Instagram Tests Direct Response Ads in Stories

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Instagram is testing direct response ads inside its Stories section, allowing sign-up and app-install pitches, among other salesy formats.

On Wednesday, Instagram served an ad in Stories from SumUp, an e-payment device company, that prompted people to swipe up to sign up for its service.

Until now, Instagram Stories ads have only offered broad “reach” objectives for branding purposes and not more targeted marketing goals. It’s experimenting with ads encouraging app installation, sign-ups on websites and other goals that are already part of the main Instagram ad offering, according to people familiar with the testing. Instagram Stories will eventually accomodate all the same marketing objectives that are available from buying ads in the main feed, they said.

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What the Industry’s New Plan to Fight Ad Fraud Gets Wrong — and Right

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The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Tech Lab recently released a blueprint of sorts that, in theory, would prevent another Methbot from happening.

Methbot, of course, is the ad fraud attack from late last year that has been crowned by some as the biggest in history. (Others disagree.)

The IAB’s effort, blandly dubbed “ads.txt,” has been applauded by both publishers and ad tech vendors as a step in the right direction in the fight against ad fraud.

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Bad Locations: WaWa, Walgreens and Others Try to Clean Bad Map Data

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About a year ago Amanda Hudson missed her Walgreen’s health clinic appointment because Google Maps steered her to the wrong side of Grand Parkway in Katy, Texas. She complained in a Google review and gave the store itself a terrible review for good measure.

Far from an anomaly, her experience is an everyday challenge for marketers with numerous locations. It turns out that there’s a lot of shoddy information floating around online maps, mobile apps and social pages.

“Incorrect data is always a problem,” said Kyle Eggleston, a senior analyst on the Walgreens search engine optimization team. “It’s a constant struggle.”

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Y&R Brisbane appoints ex-M&C Saatchi digital CD at Mark Glynn Honey to managing partner role

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Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.03.49 am.jpgExperienced digital and media leader, Glynn Honey has joined Y&R Brisbane as managing partner, working alongside current GM, Fiona Caird.
Honey was previously MD of Mark, M&C Saatchi’s digital agency and was most recently with Maxus Media in Asia, advancing the digital and strategic offering of its Malaysian office, as MD.

Says Phil McDonald’s, CEO, Y&R ANZ: “Glynn has an impressive blend of skills. He has extensive experience in customer engagement, data analytics, and media and brand strategy. Exactly what our clients require more of in today’s landscape.”

Honey has led digital and media strategy for clients as diverse as
Google, Optus, Commonwealth Bank, Red Bull, HSBC and Heineken to name a

Says Honey on his new role: “The vision, creativity, quality
of thinking and authenticity of the people made the decision to join a
no brainer. I can’t wait to start work with the team and hopefully add
an extra element that both adds value for our clients, and keeps Y&R
in its position at the top of the pile.”

Says McDonald: “With
Glynn joining Fiona and ECDs, Andrew Thompson and Brendan Greaney, we
have a formidable leadership team that will continue to deliver the best
thinking in the market to our clients.”

Y&R is currently the
most awarded agency in Brisbane, winning 9 Cannes Lions in the last 3
years, including a Gold Media Lion at last year’s festival.

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Exit’s Ben Lawrence returns to TVC work after his latest feature length documentary ‘Ghosthunter’

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Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.47.56 am.jpgExit director, Ben Lawrence has recently returned to TV commercials after an intensive edit schedule for this latest feature length documentary ‘Ghosthunter’.

A powerful and visually rich film that follows a western Sydney Ghost Hunter, who has spent the last 25 years searching for his absent father. Since 2010, Lawrence and his team have navigated this multi-character story to reveal a complex web of emotionally charged stories, going back several decades.
Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.48.02 am.jpgGhosthunter is set for official release in 2018 through Madman Entertainment & SBS.

to that in early 2016, Lawrence co-directed the socially impactful
3x1hr ABC documentary series ‘Man Up’, which focuses on Australian men’s
mental healthScreen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.51.06 am.jpg and suicide. The series was created in conjunction with
the The Movember Foundation and Melbourne University via

If you missed the series you can watch all three episodes here:

conjunction with the series Lawrence also Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.51.13 am.jpgdirected a hugely successful TV
commercial campaign to support Movember’s message. It gained over 50
million views, 494K reactions and 770k shares, click here to view the spot.

