How To Watch Melbourne Cup 2016 Live And Online For Free

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Want to watch the Melbourne Cup live but don’t have a TV in your workplace? Here’s everything you need to know about watching the race that stops a nation live — from the various TV options to Twitter’s global live stream. We’ve also included all the important Melbourne Cup links and race times to make life easier, along with overseas viewing tips. Game on!
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The Truth About the NFL Ratings Slump: It’s Not the Anthem Protests

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Last Thursday night, NFL Network aired its second primetime game of the 2016 season, a bumbling, viewer-repelling affair featuring two teams that have made a cottage industry out of rank futility. At halftime, the Tennesee Titans were up 27-0 over the Jacksonville Jaguars, who’d scratched out all of five rushing yards while gaining just three first downs.

That the game was essentially unwatchable should have come as no surprise to anyone who has ever inadvertently stumbled across one of the biannual meetings between the Jags and Titans, neither of which has generated a winning record in this decade.

For all the attendant horrors of the Jags-Titans disaster, however, it wasn’t the worst game to air in primetime this season. It wasn’t even the worst to air in October. The month’s biggest stinker may well have been the Oct. 23 “Sunday Night Football” contest between the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals. The enervating 6-6 draw featured 15 punts, 24 flags and a pair of improbably muffed field goal attempts in overtime. It was like watching a moderately intelligent cocker spaniel try to learn to play Madden NFL 17.

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Digital Crash Course Video: Where Have TV’s Eyeballs Gone?

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How to Sell the Ultimate (Self-Driving) Machine

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Why CNN Will Be All In on Kik on Election Night

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CNN will use election night to try to adopt an audience that’s not even old enough to vote. The cable news giant is doubling down on the messenger app Kik, popular with the 13-to-17-year-old set, and certainly a much different audience than those who will be tuned in to the network on Nov. 8.

On election night, the CNN bot will provide real-time election results, as well as custom Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump emojis, real-time gifs, smilies and stickers featuring CNN talent like Anderson Cooper. And anyone who mentions @CNN in chats with friends will be directed to live election updates. Of course, it remains to be seen just how many teenagers will be chatting about CNN.

The goal is to tap an audience that might not be watching TV on election night, said Samantha Barry, head of social media at CNN. This is part of CNN’s strategy to reach audiences at every age.

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Your Questions Answered: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360 Video

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Virtual reality is the holy grail for marketers who want to transport consumers to the islands of sunny Hawaii or allow them to test-drive a car from their couches. VR provides a new level of immersion with a brand or product, absent other distractions. It’s no wonder, then, that marketers are scrambling to figure out how they can play in the space.

But in this nascent stage, there are no advertising standards or turnkey solutions for marketers. Even what constitutes VR isn’t necessarily agreed upon.

So as you explore VR opportunities for your brand or client, here are answers to some of the questions you may be too afraid to ask.

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Live Nation Uses Wi-Fi and Geofencing to Connect Sponsors with Fans

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When concertgoers descended on Atlanta’s Piedmont Park for the Music Midtown festival in September, brands invited select female fans with over 5,000 Twitter followers to a special viewing area to see acts like Alabama Shakes and The Killers up close.

“Elizabeth, we love your look,” a festival sponsor wrote on Instagram when an attendee posted a photo of herself, according to concert behemoth Live Nation, which put on Music Midtown. (It declined to disclose the sponsor.) The sponsor invited her to visit its branded selfie photo area. “We’ve got a rooftop view overlooking two stages (by the Ferris wheel).”

It was fan marketing and influencer recruitment enabled by Live Nation, which says it produces an event somewhere in the world the equivalent of every 20 minutes. The company used geofencing techniques to help capture data associated with 18-to-34-year-old attendees who might be valuable for future marketing and ad targeting. “We can use social listening to surface really relevant attendees,” said Samantha Sichel, Live Nation’s VP of digital product and business development, with “relevance” often determined in part by the size of someone’s social following.

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Prevent Pita Pocket Spills With A Little Reinforcement

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Pita sandwiches shouldn’t be that difficult to eat. After all, pita bread is an edible pocket, but the bottom can get soggy, and stuff falls out, and then your lunch is ruined. Luckily, this all easily preventable, as the pita can be reinforced with a bit of itself.
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7 Spookily Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns for Halloween

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Q: What’s the ratio of a pumpkin’s circumference to its diameter?
A: Pumpkin Pi

All jokes aside, Halloween presents a huge sales opportunity for B2C (and even some B2B) brands. In fact, Halloween is only second to Christmas as the most commercially successful holiday. And a recent survey found that Halloween spending is estimated to reach $8.4 billion dollars this year, the highest in survey history.

