Apple’s iTunes soon to serve up “Spoken Editions” of publishers’ content

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itunes-podcasts If you prefer listening to the news over reading the news, you’ll soon have a new way to do so, via iTunes. In the near future, you’ll be able to browse through a variety of podcasts focused on turning media publishers’ articles and news into audio content, dubbed “Spoken Editions.”
On iTunes, podcasts branded “Spoken Edition” will be short-form… Read More

September 24th 2016 apple

Weekly Roundup: Apple’s auto rumors, GoPro’s new devices and CZI’s $3B pledge

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chan zuck This week, Yahoo came clean about a 2014 hack, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan announced a huge investment to cure disease, rumors swirled around possible car tech acquisitions for Apple and the AI startup space continued to heat up with a few chat bot acquisitions. These are the top stories of the week. Read More

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There’s no Google Search widget for the iOS 10 Search screen: why that matters

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Google search could be on the iOS Search screen with a widget, if it wanted. Why isn’t it offering that option to its users?

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September 16th 2016 apple

Twitter Is Adding a Livestreaming Video App to Apple TV, Fire TV and Xbox One

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Anyone who wants to watch livestreaming content on Twitter will soon be able to from an actual television.

Twitter is launching an app for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Microsoft's Xbox One that will allow anyone with one of the devices to watch Twitter-streamed content such as NFL games or political talk shows without using a paywall or logging into a Twitter account. The free app, announced today, is available in select global markets. 

"These devices will bring Twitter's live streaming video experience to life on the TV screen," Twitter CFO Anthony Noto said in a statement. "Twitter has always been a great complement to TV, and now fans can enjoy even more premium video with live Tweets — and the best content on Twitter — right from their TVs."

Through an exclusive partnership with Apple, viewers with a fourth-generation Apple TV also will be able to watch live video while checking out tweeted video clips with a side-by-side experience.

Throughout this year, company has announced a series of livestreaming partnerships with the NFL, MLB, NBA, Bloomberg News and others as it pivots from being only a social network to a destination for video content. (The company already had a livestreaming partnership with CBS News to livestream both the Republican and Democratic national conventions.)

Here's a look at how the content will appear with the Twitter app:

September 14th 2016 apple, Technology, Twitter

$10 will get you a wire for your wireless AirPods

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AirPods Life is strange sometimes. Like, sometimes you buy a $160 pair of wireless headphones, and all you want to is find a way to add another wire to the thing. $10 might be a small price to pay, if it stands between you and losing one of those precious new fully wireless AirPods that Apple announced earlier this week – far and away the largest complaint among internet pundits that… Read More

September 13th 2016 apple

It Was Apple’s Event, But These 4 Brands Got to Share the Spotlight

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Apple's Keynote event today at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco heralded in the newest editions of the iPhone, Apple Watch and wireless earbuds (called AirPods) and a swatch of software additions and tweaks.

But while Apple CEO Tim Cook and other executives touted their wares and wearables, a number of stars from other brands also took to the stage to mark partnerships for various products. It seemed to be a noticeable shift, as Apple is now sharing with non-Apple companies more than in years past.

Here are some of the brands that announced partnerships with Apple's latest fleet:


To commemorate the first Apple Watch to be untethered from an iPhone, Apple is bringing a whole line of Nike-branded watch bands specifically geared at the Nike+ running crowd. To talk about runner-focused updates for the Apple Watch 2's integration with Nike+ Run Club app, Apple invited Nike Brand President Trevor Edwards to talk about what runners can expect.

"Apple and Nike share a passion to make life easier and more fun, and we look forward to continuing this amazing journey together," Edwards said.


Apple's App Store has already surpassed 140 billion downloads, but that number is bound to go even higher now that Super Mario is making his debut.

It's the first time Super Mario has been available for iOS. (As The New York Times notes, the company has long kept its games away from non-Nintendo devices.) For the announcement, Apple surprised the audience by bringing the game's creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, on stage to talk about it and show off the demo of Super Mario Run. The game, which is similar to the original in many ways, will be available by the 2016 holiday season for an undisclosed price.

Nintendo's stock jumped as much as 27 percent after officials announced Super Mario would be coming to the Apple App store.       

        Nintendo is finally bringing Super Mario to the App Store. Apple


Nike isn't the only non-Apple brand that's coming together with the Apple Watch. Hermès, the Parisian luxury designer, is expanding its existing collaboration with Apple with a new series of single- and double-tour bands in a variety of colors and designs. 


Hermès is expanding its partnership with Apple with new bands. Apple

Pokemon Go

It was bound to happen. Just months since the augmented reality break-out game of the year inspired gamers around the world to go outside in search of digital pocket monsters, Apple announced it plans to integrate the game into the next version of the Apple Watch.

The watch version of the app has already been downloaded 500 million times, leading to users walking more than 4.6 billion kilometers. Soon, the watch version will help guide trainers to the nearest eggs, while keeping score of points and other collectibles and tracking fitness stats from the journey.

Pokemon Go will be integrated into the latest Apple Watch.  Apple

September 8th 2016 apple, Technology

The Backlash on Twitter Over Apple’s New iPhones Is Predictable, and It May Not Matter

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Right after Apple's annual event ended today in San Francisco, "6S Plus" immediately began trending on Twitter nationally. Here's a big reason why: The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus—the crown jewels of Apple's announcements—do not include a headphone jack.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based company wants consumers to buy wireless ear pieces called AirPods for $159. The problem is, many people believe they are expensive and fear they will lose them if they buy them. And they cannot simply run to the corner store and buy cheap, generic replacements for a few bucks—there's no jack for that. The phones come with one complimentary adapter for headphones that will run through the devices' lightning port, but replacements will cost $9 through Apple. 

