement metrics, Compete PRO will also provide details surrounding demographic makeup of site visitors, which will bring an added level of detail to reporting.

For example, during December site traffic for was predominently male skewed. However, that has shifted in recent months and females visitors now make up the majority of site traffic to the site.

Jcrew Demographics

This knowledge could prove extremely useful in terms of catering on-site content and messaging. If email or social campaigns or prominent product offerings are being aimed at the wrong demographic, you could be missing an opportunity to gain and maintain an abundance of visitors.

Once you have an in-depth understanding of site performance, sharing your findings with your team is extremely simple. The best way to organize all of the metrics that matter to you and your team is within a dashboard on the Home Tab of Compete PRO. Dashboards will automatically refresh with every data publish and can be exported as a PDF.

Once you share your research with your team, you’re well on your way to creating a well-informed optimization strategy.

For more information about how to build your own comprehensive dashboards, visit Navigate to “Compete PRO How To” Dashboard Reports video.

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Top 20 Most Useful Mobile Business Apps For 2015

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Looking for the best apps to serve your needs as a marketer? Columnist Aaron Strout rounds up his top picks for personal productivity, travel and more.

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Introducing Search Response and Airings Data in TV Attribution

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The following is a cross post from Adometry by Google, a Marketing Analytics and Attribution product

Mass media drives people to interact with brands in compelling ways. When a TV or radio ad creates an I-want-to-know, I-want-to-go, or an I-want-to-buy moment in the mind of a consumer, many pursue it online. Immediately – and on whatever screen they have handy.

Last year, we announced Adometry TV Attribution, which measures the digital impact of offline channels such as television and radio. Now, we’re moving TV Attribution forward by integrating Google Search query data and Rentrak airings data to help marketers better understand the important moments their broadcast investments create.
New Search Behavior, New Search Analysis
Broadcast media doesn’t just drive consumers directly to websites — it drives searches. Now, TV attribution lets you analyze minute-by-minute aggregated Google Search query data against spot-related keywords to detect and attribute search “micro-conversions” to specific TV airings. 
With insights on the entire digital customer journey — including search behaviors — brands can better evaluate broadcast network and daypart, specific ad creative, and keyword performance. As a result, brands can:
  • Assess Immediate Influence: See which messages are sticking in the minds of consumers to both maximize TV interest and choose ideal keywords for SEO and paid search strategies.
  • Evaluate Awareness Goals: Optimize against a digital signal even when a site visit isn’t the primary goal, such as in brand awareness or sponsorship campaigns.
  • Analyze Competitive Category: Glean which generic keywords drive category interest for the industry — a type of insights not possible through site traffic analysis alone. 

Rentrak Partnership Speeds TV Attribution Insights
Knowing when your spots aired and collecting that data for timely TV attribution analysis can be a challenge. Marketers who buy broadcast media through agencies often don’t have direct access to this data. And once data is obtained — after coordinating with multiple agencies, partners, and TV measurement companies — the time lag makes for outdated analysis. 
TV Attribution now solves these challenges a new partnership with Rentrak, the leading and trusted source for TV airings information. 
What Rentrak Integration Delivers
Integrating directly with Rentrak TV Essentials, TV Attribution now overcomes some of the biggest hurdles in TV measurement, with increases in: 
  • Actionability: TV Attribution can more quickly and easily obtain TV data for analysis without time-consuming coordination from you or your agencies.  
  • Accuracy: Rentrak provides a comprehensive data set with aggregated viewership information from more than 30 million televisions across the country, and from more than 230 networks.
  • Frequency: A direct relationship means more frequent reporting since there is no longer a manual find-and-transfer of data required from TV buying partners.
“What makes this partnership so exciting is it removes the biggest barrier to truly measuring TV effectiveness, timely access to spot airings data including impressions,” said Tony Pecora, CMO for SelectQuote. “Rather than hunting and gathering data, we are now able to spend our time evaluating insights and optimizing our marketing investments across both TV and digital. As a CMO, this is a really big win for our business.”
Want to Get Moving?

The gap between offline and digital measurement continues to close. Learn more about how Adometry TV Attribution, now with Google Search query data and integrated Rentrak airings data, can help you gain more actionable cross-channel insights.

