iOS 9 And OS X El Capitan Are Now Available To All As Public Betas

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ios9 As announced at WWDC last month, Apple is making a beta of its newly updated mobile operating system, iOS 9, available to the general public for testing starting today, alongside the beta version of OS X El Capitan, its updated desktop OS. The iOS 9 beta build will allow early adopters to try out upcoming features, including new apps like News and a refreshed Notes, transit directions in… Read More

July 10th 2015 apple

Is Deep Linking The New Digital Marketing Battleground?

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With the introduction of deep linking in iOS 9, Apple is taking on Google in mobile search. Columnist Alex Lirtsman takes a look at the new turf war.

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July 8th 2015 apple, Google

Prince Won’t Stream 4 U (Unless You’re On Tidal, Or Maybe Google Music)

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Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 13.50.47 Call it the Taylor effect: it looks like another high-profile musician is sharpening his arrows to take aim at how streaming music services pay artists. Music from the artist currently known as Prince has been pulled from Spotify and Rdio. And Deezer — where at the time of writing Prince’s music is still streaming — has confirmed to us that it has received a takedown notice… Read More

July 3rd 2015 apple, Google

Three Ways To Win With Mobile Wallets

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Columnist Adam Dorfman notes that all the pieces are in place for the mobile wallet to extend its influence on local marketing. Are you taking advantage of this new technology in your local marketing mix?

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July 2nd 2015 apple

Here Are 5 Major Marketing Implications of Google Play Music

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Google made its foray into free music streaming today with the launch of an ad-supported version of Google Play Music, which will compete head-on with Pandora, Spotify and the forthcoming Apple Music.

A paid version of Google Play has been available for a couple of years, but it's the first time Google is leaning on advertising to create a free service—and likely pick up a lot more users. After all, if its advertising for services like YouTube is any indication, the deep-pocketed Internet giant probably has a big marketing budget to play with. 

Here are five interesting ways that Google Play Music could shake up advertising and marketing:

1. Better Data for Targeting
Similar to Pandora and Spotify, the free Google Play Music is based off of ad-supported streaming that serves up themed playlists of songs.

Both Pandora and Spotify have worked to add better targeting options, including programmatic buying and data-based formats, into ads for a couple years. But Google's trove of data from search and email that is tied to a login account would likely best both music-streaming companies.

2. Wider Advertising Reach
The Mountain View, Calif.-based company did not say which ad formats would immediately be available with Google Play Music, but a quick test of the new audio player this afternoon shows Google using two types of ads: Google Display Networks and video promos.

When listeners first open the streaming-radio player, a video pops up—not unlike YouTube's TrueView—explaining how Google Play Music works. Similar to how brands insert ads between YouTube clips, it's not hard to imagine advertisers using these ads to get someone's attention before they start listening to music.

Google Play Music should also give marketers more visibility for display ads. As folks listen to music, text and image ads appear on the right side of the screen—as they do on publishers' sites.

3. Makes YouTube Ads More Skippable
A Google Play Music paid subscription, which cuts out ads as people listen to music, costs $9.99 per month. What's more, the subscription also removes ads served before music video clips on YouTube.

4. Search Power
Google launched Google Play, its digital music store, more than three years ago. The tie-in with its search roots is intriguing, but there is still a massive opportunity to improve music discovery through search.

If Google is able to weave Google Play Music with the technology that powers the world's most dominant search engine, it has a chance to distinguish itself against the long list of smaller online music companies also trying to crack music discovery, including Shazam and Rdio.

5. It Could Beat Apple to the Subscription Money
It's no coincidence that a free version of Google Play Music launches just a week before Apple launches Apple Music—the Cupertino, Calif., company's own incursion into streaming music.

Apple's upcoming service is based on the same paid business model as iTunes and requires a $9.99 monthly subscription.

By pushing today's announcement out before Apple Music, Google is making a bid to convert free-wielding listeners into paid subscribers.

"We hope you'll enjoy it so much that you'll consider subscribing to Google Play Music to play without ads, take your music offline, create your own playlists, and listen to any of the 30 million songs in our library on any device and as much as you'd like," said Google product manager Elias Roman in a blog post.

June 24th 2015 apple, Google, Technology

May Top 50: Apples to Apples, News Making News

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Top 50

Image from: Top 50 / Shutterstock

Data for the month of May is now live for Compete PRO users! Per usual, the data has spoken and we listened – compiling some of the most compelling stories out of the top 50 websites over last month.