According to Amobee Brand Intelligence, 29 percent of the sentiment around "headphone jack" on Twitter was negative this afternoon, while just 10 percent of it was positive. Sixty-one percent was neutral.

Will the move create a marketing challenge for Apple and its ad agency, TBWAMedia Arts Lab? Even though the initial data points seem bad, said Jonathan Cohen, principal brand analyst at Amobee, marketers for the new iPhones will probably be just fine: They have always been able to push cutting-edge features in the past.

"Consider when Apple updated the iPhone 5 to include a lightning port—consumers were displeased when they first announced that as well," Cohen said. "Apple has a long history of making innovative, yet radical changes to their devices that make the most vocal opponents speak out, but they also have a loyal consumer base that praise their progressive design, too. Any marketing challenges that Apple will have, will be short-lived as they have a positive track record of showing an increase in performance of their products."

Trevor Wade, global marketing director at Landor, largely concurred. "Although many people may initially be frustrated by this decision," she said, "Apple has earned consumer trust over the years and people will quickly come around."

Underscoring their points was this tweet, in particular:

Meanwhile, here are a handful other Twitter reactions that illustrate some of the social-media aftermath thanks to doing away with the headphone jack.

UPDATE: This story originally stated that an adapter had to be purchased to allow the iPhone 7 models to be immediately usable with regular headphones.

September 8th 2016 apple, Technology

Apple Watch Gets Pokémon Go

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“Oh boy, here we go,” said John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Labs when speaking at Apple’s iPhone 7 event today. “Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch.”

Hinke stated that Pokémon Go has had more than 500 million downloads and that trainers have walked more than 4.6 billion kilometers. Although possibly the most successful digital game in history, it has also generated controversy from trespassing and nuisance lawsuits to deaths caused by the games mobile distractions.

The Apple Watch version of Pokémon Go includes features that make the game playable without having to always be glaring at your phone, mitigating some of the more dangerous pitfalls. The basic game is the same but is designed to be a more walking experience, where users can view distances walked, calories burned and be alerted when a Pokémon is within reach.

Picture 8

The app will be available before the holidays.

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Pokemon Go Is Coming to Apple Watch: Which Brand Will Benefit More?

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Among the announcements today at the ongoing Apple Event, one should definitely intrigue retail marketers: Pokemon Go is coming to the Apple Watch Series 2 when the gadget hits the market starting at $369 on Sept. 16.

Pokemon Go was hugely popular in July and early August, and brick-and-mortar merchants loved it because it drove foot traffic. But its momentum among consumers has waned in recent weeks.

It's doubtful the second version of Apple Watch alone can revive the app's thrust. Though Pokemon Go is reportedly going to be updated soon, which could spark renewed interest—which, in turn, may help push Apple Watch Series 2 sales.

Both brands could use a boost, as industry watchers were disappointed with sales of the first Apple Watch. An uptick in interest is certainly the result both players have in mind by marrying the game with the smartwatch.

"It's more likely that Pokemon Go will get a boost from this partnership than the Apple brand," predicted Trevor Wade, global marketing director at Landor. "An endorsement from Apple draws renewed attention to the game and makes it seem cooler, in addition to offering a new user experience. Although people may be eager to try out the new app, it is unlikely that they will buy the Apple Watch solely to play Pokemon Go when they can play for free on their mobile phones."

At the same time, Pokemon Go has been downloaded 500 million times in about two months, which is an insane adoption rate. So perhaps the Apple Watch will benefit from a few million of the game's aficionados wanting it on their wrists.  

"It could possibly benefit Apple if it is hungry for Pokemon Go's audience, which does go beyond the stereotype of teenagers and millennials and reaches into broad demographics," said Falguni Bhuta, vp of communications and engagement marketing at Opera Mediaworks.

Pokemon Go is made by Niantic, whose CEO, John Hanke, took the stage at the Apple Event in San Francisco earlier this afternoon. He claimed players have walked more than 4.6 billion kilometers playing Pokemon Go.

With that in mind, the game's app for the Apple Watch will show how far players need to walk to "hatch an egg," in Pokemon parlance, and it will apparently offer other fitness data and display the points needed to reach the game's next level.

The app will also let players know when a Pokemon character appears nearby thanks to an alert from their wrist—which certainly suggests a more seamless experience compared with a smartphone.

For the uninitiated, the mobile game employs a smartphones' GPS to alert users when they are "in the game," or when Pokemon characters appear on their phone in augmented reality. The concept entices players to move around their locales and earn points by catching such characters.

Stay tuned for updates from the Apple Event, which had just ended at press time.

September 8th 2016 apple, Technology

What to expect at Apple’s iPhone press conference

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apple-wwdc-20150411 Let’s start with the elephant in the room. For the past three years, Apple has introduced new iPhones at a press event in early September. Based on multiple leaks, this year shouldn’t be an expection. The iPhone 7 (or whatever Apple calls it, but iPhone 7 seems likely) will feature more or less the same design as the iPhone 6s. The antenna lines at the back will be streamlined and… Read More

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