For commercial enquiries
please contact Oliver Hammerton or Leah Churchill-
Brown or on 02 8755 3755

Man Up TV:
Client: Movember Foundation
Brand Director: Jeremy Macvean
Creative Consultant : Adam Ferrier
Creative Director / Writer : Adam Hunt
Producer : Jackie Turnure
Director: Ben Lawrence
Producer : Mel Reardon
Production Company : Exit Films / Heiress Films
Casting: Peta Einberg Casting
Editor: Zac Grant and Phil Horn
Sound/Grade: Zigzag Post

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Clemenger BBDO Melbourne top performer in Campaign Brief’s The Work 17; Clemenger BBDO Wellington leads the New Zealand agency pack

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Bonds_The Boys.jpgClemenger
BBDO Melbourne has continued their extraordinary 18 month creative
performance with an outstanding showing in Campaign Brief’s THE WORK
2017. The agency has the most acceptances in THE WORK this year with 37
of their 76 entries accepted.
year saw a strong showing across Asia-Pacific with agencies from
Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong
Kong all ranked in the top 10 best performing agencies. Australia has 4
agencies in the Top 10 ranking and New Zealand, Hong Kong and Thailand
have 2 agencies each.
Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok and Leo Burnett Sydney were the equal #2 best performing agencies with 24 acceptances each.
Bangkok and J Walter Thompson Sydney ranked at equal #4 with 19
acceptances each and ADK Taiwan, Clemenger BBDO Wellington and Hakuhodo
Indonesia were equal #6 with 18 acceptances each. Malaysia’s best
performing agency, Leo Burnett Malaysia, ranks at #9 with 17 acceptances
and rounding off the Top 10 in THE WORK 2017 is Cheil Hong Kong,
Colenso BBDO Auckland, DDB Sydney and Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong with
16 acceptances each.
WORK is unique throughout the region in that only already award-winning
ads and campaigns can be entered. With 2,697 entries this year – 22% up
on last year – it is an encouraging sign for the creative output of the
Asia, Australian and New Zealand region.

in its 15th year, THE WORK 2017 features the very best advertising of
the year from Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Published by Campaign
Brief, The Work is recognised as a true record of creativity for the
entire region.

qualify for entry the ad or campaign must have already passed the test
and been a finalist or winner at an international, regional or local
awards show.
are open to all agencies, production companies, individuals and
suppliers who are based in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


#1  Clemenger BBDO Melbourne 37
#2  Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok 24
#2  Leo Burnett Sydney 24

#4  BBDO Bangkok 19
#4  J Walter Thompson Sydney 19

#6  ADK Taiwan 18
#6  Clemenger BBDO Wellington 18
#6  Hakuhodo Indonesia 18

#9  Leo Burnett Malaysia 17

#10  Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong 16
#10  Colenso BBDO Auckland 16 
#10  DDB Sydney 16
#10  Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong 16
#14  Leo Burnett Melbourne 15
#14  TBWA Santiago Mangada Puno Philippines 15

#16  CJ Worx Bangkok 14
#16  GREYnJ United Bangkok 14

#18  TBWA Melbourne 13

#19  BMF Sydney 11
#19  Leo Burnett Taiwan 11
#19  Special Group New Zealand 11

#22  Dentsu Jayme Syfu Philippines 10
#22  Leo Burnett Philippines 10
#22  Publicis Shanghai 10
#22  Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland 10
#22  TBWA Auckland 10
#22  The Nine Shanghai 10

#28  Dentsu One Taiwan 9
#28  J Walter Thompson Beijing 9
#28  TBWA Sydney 9

#31  303 MullenLowe Sydney 8
#31  Leo Burnett Bangkok 8
#31  Leo Burnett Indonesia 8

#34  BBDO Singapore 7
#34  BBDO Guerrero Philippines 7
#34  Dentsu One Bangkok 7
#34  Dentsu Singapore 7
#34  J Walter Thompson Shanghai 7
#34  MullenLowe Singapore 7
terms of country performance Australia was the top performer with 289
acceptances from 595 entries. Thailand had the second most acceptances
with 105 followed by New Zealand with 80 and China with 60 acceptances.


