26% of Millennials Give Fake Birthdays to Score Better Online Deals

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Would you fake a birthday to get an online deal? What about hiring a personal consultant to make sure you're getting the most out of your frequent-flier miles?

Those are just two of the tricks millennials use to find the best bargains online, according to new research from Mindshare North America's retail arm Shop+, which analyzed more than 1,000 responses to understand how 18- to 34-year-olds shop.

Retargeted advertising is often considered by marketers to be annoying or creepy, but Mindshare's report indicates consumers want to receive marketing if it comes with lower prices. Forty-seven percent of millennials put products in online shopping carts and then leave the site, hoping the brand will send them an offer in the form of an email or ad. Thirty-seven percent of overall adults admitted to using the same strategy.

Faking a date of birth is another popular tactic used to shave off a few dollars—26 percent of millennials have intentionally given a retailer a bogus birthday to get a discount, something 17 percent of all adults do.

Similarly, 36 percent of millennials have forked over multiple email addresses to retailers for additional deals compared with 30 percent of overall adults.

Thirty-six percent of millennials share an Amazon Prime account, which costs $99 a year, to receive free shipping versus 24 percent of all adults.

When it comes to travel, 31 percent of millennials and 23 percent of all adults wipe their Internet histories clean—to avoid the cookies that follow a user's every online move—when shopping for airline tickets. (Without the data, airlines' websites aren't able to tell if someone has been researching fares, and travel marketers are more likely to offer cheaper prices.)

Moreover, 61 percent of millennials book travel on specific days of the week like Tuesday when prices typically drop, while just 48 percent of adults overall are willing to wait for cheaper options.

Despite the number of cost-cutting measures millennials try to use online, they're surprisingly more likely to hire a consultant to manage their frequent-flier miles. Twenty-two percent of millennials have someone handling their travel perks compared with 15 percent of all adults.

Check out the infographic below that pulls out some of the main findings:



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Ad Age Continues Search to Uncover the 2015 Best Places to Work

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Ad Age is tracking down the best places to work in advertising. We’re highlighting the agencies, ad-tech firms and media organizations that are doing the best job nurturing, rewarding and retaining talent. It could be ad agencies focused on employee development, ad-tech firms with major employee perks or media organizations that people never want to leave. Does this sound like your company?

To enter, register here: www.adage.com/bestplaces. The entry fee is $300 through July 2. Beginning July 3 it is $375. The deadline to enter is Monday, July 13.

We’ll celebrate the top-ranked companies across our industry in the 2015 Best Places to Work report, published in our print issue and online on November 9.

Continue reading at AdAge.com

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The Guardian Reaches Further Into U.S. Market with L.A. Outpost

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The Guardian is expanding its footprint in the U.S., hiring Indiewire Managing Editor Nigel Smith as an L.A.-based entertainment writer to strengthen the paper’s coverage of film in America. It’s also signed on as a sponsor of the 42nd Telluride Film Festival this Labor Day weekend in Colorado.

The Guardian’s film coverage is read by an average of 10 million unique browsers a month, the company said.

The film festival sponsorship and the hiring of Mr. Smith — who will write for the Guardian’s U.S. edition, as well as contribute to its wider film team — marks the latest step in the U.K.-based Guardian’s aggressive push into the North American digital market, where it introduced a U.S. homepage in 2011.

Continue reading at AdAge.com

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9 Step Social Media Audit for Improving LinkedIn Business Page Results

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LinkedIn Company Page

It’s undeniable that LinkedIn is leading the pack for professional social networks. In fact, more than half of all of the business in the world have created a business page on LinkedIn. With over 4 million business pages on LinkedIn, the competition for the attention of potential clients and job seekers is at an all-time high.

One way to take a critical look at your LinkedIn business page is to conduct a social media audit and identify areas for improvement. Understanding the elements that will help you build trust with your audience and provide a seamless brand experience for visitors navigating between your website and LinkedIn business page are incredibly important in creating a cohesive strategy.

If you know that your LinkedIn Business Page could be better, but you don’t know where to start, this guide is for you. The social media audit below identifies nine important elements of LinkedIn business profiles that can be improved in order to get more engagement from your audience, and referral traffic back to your website. Ready to see how many of these items you’re executing successfully and how many are an opportunity for improvement?