Posted by Dave Barney, Product Manager

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NewFronts 2015: YouTube Opens Brandcast With Audience Metrics & Closes With Bruno Mars

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Wojcicki said YouTube reaches more 18 to 49 year olds on mobile than any cable network, with site visits up 40% year-over-year.

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Weight Watchers Founder Jean Nidetch Passes Away at 91

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While millions around the world struggle with weight issues, America has lost an icon in healthy life style and dieting.

Jean Nidetch, whose fight with her obesity problem led her to found Weight Watchers, died on Wednesday at her Fort Lauderdale home. She was 91 years old.

Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Mrs. Nidetch had struggled with her weight throughout her early life. She tried countless “fad diets” with no success. The 5’7″ housewife reached more than 200 pounds by the time she was 38 years old. That was when she finally went to an obesity clinic sponsored by New York City in 1961 to embark on her long weight-loss journey.

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Infographic: 14 Online Marketing Tips to Improve Design, Content & Conversions

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Winning With Authority Infographic Header

A trusted resource can be a friend, colleague or industry expert and we may turn to them from time-to-time for guidance.

Today’s online marketing landscape is crowded with advice from marketers that may have the power to influence you, but not necessarily the authority to give you sage advice.

In our eBook “Winning with Authority – 15 Experts on Integrated Online Marketing”, we pulled together advice from trusted thought leaders in the marketing field. Now we present you an infographic with even more insights from the industry experts that will be presenting at the upcoming Copyblogger Authority Rainmaker conference.

The “Authority Wins” infographic is brimming with advice from Authority Rainmakers like Chris Brogan, Joe Pulizzi, Danny Sullivan and Ann Handley. Just like the eBook and the conference, this infographic will continue to walk you down the path to integrating four key areas for online marketing success: Design, Content, Traffic and Conversion.

Download Button

AR 2015 Infographic

Download Button

Making Sharing a Snap!

We’ve also included some tweetable tips from the infographic below. Feel free to pick your favorite(s) and show that you’re an avid supporter of online marketers that radiate authority!

Featured Tips
Sonia Simone – Chief Content Officer at Copyblogger Media
Ask questions & be curious about everything. See something not awesome? Make it better! @soniasimone – tweet this

Bernadette Jiwa – Founder at The Story of Telling
Speak to one person. Treat your content like a conversation rather than a description or broadcast. @bernadettejiwa – tweet this

Danny Sullivan – Editor-In-Chief of Search Engine Land & Marketing Land
Understand that mobile visitors have a different mindset and needs than desktop users. @dannysullivan – tweet this

Brian Clark – Founder & CEO of Copyblogger Media
Copywriting for conversion means using the 5 P’s: Premise, Promise, Picture, Proof and Push to inspire action. @BrianClark – tweet this

Register for Authority Rainmaker Before the Storm Passes!

The advice shared by our expert Online Marketers may be around for years to come, but your opportunity to attend the Authority Rainmaker conference is passing quickly.

Join us on May 13 – 15 in Denver, CO.!

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Infographic: 14 Online Marketing Tips to Improve Design, Content & Conversions |

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The naked corn paradox

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Sometimes, the thing that’s done to market something makes it worse.

And so, the corn at the local supermarket is already husked, because it looks better, sells better but tastes worse.

And stereo speakers are designed with extra bass, so they’ll demo better, sell better but sound worse.

The market isn’t always ‘right’, if right means that it knows how to get what it wants in the long run. Too often, we are confused, or misled, or part of a herd headed in the wrong direction.

It’s almost impossible to bring the mass market to its senses, to insist that you know better. What you can do, though, is find discerning and alert individuals who will take the time to understand. And then, if you’re good and patient and lucky, they’ll tell the others.

Which is why, over the last thirty years, farmers markets and other entities have slowly grown in influence. Because happy customers tell stories about remarkable products and services.

When you see the corn paradox, label it and act accordingly. Tell stories for the few, help them to spread.

PS Shawn Coyne’s book about editing your stories is just out. A keeper.

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Links for 2015-04-29 []

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