Article: Marketers Need Artificial Intelligence to Reach the Segment of One

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Radoslaw Dobrolecki, US business development director at RTB House, discusses how artificial intelligence can help predict customer behavior at scale.

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Article: Pernod Ricard Anticipates Big Benefits from Display Advertising in 2018

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Luis Spencer Freitas, digital marketing director at Pernod Ricard USA, explains what will drive greater innovation in display advertising next year.

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Article: Five Stats to Understand Christmas in Japan

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Christmas is not an official holiday in Japan, nor a widely observed religious holiday, but it is celebrated nonetheless in its own unique way. Here's some data that highlights Christmas in Japan.

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How to Turn Your Team’s Data Curiosity into Results

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As a data expert, you know that most great ideas don’t strike like a bolt of lightning. They start with something slower: simple curiosity. They grow from “what if” to the seeds of an idea and, if you’re lucky, into some big next steps.

Many people on your team might also have these “what if” ideas too. For example, maybe they’ve got an insight about how to optimize your marketing plans and drive better results. But they might need a little nudge to turn those ideas into something bigger. For your organization to consistently get from insight to action, it’s important to give people at all levels the skills and training they need to explore their hunches using data. After all, you never know where your company’s next great idea might come from.

Here are three ways you can spread your data expertise to others, helping people beyond just a small team of go-to analytics experts.

1. Make training a priority

By analyzing the data that drives your business, anyone on your team can uncover how, when, and where consumers interact with your brand. That helps spread a deeper understanding of the customer journey throughout your organization. But to get there, you’ll need support to make data and analytics a priority — from the top down. In a recent study conducted by Google and Econsultancy, nearly two-thirds of leading organizations said that their executives treat data-driven insights as more valuable than gut instinct.1

One way to have an impact? Help executives create a training plan by determining what your team needs to know in order to analyze the data they’ve collected. By identifying the gaps between what they already know and what they still need to learn, you’ll have the insights you need to provide your team with the right level of training. Once you run a training session, record it and keep it online for later use, and share it with anyone who couldn’t make the meeting.

2. Share your success

If you’re a go-to data expert on your team, sharing your success is one of the most powerful tools you have to spread data literacy. Look for time to recap the results of a recent A/B test and show your team members how you achieved results. That will get them excited about what they can do with data. Also, don’t be shy — at every opportunity, recognize and reward others you see using data effectively. This helps build enthusiasm. Finally, use your knowledge and demonstrate proven business results to communicate what data can do.

As an analyst, you may even want to start thinking of your role in a new light. Analysts don’t just pull reports — they weave data narratives and interpret how data influences business results. That brings data to life and shows its value to the whole team. By sharing openly, you’ll give colleagues the tools they need to answer burning questions or dig deeper into their own hypotheses.

Looking for more ways to turn everyone one your team into a data-savvy marketer? We put together an infographic with 5 key steps to help get you there.

3. Work together across teams

While it might be tempting to use your data powers to make your own team shine, data is actually better when it’s used across teams. In fact, marketing leaders are 1.6X as likely as their mainstream counterparts to strongly agree that open access to data leads to higher business performance.2

You can take it one step further. Use your expertise to create and share easy-to-understand data reports outside your team. It’s a great way to help beginners make sense of recommendations and insights, and to get an idea for productive ways to use them.

When sharing your data, make sure it’s organized and easy for all teams to access and understand. Include clear definitions and common metrics so that everyone is on the same page. To go above and beyond, tailor insights specifically for different teams. That way they can get a deeper understanding of the report’s value. And don’t forget to consider the ways in which you deliver the data — every team has its own preferred channels for communicating.

Finally, don’t stop reaching out once you’ve worked to break down data silos in your company. It takes continued, active steps to keep data flowing across an organization.

With training in data analytics, every member of your team can support big ideas with real data. That helps ensure those ideas are taken seriously. And, in turn, it encourages your team to continue bringing new, diverse points of view to the table.

For more tips on sharing data expertise across your company, check out our Data-Driven Marketer’s Strategic Playbook.

1-2 Econsultancy/Google, “The Customer Experience is Written in Data”, May 2017, U.S. (n=677 marketing and measurement executives at companies with over $250M in revenues, primarily in North America; n=199 leading marketers who reported marketing significantly exceeded top business goal in 2016, n=478 mainstream marketers (remainder of the sample), May 2017

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Article: Will Blockchain Blow Up Digital Advertising Paradigms?

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Ian McKee, founder and CEO of Singapore-based Vuulr, explains the value of blockchain technology—and the threat it poses to the structure of traditional digital advertising.

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New ways to measure your users in Google Analytics

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Almost 90% of marketing executives say that understanding user journeys across channels and devices is critical to marketing success.1

Today’s customers have incredibly high expectations for personalized and relevant experiences from brands. That’s why Google Analytics keeps working to better measure the full customer journey in all its complexity.

Let’s look at four new Analytics features that are all about helping businesses understand users so they can deliver more personalized site experiences.

Focus on your users in reporting 

Analytics standard reports have been updated to focus on your users. User metrics are an essential way to understand engagement with your customers, especially those who may have multiple sessions across multiple days.

With our updated standard reporting, you can see immediately, for instance, how many users are coming to your site from paid search ― in addition to seeing the number of sessions.

Users are now included in Analytics standard reports.

To enable this update, sign in to your account and go to Admin > Property Settings and then choose the toggle switch labeled Enable Users In Reporting.

For other ways to analyze by user, try existing reports like Active Users, Cohort Analysis, and Lifetime Value. In case you’re wondering, session metrics will continue to be available in standard reporting ― that’s not changing. Learn more about audience reports.