Depending on your line of business, this presents an enormous opportunity for marketing departments to help generate a ton of cash over a short amount of time. However, the bar is incredibly high and competition is stiff, which means that consumers are looking for clever, creative and memorable marketing campaigns. The seven spooktacular campaigns below made their mark this year.   

Burger King Dresses Up As Rival

This spooky marketing tactic has been all over the news in the past few days. A Burger King in New York draped their building with a giant ghost and scrolled the word “McDonald’s” on it. They also updated their marquee for the holiday to say “Boooooo. Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween”.

In just a few short days the video already has almost 500,000 views on YouTube.

Chipotle Helps Customers Score A $3 Boorito

Each year, Chipotle runs a promotion offering discounted food to customers who show up in-store wearing a costume. I will admit that I have personally partook in this promotion more than I’d like to admit.

Not only has this one Facebook post received over 7,000 reactions, but nearly 3,00 shares as well proving that followers (and their friends) are keen on the deal.


Airbnb Offers Terrifying Experience

The latest Airbnb contest is not for the faint of heart. The travel giant offered two “lucky” people the opportunity to spend Halloween night in the Paris Catacombs. In case you didn’t know, the Catacombs are the final resting place of 6 million souls.

In order to win the full experience, followers were asked to share why they think they are brave enough to sleep in the Catacombs.


Petsmart Gets Cute

I absolutely love this post from Petsmart. In addition to offering pet lovers a clever idea for carving pumpkins, they’re also encouraging user generated content by asking people to create their own and use the hashtag #WickedCute as well as tagging the brand and the “pet celebrity” that they choose.

petsmart-halloween-dog Educates Using Candy Corn

I was pretty impressed by this amazingly clever approach to showing how your energy consumption stacks up to the energy found in Halloween themed objects from Users can choose a number and energy type to find their output.

Additionally, the organization also created a special Energy Ghostbusters podcast that shares “scarily effective” ways to save energy.


REI Offers Zombie Survival Gear

This infographic from REI promises to supply you with the proper attire to survive a zombie apocalypse as well as “five critical skills to keep you from becoming a snack”. Not only is the release of this infographic timely for Halloween, but it also aligns with the premiere of the new season of the Walking Dead and will prove to be a piece of evergreen content for REI once the holiday has passed.


MAC Transformation Magic

The London Dungeon offers a truly unique theatre experience that features special effects, rides and the opportunity for patrons to hear, touch and smell the whole experience. Their latest campaign features the use of high-end Mac cosmetics to create an authentic (and truly disturbing) tutorial for turning yourself from fresh faced to wicked witch with some clever contouring.


TopRank Marketing Team Members Share Their Fondest Halloween Memory

This post would be incomplete without including halloween insights from some of our TopRank Marketing team members. Below you’ll find a glimpse into halloween of years past as our team reflects on their fondest childhood halloween memories.

Alexis Hall – Director of Client Accounts
When I was in first grade I was at the school Halloween party. And for three tickets you could place someone in jail for like 10 minutes. And my brother put me in. It had bars and I cried after 30 seconds so he changed places with me and served my time. It was traumatizing at the time.

Leila de La Fuente – Account Manager
When I was 6, I dressed up as my favorite disney Character, Nala from the Lion King. I walked around all day saying “get your paws off me” because it was my favorite line from the movie.

Caitlin Burgess – Content Marketing Lead
Every Halloween night my grandpa would come over for dinner. My mom always made baked spaghetti from a family recipe. After dinner my dad and grandpa would hit the streets with my sister and I, as well as the neighborhood kids, for trick or treating.

Kevin Kotch – SEO Analyst
When I was a kid, I remember trying to find the “best” houses which of course were the ones with the full-sized candy bars. Throughout the night while we were trick or treating, my neighborhood friends and I would have silly string wars. Things got pretty messy.

Amy Higgins – Account Manager
One year I was Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie. I really wanted long hair so I could fold my arms and shake my head to make wishes come true. So, I stole my mother’s hair piece from when she was debutante. Mom was not happy. I think she wanted to save it for when beehives come back it style. Just kidding 
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See the Spot: Wonderfully Creepy Dolls Help Sell Wonderful Halos Mandarin Oranges

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Three other spots suggest kids who eat Halos know better than to take a bite of a poisonous apple, join the circus or break into a construction site.

The season for selling mandarins grown in the U.S. runs from November to April.

The new campaign follows last season’s push, which centered around parents who needed to restock Halos for children who’d turned sinister — duct-taping a sibling to the door, for example, or leaving a stuffed-animal horse head in bed next to a dad.

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