#1  Clemenger BBDO Melbourne 37
#2  Leo Burnett Sydney 24
J Walter Thompson Sydney 19
#4  DDB Sydney 16
#5  Leo Burnett Melbourne 15
#6  TBWA Melbourne 13

#1  Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok 24
#2  BBDO Bangkok 19

#3  CJ Worx Bangkok 14

#3  GREYnJ United Bangkok 14
#5  Leo Burnett Bangkok 8
#6  Dentsu One Bangkok 7
#6  Illusion Bangkok 7

#1  ADK Taiwan 18
#2  Leo Burnett Taiwan 11

#3  Dentsu One Taiwan 9
#4  Dentsu Taiwan 5

#1  Leo Burnett Malaysia 17

#1  Clemenger BBDO Wellington 18
#2  Colenso BBDO Auckland 16

#3  Special Group New Zealand 11

#5  Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland 10

#5  TBWA Auckland 10

#6  FCB New Zealand 5

#1  Hakuhodo Indonesia 18

#2  Leo Burnett Indonesia 8
#3  MullenLowe Indonesia 3


#1  Cheil Hong Kong 16

#1  Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong 16

#1 McCann Worldgroup Mumbai 6
#2 TBWA Mumbai 4

#1  TBWASantiago Mangada Puno Philippines 15

#2  Dentsu Jayme Syfu Philippines 10
#2  Leo Burnett Philippines 10
#4  BBDO Guerrero Philippines 7
#4  DDB Tribal Phillippines 5
#5  J Walter Thompson Philippines 4


#1  Publicis Shanghai 10
#1  The Nine Shanghai 10

#3  J Walter Thompson Beijing 9

#4  J Walter Thompson Shanghai 7

#5  Beijing Dentsu Advertising 6
#5  McCann Worldgroup Shanghai 6

#7  Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai 4


#1  BBDO Singapore 7

#1  Dentsu Singapore 7

#1  MullenLowe Singapore 7
#4  BBH Singapore 4

#1 Phoenix Ogilvy & Mather Sri Lanka 3
#2 TBWASri Lanka 2


#1  James McGrath/Ant Keogh (Clemenger BBDO Melbourne)

#2  Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke/Nopadol Srieatikajohn (Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok)

#2  Vince Lagana/Grant McAloon (Leo Burnett Sydney)

#4  Suthisak Sucharittanonta (BBDO Bangkok)
#4  Simon Langley (J Walter Thompson Sydney)

#6  Richard Yu (ADK Taiwan)
#6  Brigid Alkema (Clemenger BBDO Wellington)
#6  Chow Kok Keong (Hakuhodo Indonesia)

#9  Tan Kien Eng/Andrew Low (Leo Burnett Malaysia)

#10  Paul Chan (Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong)
#10  Nick Worthington (Colenso BBDO Auckland)
#10  Toby Talbot (DDB Sydney, now at Saatchi NZ)
#10  Reed Collins (Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong)

#14  Jason Williams (Leo Burnett Melbourne)
#14  Melvin Mangada (TBWA Santiago Mangada Puno Philippines)

#16  Satharath Sawadatikom (CJ Worx Bangkok)
#16  Jureeporn Thaidumrong (GREYnJ United Bangkok)

#18  Paul Reardon (TBWA Melbourne)

#19  Cam Blackley (BMF Sydney)
#19  Murphu Chou (Leo Burnett Taiwan)
#19  Tony Bradbourne/Rob Jack (Special Group New Zealand)

THE WORK 2017 Notifications of Acceptances with full details will be emailed to all successful agencies over the next 7 days.



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BBDO edges out Leo Burnett for Network of the Year honour in Campaign Brief’s The Work 2017

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BBDO Network.jpgClemengerBBDO_Staff.jpgBBDO
is the top ranking network in Campaign Brief’s THE WORK 2017. The
network has 6 offices that contributed to their overall network total of
106 Acceptances. BBDO edged out Leo Burnett, who had 8 offices that
contributed to their high total of 97 Acceptances.

