Google Launches Handwriting Input For Text And Emoji On Android

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google_handwriting Google Research today launched its latest project: Google Handwriting Input. Besides their voice and favorite keyboards, Android users using Android 4.0.3 and up can now also simply use good old-fashioned handwriting to input text into any Android app. Read More

April 16th 2015 Android, Google, Mobile

ARC Welder: Run Android Apps in Chrome

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Google added support for Android apps in Chrome OS, but there are only a few Android apps in Chrome Web Store. Developers tested the apps and tweaked them to work well in Chrome OS, even if they were created for phones and tablets.

Now there’s an app for Chrome and Chrome OS that lets you run Android apps. It’s called ARC Welder (ARC = App Runtime for Chrome, Weld = to unite) and it’s mostly for Android developers that want to test their apps before submitting them to Chrome Web Store. You can select any APK file, but not all of them work, especially if they use Google Play Services APIs.

I’ve tried various APK files from A few of them worked properly (IMDb, BBC News, Wikipedia), while others crashed (for example: Amazon and Yahoo Weather), required Google Play Services (like YouTube and other Google apps) or didn’t work that well (like Aviary). ARC is still in beta, so there are still many bugs that need to be fixed.

April 7th 2015 Android

15 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

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TC-weekly-roundup This week’s tech headlines saw a mega-roundup of April Fool’s Day tech pranks, Jay-Z’s new music streaming service and much more. These were our best stories of the week (3/28-4/3). Read More

April 4th 2015 Android, apple, microsoft

Google Play Store Adds Fire Warning Icon

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The latest version of the Google Play Store app brings a new feature for those who own a Snapdragon 810 phone. Many people complained about the overheating issues of Qualcomm’s flagship SoC, so Google decided to add a fire warning icon next to the apps and games from the Play Store that require a lot of resources.

The good news is that the new icon will only be added for HTC One M9 and other Snapdragon 810 devices, so those who use older phones and tablets won’t see the warnings.

Google even considers releasing a special version of Android optimized for Snapdragon 810, which disables advanced features like OpenGL and the new Android runtime (ART), so that the octa-core CPU doesn’t overheat. It will be called “Lollipop Ice Cream”, as it will try to cool down the latest Android devices, while also bringing back the features from Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

April 1st 2015 Android

Unified Inbox in Gmail for Android

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Gmail’s app for Android is actually a mail client and it lets you add all your email accounts, including those from Yahoo Mail and The main benefits of integrating the stock Email app are that it can now be updated faster and you only need to use a single app instead of two apps. The latest version of the Gmail app for Android brings a lot of new features: unified inbox, conversation view for non-Gmail accounts, better search suggestions, larger attachment previews and more.

The “all inboxes” section shows the messages from all your accounts, so you can quickly read them and write replies without having to switch between your accounts. Threaded conversations are no longer limited to Gmail accounts: conversation view is available for all your email accounts.

“Today’s update also includes more responsive animations (like when you open and close a conversation), larger attachment previews to help you see what’s inside, and the ability to save to Drive with a single tap,” informs Google.

March 31st 2015 Android

Microsoft Signs 11 Agreements With OEMs To Bring Office To More Android Handsets And Tablets

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Microsoft Office 365 logo Microsoft has broadened a previously announced agreement with Samsung to preinstall its software on the latter firm’s hardware it announced today, and landed nearly a dozen separate, similar arrangements with other OEMs including Dell. As a company, Microsoft is pursuing an increasingly cross-platform software strategy, one in which it is content to ensure that its applications are… Read More

March 24th 2015 Android, microsoft, Mobile

Google Brings Ads to the Google Play Store

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Google thinks it has found a new way for app developers to get noticed in the Google Play store, while boosting the tech giant's own revenue in the process.

The upcoming launch of sponsored search results in the Google Play store is being positioned as a way for 1 billion Android users to discover new apps they may not have come across before.

"We are always looking for new ways to help you get your apps in front of potential new users," the company said in a blog post. "That's why, in the next few weeks, we will begin piloting sponsored search results on Google Play, bringing our unique expertise in search ads to the store."

Once the ads are active, searching Google Play for terms like "travel" or "shopping" will bring up the usual listings, topped by the new sponsored result—clearly labeled with the yellow "Ad" label.

Ads will start rolling out to a small set of Android users over the next few weeks. Initially, the program will only be available to advertisers already running Google search campaigns.

The company noted in its blog post that it paid out over $7 billion to developers with apps in Google Play over the past year. Apple, on the other hand, which doesn't run paid search ads in the App Store, dished out $10 billion in the past year, according to Re/code.

February 27th 2015 Android, Technology

7-Day Week View in Google Calendar for Android

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The latest update to the Google Calendar app for Android brings a lot of new features. You can see more events with the new 7-day week view and pinch-to-zoom, add Google Drive files to events, hide Google+ birthdays from the settings, show week numbers and import .ics files from other apps. The new version is gradually rolling out over the next few days.

The feature that lets you hide Google+ birthdays will also be added to the web interface next week. All the other features are already available in the desktop site.

February 27th 2015 Android

You Can Now Build Apps For Band, Microsoft’s Fitness Wearable

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microsoftband Microsoft is updating the Band fitness wearable today, building out its on-device feature set, launching a web portal so that users can better interact with their collected data, and releasing an SDK to allow developers to build apps for the gadget. Application updates are rolling out for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Read More

February 24th 2015 Android, microsoft

Own A Chromecast? Google Wants To Give You $6

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chrome-1 The Chromecast is already a damned great little device. Pretty much the only thing that would make it better is if Google randomly gave you free money for owning one.
What do you know! That’s what they’re doing today. Read More

February 7th 2015 Android, Google