Anker To Offer USB-C Cables, Hubs And Batteries For Your New MacBook

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Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.52.04 PM Anker, the company that makes affordable, good-quality backup batteries and other accessories without the hefty price tag of some of its competitors, is answering the call of USB-C. To serve buyers of the new 12-inch MacBook and Chromebook Pixel (as well as countless future devices), the accessory-maker today unveiled a line of USB-C cables, adapters, hubs, backup batteries and more. Read More

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Apple’s iOS 9 Could Herald A New Future For Older iPhones And iPads

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iphone-4S-Siri1 Apple’s next-generation operating systems, for both mobile devices and PCs, are reportedly going to have a strong focus on zapping bugs and improving stability, reports 9to5Mac. We’d heard this about iOS before, but it appears this will be a smoothing year (but with new features, too). The more interesting news, however, is that Apple is also said to be working on improving iOS… Read More

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Uber Teams Up With Baidu For HERE Maps, Apple Buys More Coherent Navigation

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HERE mapping unit could fetch more than $4 billion in new bidding war.

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May 19th 2015 apple

Apple Says First HomeKit-Enabled Devices Land Next Month

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Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 4.55.15 PM Apple has been relatively quiet on HomeKit, the protocol it announced at its Worldwide Developers Conference last year for connecting its devices to third-party smart home gadgets and accessories. But that changed today. The company provided the following statement to TechCrunch confirming that HomeKit-enabled devices will come to market starting next month, meaning users won’t have to… Read More

May 15th 2015 apple, Mobile

6 Apple Watch Flaws That Could Make You Queasy

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Whenever Apple launches a new product, someone somewhere is going to find a flaw. It's inevitable when you sell as many devices as Apple does, and so it goes with its new watch.

After going on sale last month, the field-test results are in, and as with past product launches—iPhones had Bendgate and Antennagate—Apple Watch users have uncovered several shortcomings, some more serious than others.

But they all get attention because of the massive scrutiny under which Apple operates, as the most valuable company in the world.

Just this week, we discovered some Apple Watch users are getting a rash. Last week, we learned that people with wrist tattoos experienced difficulties with some functions.

There have even been reports that the watch causes an irrational fear of circles.

So, with all this in mind, it's worth having a look at all the ways Apple Watch has failed some people. In the spirit of blaming everything on everything, let's all just say, "Thanks a lot, Apple Watch."


Apple Watch has been blamed for inspiring trypophobia. That's a fear of irregularly arranged circles—kind of like the way Apple Watch apps look on the home screen. People with this phobia report uneasiness viewing things like beehives or sponges. Symptoms apparently include skin crawling, freaking out and nausea.



Stephanie Rosenbloom did a test run with the watch and wanted to see how it would perform as a travel tool. It had mostly good results, but one freeze up and she almost ordered too many Uber cars. So, don't panic, and just start pushing buttons in apps, or who knows what you'll wind up having auto-sent your way. Luckily for her, she just canceled her five inadvertent Uber rides.



Some users are reporting some skin irritation, identified by red splotches. The band appears to be irritating these people, and Apple has guidelines for third-party band makers and cleanliness tips for users.



If you have a lot of ink on your wrist, the watch may not work correctly. The hearty sensor, a big biometric reason for using the device while exercising, doesn't seem to register correctly if the wearer has a tattoo right under the watch face.



There are support groups popping up for people who don't have friends with Apple Watches, because they can't find anyone with whom to share their heartbeats. One of the features Apple promoted was the ability to message loved ones with a simulation of your heart beat—just to say you care. Online groups are forming on sites like Reddit to meet strangers who might want to try it out together. Also, it's probably best if you don't have a wrist tattoo.



Ok, stress tests are all the rage with new devices. There are many videos of people unboxing their new watches, trying every which way to destroy it and seeing whether it can survive. Still, you shouldn't be shocked when you do break it. So, while this is not quite a design flaw, it should be noted that whipping the watch face down on the floor, like this guy did, will smash it to pieces.


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Apple Watch(ing)!

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Digital Watch

Image from: Digital Watch / Shutterstock

There is a ton of hype surrounding the new Apple Watch. Will it be the next “big” thing? Will it change the way we interact with brands and one another? Will it be the most personal of all personal devices? Will it even TELL TIME?! Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the right answers to most of these questions (although sources have confirmed that telling time is definitely a function of the watch). But I can report to you on how the Apple Watch is impacting the Internet.

