Google Is Expanding Universal App Campaigns to iOS Developers

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Google is opening up its Universal App Campaigns for iOS developers to use for driving app installs to Apple devices.

The search engine giant—which begins its annual Google I/O developer conference today—has been building out its app install capabilities since it first unveiled the campaigns in September. To date, the company says it's now driven more than 2 billion app downloads, which is bound to increase now that it's added another operating system to the mix.

Universal app campaigns—which allow developers to run a campaign across Google search, YouTube, the Google Play store and the Google Display Network—will now also extend to another key Google product: Gmail.

Back in December, Google described the campaigns as an "install-seeking machine." One developer said the cost per install was between 30 and 50 percent cheaper than similar campaigns on Facebook.

According to Sissie Hsiao, Google's product management director for mobile app ads, campaigns will now move beyond driving volume of installs and allow developers to target users that are likely to take a specific action that's meaningful to the maker. Whether it's reaching a certain level in a game, buying a new camera or booking a vacation, she said the updates will improve the quality of users driven to an app.

"It really moves the product beyond just optimizing for install volume and allows the developers to also optimize for in-app actions that are important to them," she told Adweek.

Using machine learning, Google's models learn and predict based on user intent signals, advertiser conversion signals and user demographics to predict which users might be "high quality" for a developer. All of this will be automated, Hsiao said, including creative, bidding and targeting.

Today, Google also launched additional insight tools for developers through Firebase, a startup acquired by Google in October 2014. According to Google Firebase Analytics product manager Russ Ketchum, Firebase has grown four times its size since being bought by Google, and now has more than 450,000 developers on the platform. 

Ketchum said Google has expanded Firebase beyond a mobile backend and to include features like analytics, growth tools and crash reporting. He said one tool, Firebase Analytics, could be beneficial for developers just like Google Analytics is for the websites of brands and publishers. But instead of focusing on screen views or sessions, it is focused on events to help developers better understand what's happening in their app in a language that's natural to them.

"You can think of this as Google's mobile platform for app developers," he told Adweek.

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Apple’s GarageBand picks up traditional Chinese sounds and instruments in new update

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iOS_3-Device_GarageBand_SimplifiedChinese_PR_CN-ZH-SCREEN Apple’s interests in China, its second-largest regional market, expand far beyond their recent $1 billion investment in Didi Chuxing. As the company eyes a larger presence in China, they’re also looking to capture the country’s creativity and imagination with their content creation tools. Today, Apple’s GarageBand music creation software is gaining an update on iOS and… Read More

May 17th 2016 apple

My app wins Platinum Award & featured on App Store!

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SUM! just received the Muse Creative Awards – Platinum Award!
It’s such an honor to receive the highest rank of an international design award. All the characters are just so surprised as well.

Enfani keeps creating quality and fun products that make people happy.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 07.09.28

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Apple invests $1B in Didi Chuxing, China’s largest ride-hailing app

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shutterstock apple shanghai china Apple made the bombshell announcement today that it has invested $1 billion in China’s top ride hailing app. Didi Chuxing (formerly called Didi Kuaidi) is often described in U.S. media as Uber’s Chinese rival, but it already dominates the market by far. The company claims it fulfilled one billion rides last year and holds 87 percent of the country’s private ride-hailing market. Read More

May 13th 2016 apple

Windows 95 on the Apple Watch features the world’s most twee Start button

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1-WBF79wkx9h34PZ_XY9_59g Big, complex things running on tiny things is a common theme this week. Earlier we had a hack that put Counter-Strike on Android Wear, and today some maniac has installed Windows 95 on his Apple Watch. At last it’ll do something worthwhile! That is, of course, if you can find the Start button. Read More

April 30th 2016 apple

Phil Schiller takes to Twitter to remind everyone not to pluralize Apple products

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100s-iphones Last night a single tweet on everyone’s favorite news platform was heard ’round the world. No, I’m not talking about the tweet that cost an NFL draft prospect $14 million dollars. Or Drake’s tweet dropping his new album, Views. I’m talking about Apple marketing boss Phil Schiller taking to Twitter to finally answer the age-old question of how to correctly refer… Read More

April 30th 2016 apple, iphone, Twitter

iBooks and iTunes Movies ordered closed in China by government regulator, just six months after launch

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shutterstock apple The New York Times reports that a government regulator forced the closure of iBooks Store and iTunes Movies in China last week. The two services launched there in September, along with Apple Music (which is still available). Read More

April 22nd 2016 apple

Report: Apple building AdWords-like ad product for the App Store

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AdWords for the App Store could be potentially very useful for developers and lucrative for Apple.

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The future of the car is not about propulsion

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pexels-photo-54278 I’m impatient to see breakthroughs in cars. I have high expectations for what Apple will do and respect for what Tesla has already done. I agree with Peter Thiel on the we-were-promised-jet-cars-but-got-140-characters thing, and with Larry Page who worries that Silicon Valley doesn’t throw the ball down the field enough. Read More

April 10th 2016 apple, Google

Justice Department keeps pushing Apple to unlock iPhone in New York drug case

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ipad-mini-3-touch-id The fight between the government and Apple is not over. While the most controversial case is now over, the Department of Justice keeps pushing Apple on another case. The government still wants Apple to unl Read More

April 9th 2016 apple, security