The third
highest ranked network is TBWA with 62 Acceptances followed by Ogilvy
& Mather with 58, Dentsu with 51 and J Walter Thompson with 48

BBDO’s performance was led by creative powerhouse
Clemenger BBDO Melbourne with an amazing 39 acceptances in THE WORK
2017. BBDO Bangkok (19), Clemenger BBDO Wellington (18), Colenso BBDO
Auckland (16), BBDO Singapore (7) and BBDO Guerrero Philippines (7) also

Leo Burnett’s 97 acceptances was even across 8
offices – led by great performances from Leo Burnett Sydney and Leo
Burnett Malaysia with 24 and 17 respectively. Also contributing were Leo
Burnett Melbourne (15), Leo Burnett Taiwan (11), Leo Burnett
Philippines (10), Leo Burnett Bangkok and Jakarta (8 each) and
Beacon/Leo Burnett Japan (4).


#1 BBDO  (106)
#2 Leo Burnett  (97)
#3 TBWA  (62

#4 Ogilvy & Mather  (58)
#5 Dentsu  (51)
#6 J Walter Thompson  (48)
#7 Hakuhodo  (22)
#8 DDB  (19)
#9 MullenLowe  (18)
#9 ADK  (18)
#9 Grey Worldwide  (18)
#12 Cheil Worldwide  (17)
#13 McCann Worldwide  (14)
#14 Saatchi & Saatchi  (12)
#15 Publicis  (10)
#16 Havas Worldwide  (7)
#17 FCB  (5)
#17 Y&R  (5)
#19 BBH  (4)
#19 Marcel  (4)

TBWA were big improvers in 2017 with 9 offices around the region
contributing to their 62 Acceptances. TBWASantiago Mangada Puno
Philippines lead the way for the network with 15 Acceptances. TBWA
Melbourne (13), Auckland (10), Sydney (9), India (4), Shanghai (3),
Singapore (2) and Sri Lanka (2) also contributed.

Ogilvy &
Mather’s performance was lead by O&M Thailand and O&M Hong Kong
with 24 and 16 Acceptances respectively. Both agencies are in the Asia
Pacific Top 10.

Dentsu were big performers this year rising to #5
network with strong contributions from Dentsu Jayme Syfu Philippines
(10), Dentsu One Taiwan (9), and Bangkok and Singapore (7 each).

Walter Thompson were also big improvers this year – up to #6 overall. J
Walter Thompson Sydney was their star performer with 19 Acceptances.
Their two China agencies Beijing and Shanghai also contributed 17
Acceptances between them.

in its 15th year, THE WORK 2017 features the very best advertising of
the year from Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Published by Campaign
Brief, The Work is recognised as a true record of creativity for the
entire region.

qualify for entry the ad or campaign must have already passed the test
and been a finalist or winner at an international, regional or local
awards show.
are open to all agencies, production companies, individuals and
suppliers who are based in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

THE WORK 2017 Notifications of Acceptances with full details will be emailed to all successful agencies over the next 7 days.



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BIG4 Holiday Parks takes on hotels in latest ‘Isn’t it time’ TV campaign via Balance, Melbourne

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Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.26.12 am.jpgBIG4 Holiday Parks is taking on hotels in its new campaign via Balance, Melbourne.

General manager of marketing and sales Campbell Davies is bullish about the competitive picture for BIG4 Holiday Parks.

Says Davies: “BIG4 Holiday Parks don’t only compete against other holiday parks. We compete against hotels, motels, resorts and cruises. There are perceptions out there that holiday parks and caravan parks are stuck in the 70’s and not answering the needs of contemporary travellers when nothing could be further from the truth.


“This is why we worked with Balance to extend the “Isn’t it time” brand
campaign they developed to appeal to customers who are not presently
considering a BIG4 holiday.”

Says David Gullotti, creative partner, Balance: “The campaign captures the non-considerer’s attention
by referencing the traditional hotel, motel and resort benefits and puts
a humorous, BIG4 spin on them.”

Adds Davies: “The message is that BIG4 have
all these things and a range of accommodation options that you might not
expect. We wanted to show the audience what they
were missing out on and we think the team at Balance got it right.”