Apples to Apples? (15) grew month-over-month (MoM) by 2.1% and had 49.3 million unique visitors during this May. This boost could be attributed to the Apple Watch, which is currently only available via online order. But this is only one popular product, in an army of many devices and applications that people are still actively searching for. In fact, search referrals over the past three months show iTunes, Macbook, Apple TV, iPhone 6, and iPad all as top 15 keywords driving traffic to This just shows even though the Apple Watch is an incredibly buzz-worthy topic, Apple’s other products are still in the consumers’ mind.

News Making the News

The clear trend for online news sources in the top 50 was growth. Huffington Post (22), Forbes (24), Business Insider (35), Washington Post (46), and Daily Mail (49) were recorded to have monthly percentage increases of 5.9%, 12.8%, 7.9%, 3.2%, and 7.5%. This is clearly a positive sign for some heavy-hitters in the news publishing industry – an industry that has found a new home through digital mediums. I think it will be interesting to see if the websites can retain their audience and boost loyalty.

If you want access to all the new data and don’t have a subscription to Compete PRO follow here! The full list of top 50 domains is below!

Rank Domain Unique Visitors MoM Growth
1 180,119,829 0.38%
2 160,548,593 -1.29%
3 160,237,741 0.14%
4 151,627,699 4.35%
5 122,121,794 2.60%
6 107,102,922 2.59%
7 92,314,130 3.51%
8 88,017,755 -1.32%
9 75,660,441 0.31%
10 62,698,198 1.29%
11 59,325,564 11.87%
12 56,477,161 4.03%
13 55,137,455 6.24%
14 50,084,799 5.33%
15 49,257,124 2.13%
16 48,294,458 4.89%
17 47,989,229 5.91%
18 47,399,634 0.39%
19 46,391,762 1.61%
20 46,147,550 5.29%
21 46,132,137 -1.85%
22 45,913,039 5.91%
23 45,727,686 -1.96%
24 45,331,121 12.82%
25 44,700,347 -0.72%
26 39,167,985 8.79%
27 38,234,210 4.93%
28 37,626,496 11.01%
29 37,213,253 1.02%
30 32,603,462 1.96%
31 32,542,704 9.99%
32 32,375,593 3.49%
33 31,565,047 22.83%
34 30,814,957 4.02%
35 30,346,292 7.93%
36 29,794,346 15.35%
37 28,260,279 6.92%
38 28,018,135 1.38%
39 27,952,511 6.77%
40 27,727,815 4.89%
41 27,644,291 2.52%
42 26,841,618 -11.19%
43 26,454,211 -0.80%
44 25,507,831 10.85%
45 25,108,496 5.22%
46 24,747,472 3.23%
47 24,478,600 3.85%
48 24,204,276 7.50%
49 23,702,701 5.11%
50 23,002,159 -5.53%

June 12th 2015 apple, News

Send Places From Browser To The iPhone In Google Maps 4.7 Update

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The latest version of Google Maps (4.7.0) for iOS, among other things, gives users the ability to send locations from the PC to their i-devices. While you can already save places on the desktop and retrieve them on the iPhone, this is another nice cross-device integration for Google Maps. After…

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June 10th 2015 apple

Apple iOS 9 Deep Linking Promises Improved App Discoverability Even For Apps Not Installed

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Apple introduces Deep Linking in iOS 9 for improved app discovery. Time for standardization amongst Google, Bing, Facebook and now Apple?

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June 10th 2015 apple

Apple Boosts iOS 9 Intelligence With Proactive Siri, Expanded Search & In-App Deep Linking

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In announcing some of Siri’s new “proactive” capabilities yesterday at WWDC, Apple’s Craig Federighi said the company was “Enhancing how you use your device but without compromising your privacy.” A not-so-indirect swipe at Google, this approach also suggests…

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June 9th 2015 apple

Apple’s WWDC Keynote In 90 Seconds

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apple-wwdc-20150133 Apple had a lot to announce at its Worldwide Developer Conference this morning, and it was easy to miss big news as it happened during the two-hour-plus keynote. We’ve summed it up right here, with links to our coverage if you want to know more. Off the bat, Apple announced Mac OS X El Capitan. While it doesn’t come with a visual overhaul like last year’s Yosemite update,… Read More

June 9th 2015 apple, ipad, iphone, Mobile