9 Step LinkedIn Company Page Audit

#1 – Identify the Right Content Mix
“Content mix” refers to the different types of content posted on your LinkedIn Company page. The first step is to analyze what types of content are published to your business page on a regular basis.

Content types can include:

  • Promotional content
  • Industry news
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Links to helpful articles

Ideally, all of these content types should be present in your content mix. Posting only one or two types of content will bore your audience. Engage your audience by posting a variety of content to your LinkedIn business page. Don’t forget to include visual content in your mix: posting images on LinkedIn can increase engagement and comments by as much as  98%!

eb image 1

#2 – Establish a Cadence
How often does your brand post on LinkedIn? Are your updates posted regularly, or do days or weeks pass by with no updates? Aim to post at least one message a day on your LinkedIn business page in order to begin engaging your audience and create the expectation that visitors can discover new content on a daily basis. Posting intermittently can cause visitors to think that your LinkedIn page is unmaintained or out of date.

#3 – Post at Optimal Times of Day
Now that you know how often you’re posting, consider what time of day updates are typically posted. Do you use a social media management tool to schedule updates at specific times, or do you post updates whenever you can find the time? Scheduling your updates to post at a time of day when the majority of your followers are on LinkedIn is a great way to increase engagement with your content.

According to Fannit, the best times to post updates on LinkedIn are between 7-8 am and 5-6 pm. That’s because many LinkedIn users check their profile at the beginning or end of their work day. 

Image courtesy of QuickSprout

Image courtesy of QuickSprout

#4 – Create Consistency with Your Company Name
This seems like an easy one, but it can have a huge impact on how visitors find and perceive your LinkedIn Company page. First, search for your company’s name on LinkedIn. How many results appear? Some brands have multiple pages on LinkedIn, which can make it very difficult for visitors to know which page is the “correct” LinkedIn business page to visit. If your brand has multiple LinkedIn business pages, consider consolidating into one just one page. If your brand has multiple markets, products, or business units, create showcase pages to speak to those different segments.

Finally, ensure that the spelling on your LinkedIn business page matches the branding on your website. This will provide a consistent experience for visitors, and help them understand that this page is the “official” LinkedIn page for your brand.

eb image 3

#5 – Find the Perfect Profile Picture
Take a critical look at the profile picture on your LinkedIn company page. It should be a clear, well-cropped image that showcases what your brand is all about. What’s most important is to ensure that your audience can easily recognize the profile image. Most companies opt to use the brand logo for their LinkedIn profile. This is a great way to improve brand recognition.

The image should be high resolution, and perfectly cropped. Grainy, off-centered images may give your business page an unprofessional or sloppy appearance. The size of LinkedIn profile pictures is 50×50 pixels.

eb image 4

#6 – Use a Banner Image to Create Continuity
The banner image should in some way indicate what your company does. If you work for a healthcare organization, an image of a hospital may be appropriate. They say that one image is worth 1,000 words, so use an image that speaks to your company’s area of expertise. Create a custom image that overlays text over an image in order to include a message, or information about your brand in the banner image. LinkedIn banner images should be a minimum of 646×220  .

Consider changing the banner image on your LinkedIn business page on a quarterly basis to give your page a fresh, updated appearance. The banner image may correspond to a season, event, or important product offering.

eb image 5

#7 – Provide a Detailed Description
Use the description section of your profile to explain what your company does. Avoid vague, industry jargon in favor of precise language and keywords that explain how your company provides value to your customers. Don’t forget that LinkedIn business page descriptions are crawled by Google, which means that you should include keywords in the description section. You should also fill out the sections provided for specialties, website, industry, type of business, address, and company size.

eb image 6

#8 – Include a URL in the First Sentence of the Description
When you visit LinkedIn company pages, you’ll notice that only the first one or two sentences of the description appear, unless you click “see more.” If you’d like to drive more referral traffic to your website, either include your brand’s URL in the first sentence of the description, or keep the description short enough that visitors won’t have to click “see more” to find your website URL .