Agency: Balance
Client: BIG4 Holiday Parks
Client Exec. Marketing Team: Cam Davies, Katie Cage
Creative Director: David Gullotti
Writers: David Gullotti, Rankin McKay, Bridget Emmerson
Art Director: Deb Mortensen, David Gullotti
Account Manager: Tanya Sprague
Head of Account Service: Trent O’Sullivan
Production: Chocolate Studios
DOP: Dave Ellis
Editor: Steve Jennings
Director: Ross Tucker
Original music: Rob Upward

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AWARD reveals new revamped 38th AWARD Awards presentation, this Friday, May 26

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edm.jpgAWARD Awards always strives to put on a great show so the industry can have a great night celebrating hard work and achievements. AWARD has revamped this year’s AWARD Awards presentation, this Friday, May 26 at Carriageworks in Eveleigh, to run for just 90 minutes, to give attendees more time to raise a glass and let their hair down.

Date: Friday 26 May 2017
Pre-drinks: 6.00pm – 7.00pm / Presentation: 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Address: Carriageworks, 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh
Followed by After Party: Until late​​
AWARD & Corporate Members $300 (incl GST) / Non-member $350 (incl GST)

AWARD Awards will be hosted by Tom Gleeson, one of
Australia’s top comedians best known for his appearances on The Morning
Show, The 7pm Project and Good News Week.

The theme this year is
“Digging For Gold”, and for the first time our Best in Show recipient
will be awarded a rare, highly valuable solid gold pencil.

The Chairman’s Choice will be presented by AWARD’s jury chair and special
guest Glenn Cole, founder and creative co-chair of 72andSunny.

kick back at our after party to the ferocious tunes of DJ L.K. McKay,
best known for his work with hip hop starlet Tkay Maidza and her hits
‘U-Huh’ and ‘M.O.B’.

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Composer Lydia Davies joins cross-pacific sound house Nylon Studios for global representation

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Lydia  2.jpgCross-pacific
music and sound boutique Nylon Studios, with offices in Sydney and NYC,
has signed composer Lydia Davies for global commercial representation.

is a talented composer and pianist whose emotive compositions have been
seen in major film trailers including a thrilling and sumptuous track
for Warner Brothers’ highly anticipated live action feature Wonder
Woman, which earned a nomination for a Golden Globe Trailer Award for
“The Best Fantasy Adventure.” She also crafted the original music on the
trailer for Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which smashed box
office numbers with over $1 billion worldwide gross.

On the heels of industry initiatives such as Free the Bid and the 3%
Conference that have sparked conversation about the lack of gender
diversity in advertising, Nylon Studios has upheld and strengthened its
force behind their long-time mission to champion female talent in the
sonic realm of advertising. The signing of Davies further instills the
studio’s female-led culture, with its NYC studio being led by executive
producer Christina Carlo and executive producer Karla Henwood at the
helm of its Sydney Studio.

Says Henwood: “We’re always looking
for emerging talent to continually strengthen our composition team.
Globally, Nylon has a unique creative offering, so we carefully handpick
composers that not only have outstanding ability, but the skills to
craft music that tells a story. I’m extremely excited Lydia will be
joining our team, yes because she’s female, but more importantly because
her work has incredible merit.”

Davies’ flair for crafting
emotive soundtracks can be seen in her colorful and beguiling work for
dynamic film trailers and commercials. She has also created cinematic
tracks for such top clients as L’Oreal, New Balance, MTV, Hugo Boss,
among many others.

Says Hamish Macdonald, global executive
producer, Nylon Studios: “Diversity has always been ingrained in the
Nylon culture and we pride ourselves in having a strong group of women
at the helm of both our New York and Sydney studios. Lydia has such a
natural talent for composing emotive tracks for all kinds of content and
we are excited to have another female creative voice join our team to
offer a new perspective to our global slate of projects and clients.”

is a classically trained pianist who studied at the Yamaha Music School
from age five, rapidly elevating to the school’s exclusive composition
program at the ripe age of six. Her perfect pitch and innate talent for
music composition earned her a number of music scholarships and music
and songwriting awards. After earning a degree in Arts, Media and
Communications from Melbourne’s Monash University, she made her way to
the U.S., studying Film Composition, Film Scoring and Music Composition
at Boston’s acclaimed Berklee College of Music.

Visit Nylon Studios’ website here.

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