Measure lifetime metrics and dimensions for every user 

Another tool that marketers can use to analyze visitors on an individual level is User Explorer. And now we’ve added something new: lifetime metrics and dimensions for individual users (based on the lifetime of their cookie). These new metrics and dimensions will give Analytics users a much more detailed way to measure visitors and customers.

New lifetime metrics and dimensions for individual users in User Explorer.

For example, you can look back and see the total amount of time an individual user has spent or the total number of transactions an individual user has made on your website. You’ll also see new dimensions that show data such as when a user made their first visit to your site and which channel acquired them.

The new lifetime metrics and dimensions are already available in your Analytics account. Learn more about User Explorer.

Audiences in reporting 

For marketers who live and breathe audiences ― which is most of us ― the breathing just got easier. We’ve added the option to publish any audience to a new report in Analytics that should help make every audience easier to understand.

Publish your audiences into Analytics and then view reporting in the Audiences report.

You can now go to the new Audiences report and see a cross-channel view of the audiences you’ve created in Analytics. This is a change from the past, where you could create audiences in Analytics and export those audiences to other products like AdWords, but you weren’t able to publish audiences to Analytics for reporting.

For instance, you might decide to publish an audience to Analytics so that you can see all users who have purchased within the last 12 months but not during the last 2.

You can find the new Audience report in your Analytics account. Learn more about Audiences in reporting.

Reach users most likely to convert 

Meet our newest metric: Conversion Probability. It takes user-based metrics one step further to show you just what the name suggests: the probability that a given user will convert in the future. The calculation is based on a machine learning model that learns from users who have made transactions in the past.

The advantages are clear: Marketers can create remarketing lists that target users who have a high likelihood to purchase and then reach those users through either advertising campaigns in AdWords and DoubleClick or site experiments in Optimize.

We are also adding a new Conversion Probability report. This report will show you the Conversion Probability for all your users, including across important dimensions such as channel.

The new conversion probability report.

This new feature from Analytics Intelligence is the first forward-looking estimate of how likely a conversion is for individual users. It’s rolling out in beta to all Analytics accounts over the next few months. Learn more about Conversion Probability. 

These four new enhancements will help you better understand your users and what they are doing on your site, so that you can create better experiences for them. If you — like those 90% of marketing executives — are working hard to understand your users’ journeys, we hope you’ll find these features useful.

Happy analyzing!

1“The Customer Experience is Written in Data.” Econsultancy and Google, May 2017. 

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Google Crawler Update…Is Your Website Ready? DMW #58

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This week in issue #58 of Digital Marketing Weekly we reveal:

  • Google Is Switching Off Ajax-Crawling And It Could Impact Your Rankings
  • YouTube Launches A New Video Format Called ‘Reels’
  • And Snapchat Is Changing Its Algorithm To Separate Social From Media

So watch the video below to catch up on the biggest and most important news that impacts your business, in the fast-moving worlds of Video Marketing, SEO and Social Media.  If you need help with some media marketing reach 10xplusmedia, One of the best out there.


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School of Rock Names Outspoken Media as SEO Agency

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December 7, 2017 – Troy, NY

School of Rock, a leader in performance-based music education, announced today their partnership with Troy, NY-based Outspoken Media as their SEO agency. This relationship will kick off the redesign and development of new national and franchise websites as well as ongoing digital acquisition and content marketing.

School of Rock is passionate about creating a legacy of music for the future by helping kids succeed in music and beyond. Outspoken Media CEO Rhea Drysdale said, “we’re excited to connect more kids and adults with School of Rock’s successful approach to music education. By performing music live, you experience confidence and gain benefits that will last a lifetime.”

The Outspoken Media team will craft creative and innovative SEO and content solutions that connect with School of Rock’s audiences and franchisees.

According to School of Rock CEO Rob Price, “Outspoken Media truly appreciates the importance of our mission to move beyond the traditional Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard and Voice lesson. Through more methodical SEO, we will help new students find their local School of Rock location and advance content that conveys what is so special about our unique music franchise.”

Outspoken Media will work closely with School of Rock and their web design agency, Metajive, during the redesign, development and launch of the website. After launch, Outspoken Media will continue to oversee the brand’s SEO and content marketing strategy to drive more organic traffic, leads and enrollments for all franchise locations.

The new site will launch in the first half of 2018.

About Outspoken Media
Since 2009 Outspoken Media has been building loyal audiences for great organizations. Having worked with Fortune 100s, e-commerce companies, publishers, professional services, B2B, education and healthcare companies, Outspoken Media works closely with in-house teams to develop custom solutions to their most challenging SEO, content and reputation marketing opportunities.

To learn more about Outspoken Media’s SEO consulting services, visit or contact Outspoken Media at or

About School of Rock
School of Rock helps aspiring musicians master skills, unleash creativity and develop tools they need to thrive in life. Founded as a single school in Philadelphia, PA in 1998, School of Rock has become a rapidly growing international franchise operating over 200 schools in ten global markets. Since 2009, School of Rock has grown its student count from 4,000 to over 25,000. School of Rock has proudly been ranked among children’s franchises as the No. 1 Child Enrichment Program by Entrepreneur magazine in 2017.

For more information on School of Rock visit or call 866-695-5515. To learn more about School of Rock franchise opportunities or music lessons, visit or

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Is This The Next Big Email Marketing Tool? – DMW #57

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Digital marketing is the premier marketer’s game in today’s internet connected world, therefore this week in issue #57 of Digital Marketing Weekly, a marketing consultant will reveal:

  • The Next Big Email Marketing Tool
  • 5 Ways Your SEO Strategy Needs To Adapt To The Voice Search Revolution
  • And 150,000 Videos Deleted After Big Brands Stop Advertising On YouTube…

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