#9 – Dive Into LinkedIn Analytics
LinkedIn business page administrators should take advantage of the data collected within LinkedIn analytics. Get insight into which updates are performing best by viewing impression, click, and engagement metrics for each update. You can also see how much reach and engagement your updates receive over time. LinkedIn’s unique demographic data can show you what industries your fans and visitors are from, what their job functions are, what their seniority level is, and what size company they work for. This information can help you understand more about your audience, and their interests.

eb image 7

Know When to Call in the Professionals

If you’re overwhelmed by how much time and effort it takes to conduct a social media audit, or to optimize your LinkedIn company page, it may be a sign that it’s time to call in the reinforcements. Do you feel that your LinkedIn company page could be better, but don’t have the time it takes to update and maintain it? Do you crave more expert insights and tips for improving your brand’s social media profiles? Contact TopRank Online Marketing to learn more about our social media audit services .

What are some examples of LinkedIn Company Profiles that you think are well optimized and have followed the checklist above?

Disclosure: LinkedIn, Innovatech and Uponor are all TopRank Online Marketing clients.

Header Image: Shutterstock

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Glad celebrates the return of the ‘original cutter bar’ with brand new digital and social campaign

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121A8465.jpgAustralians can officially welcome Glad Cling Wrap with the original cutter bar back into their homes, as this major consumer powered packaging change hits supermarket shelves.

30 days from 30th June 2015, Australians will be encouraged to share
their personal messages of gratitude and the things they are glad for
through social media, using the hashtag #gladeveryday. Participants will
have the chance to be beneficiaries of ‘Random Acts of Glad,’ receiving
special gifts in response to their tokens of gratitude.
digital and social campaign will be supported by two physical
activations, encouraging people to physically post their messages of
gladness on the ‘Great Wall of Glad’ at Westfield Sydney, Pitt St Mall
(30th June 2015), and Westfield Parramatta (4th July 2015).

Proving the importance placed on opinions and feedback from the
Australian public, Glad 121A8663.jpghas acted quickly to turn people power into
action, after formally announcing the cutter bar would return to the
base of the box in January this year.

Says Megan Francis, marketing manager at Glad Cling Wrap: “Since we made the announcement that the cutter bar would return to the
base of the box, we have worked exhaustively to get the original Glad
Cling AL3P0437.jpgWrap packaging Aussies know and love, back on shelves as soon as
possible. We
have received an outpouring of positivity from consumers when we shared
this great news and we can’t wait for people to reunite with the Glad
Wrap and cutter bar they know and love.”

The cutter bar has not
only made its highly anticipated return back onto shelves, AL3P0443.jpgconsumers
will continue to receive the benefits of other product improvements,
including 50% better cling, a stronger box and an easy roll feature, all
for the same price. As Glad Cling Wrap with the original cutter bar
returns to shelves, Glad is now asking all Australians, “The cutter bar
is back, what else are you glad for?” and is inviting all Australians to
participate in the largest exercise of gratitude in history.

Says Francis: “It’s
the little things in life that make a difference and make us glad every
day. Since we told Australia the cutter bar
would return to its prime position on the base of the box, we have
received an extremely positive response from our consumers with everyone
noting how glad they were. This widespread reaction inspired us to go
one step further and ask Australians what makes them glad every day.

“If a
household product like Glad Cling Wrap can inspire feelings of
gratitude and happiness, we know there are plenty more things in life
that are making Australians glad every day. We want Aussies to harness
this and join the gratitude movement by sharing their own personal
messages of glad with their friends, family and colleagues.”

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What happens when things go wrong?

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Service resilience is too often overlooked. Most organizations don’t even have a name for it, don’t measure it, don’t plan for it.

I totally understand our focus on putting on a perfect show, on delighting people, on shipping an experience that’s wonderful.

But how do you and your organization respond/react when something doesn’t go right?

Because that’s when everyone is paying attention.

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Links for 2015-06-29 [del.icio.us]

