Follow MLB Action Across Four Screens with Yahoo!

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The 2012 Major League Baseball season kicked off last week in Japan and official games are beginning on US soil this week. This year, Yahoo! has some exciting new and updated products to enjoy across both PC, TV, mobile and tablet devices to make sure you won’t miss any part of the action throughout the season. In addition to all of the great content available on Yahoo! Sports, including articles, videos and fantasy sports, be sure to check out these baseball experiences across Yahoo!:

  • Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball app: Now available on both iPhone and Android phones, the newly designed app makes managing your team easier than ever. It gives you fantasy score updates in real-time, and the ability to view teams, leagues, and player stats, edit your lineups, and check your standings and matchups. The new look app also lets you be smart about your game strategy, allowing you to easily improve your teams by searching for free agents and reading about breaking player news. Download the app on your iPhone and/or Android phone today.
  • Yahoo! Sportacular: TThe MLB tab within the Sportacular app provides up-to-the-minute play-by-plays and stats for every game, along with Yahoo! Sports news, blogs and videos, overall scores, standings, and schedules for the season. The new Facebook Connect option also offers in-game chatting (for either camaraderie or trash talking, take your pick!) For those mad fans out there who can’t afford to miss a thing, push notification alerts provide updates on scoring plays, close games and innings. The features are available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • IntoNow from Yahoo!: Tag the games you’re watching on TV using IntoNow and share with friends across Facebook and Twitter. Join in-app discussions on Buster Posey’s home run or debate with other enthusiasts on whether that last pitch was a strike. Stay tuned for additional features just for the MLB season on IntoNow, available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. For more information, please see the IntoNow blog post.

  • Yahoo! Sports for Connected TV: Fans with Yahoo! Connected TV on Sony®, VIZIO®, Samsung®, and Toshiba® TVs can use the Yahoo! Sports TV App to get MLB news, scores, schedules, photos, and videos with a simple click of the remote, right to your TV screen. View live game information for your favorite team, including batter, pitcher, balls, strikes, outs and runs scored.
  • Full Count on Yahoo!: Beginning April 5, Full Count goes live, offering fans the ability to follow live MLB action through the regular season online. Announced in September as a partnership with and Yahoo!, Full Count features live look-ins to key plays and pivotal moments and in-progress video highlights from around the league, as well as statistical data and historical footage relevant to the day’s action. Additionally, fans can pause the live action or navigate back to content from earlier in the video stream to catch up on events from earlier in the day. Full Count also includes an embedded Twitter feed for tracking insiders, Yahoo! baseball reporters, expert analysts choosing upcoming live looks and social media activity buzzing around live MLB games.

So there’s no excuse to get set up and stay in-the-know for the 2012 baseball season. Support your team hit it out of the park!

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