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  • Cool Brands Build Appeal By Making Meaningful Consumer Connections – Investors.com
    • Click. Today’s consumers — the 80 million ages 18 to 34 — can’t remember a time before the Internet. They’re the “hypersocialized, Instagram fanatical, experience-obsessed marketplace,” said Matt Britton, author of “YouthNation.” • Match their tastes. The rise of such social media tools as photo-sharing app Instagram has shifted consumer motivation. “The question du jour among millennials is: Where can I capture an unforgettable experience right now?” Britton said. Through his marketing firm MRY, he tied into that desire for experiences to boost client Bing, the search engine. MRY’s “Bing Summer of Doing” campaign used social media to urge people to go out and do things — like skydive and take on do-it-yourself projects — and share photos of the events. The first month of the 2012 campaign reached 97.5 million people and boosted conversations on Bing by 60%.
  • Experts’ Take: The State of Content | Spredfast
    Even as we continue to create shorter, more condensed content forms—newspapers to blogs, Facebook posts to content with a halflife like Snapchat—people still have an appetite for longform. Just think about binge watching shows in the age of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. As David Berkowitz, Chief Marketing Officer at agency MRY, points out, “People actually want to watch 13 hours of video in a single weekend when there is something really exciting or culturally relevant happening.” And that desire for longform holds true across media—take the continued  blossoming of podcasting. With Serial’s success, the decade-old medium now carries a certain cachet, it’s hip again. Sarah Weir Iooss, Viacom’s Senior Vice President, Partnerships & Client Strategy, Ad Sales, was quick to point out, “It’s a classic paradigm for entertainment, one hit can change everything.”  And she isn’t immune to the allure either, “These things are happening, I was trying to find reasons to escape my responsibilities to listen to Serial.” But, quantity without quality won’t cut it. “The trick is,” according to Berkowitz, “to do anything great. For a brand to hold people’s attention in any meaningful way for more than 30 seconds is tough as hell…it’s so hard.”

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Tooheys tells the ‘Tale of Two Brothers’ in new online video launch via Infinity Squared

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Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.15.12 pm.jpgTo celebrate the refresh of the Tooheys identity, Infinity Squared was asked to tell the story of the brands founding forefathers, James and John Toohey… the Toohey’s Brothers. Director Melvin J. Montalban, took a live-action typography approach to bring this to life.

This involved the crafting of specific words from the narration into standalone pieces to feature throughout the film – which was done in collaboration with a variety of artists and craftsmen from around the country.

Director: Melvin J. Montalban
EP: Dave Jansen
Managing Partner: Tom Phillips
Business Director: Sam Warfield Smith
Senior Account Manager: Alex Budge
Producer: Amy Jarman
Creative / Designer: Chloe Yeung
DOP: Campbell Brown
Production Assistant: Gwendolyn Jimenez
Client: Michelle Zundell

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Mt Hotham Ski Resort launches new repositioning campaign via Sydney creative agency BLOKE

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Hotham DPS_resize.jpgMt Hotham is being firmly positioned as the Ski Resort for the serious snowsports enthusiast via Sydney creative agency, BLOKE.

Says Mike O’Rourke, creative partner at BLOKE: “Hotham is Victoria’s highest Ski Resort with a reputation for having the best and most challenging terrain in Australia. This campaigns taps into the need of every aspiring skier and snowboarder to push themselves harder and test their limits.”


The TVC is shot from an advanced skier’s POV as they ski through the
iconic terrain of Mt Hotham. The hi-tech graphic technique displayed
through the goggles gives an edgy, contemporary feel. And the reality is
most skiers these days have some sort of wearable device tracking their
performance on the mountain.

Says Anthony O’Shea, head of marketing, Hotham & Falls Creek: “BLOKE have brought a very
insightful and original approach to all their work with Hotham, and this
TVC captures the spirit of the place perfectly. The idea is also very
flexible and will allow us to show the amazing skiing and snowboarding
available on the mountain as the season progresses.”

BLOKE is a
full-service creative agency with a portfolio that spans across a
diverse range of clients including the Australian National Maritime
Museum, McGuigan Wines, Gerni and Scenic Tours.

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Graham Fink’s insights from the Cannes Lions 2015 Titanium & Integrated jury and the Festival

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titanium jury pic.jpgThe
Cannes Lions 2015 Titanium & Integrated jury had a star-studded
field sitting on the jury. China’s
representative was one of the world’s most awarded creatives, Ogilvy
& Mather’s Chief Creative Officer, Graham Fink. Campaign Brief Asia
asked Fink to nominate the 5 best ideas he saw whilst judging and then
his 5 best experiences from his week long time spent at the Festival.

best idea I saw whilst judging, in fact the best idea I saw anywhere in
the world this year, is the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge.

If I had one idea as good as this in my whole life, I’d die happy.

jury unanimously awarded it the Grand Prix for Good and it was very
moving when the entire audience rose to their feet on the final night to
give it a 5-minute standing ovation.

Continue reading Graham Fink’s insights from the Cannes Lions 2015 Titanium & Integrated jury and the Festival.

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