Search Referral Share

I wanted to focus in on search referrals because they will tell us how the keyword “apple watch” is driving traffic to websites. Not surprisingly received the most traffic from this keyword with 33.3% of overall traffic for the keyword landing there. Additionally, 2.5% of’s traffic from search was driven by the “apple watch” keyword. Total search referrals to (from any keyword, not just Apple Watch) were 65.6 million. This means that over 1.6 million people searched for the Apple Watch and landed on

Search Referrals

In comparison to the iPhone, the Apple Watch didn’t exactly stack up. The iPhone drove 11.3% of search traffic to – translating to around 7.9 million people. Of course, the iPhone already has been on the market for years and has incredible brand equity. The iPad also drove more traffic to than that of the Apple Watch (4.5% of search traffic). Like the iPhone, the iPad has been on the market for quite some time.

Nonetheless, the Apple watch was just announced September 2014 and isn’t even fully released on yet. It will be interesting to see, with the full market release, if the Apple Watch can surpass the iPad and iPhone in search referral traffic to

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iPhone, Mac & App Store Give Apple Another Big Quarter

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Apple released its financial results for its fiscal 2015 second quarter ended March 28. Thanks to strong performance by its iPhone, Mac and App Store businesses, the company posted 27% revenue growth and 40% EPS growth, setting records for the second quarter.

The company managed to exceed Wall Street expectations.

Quarterly revenue was $58 billion and quarterly net profit was $13.6 billion compared to revenue of $45.6 billion and net profit of $10.2 billion for the same quarter last year.

Gross margin was 40.8% compared to 39.3% last year, and international sales accounted for 69% of the quarter’s revenue.

Apple credits record second-quarter sales of iPhone and Mac as well as an all-time record performance from the App Store with driving the company’s impressive growth.

CEO Tim Cook said, “We are thrilled by the continued strength of iPhone, Mac and the App Store, which drove our best March quarter results ever. We’re seeing a higher rate of people switching to iPhone than we’ve experienced in previous cycles, and we’re off to an exciting start to the June quarter with the launch of Apple Watch.”

Note that he didn’t include the iPad in there as sales of those were reportedly worse than expected.

“The tremendous customer demand for our products and services in the March quarter drove revenue growth of 27 percent and EPS growth of 40 percent,” said CFO Luca Maestri. “Cash flow from operations was also outstanding at $19.1 billion.”

For its fiscal 2015 Q3, Apple is projecting revenue between $46 billion and $48 billion and gross margin between 38.5% and 39.5%.

Image via Apple

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American Greetings’ Apple Watch App Features an Emoji-like Taco

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Lines may be shorter than expected at stores today, but people are finally starting to get their Apple Watches. And when they do, they'll start downloading a bevy of branded apps—including, maybe, one from American Greetings.

The brand's justWink app sends out digital greeting cards and "winks," animated characters that resemble emojis and GIFs.

"One of the things about the watch is that [our app] wasn't just a me-too for your wrist—we offered a new line of products, which we call winks," said Lisa Wascovich, American Greetings' director of boutique brands at Digital Greetings.

Eight smartwatch-exclusive winks are launching on the app, one of which is a picture of a taco—earlier this month, social media blew up when Apple's new text keyboard didn't include a taco.

IPhone users have long complained about the phones not having built-in emojis. Taco Bell went as far as lobbying the Unicode Consortium and starting a petition.

To build off of that buzz, American Greetings and agency Mullen rented out a taco truck in New York and plastered it with Wink's branding, including the hashtag #ItsTacoTime.

The company's truck is parked outside of Apple's Fifth Avenue and SoHo locations today to lure in new watch owners, and tomorrow, it will stake out the store in the city's Meatpacking District.

The truck will dole out free tacos while plugging the app to new smartwatch owners.

However, it was all planned before Apple said last week that the watches may not be available in stores today.

"We were anticipating lines and being able to work with that captive audience, but we still think it's valuable tomorrow because people are going to be getting their watches [and] they're going to be excited to see which apps they can put on there," said Jaclyn Ruelle, vp and account director of PR and social influence at Mullen.

Wink is geared toward millennials, many of whom may not be able to cough up the $350 minimum for the device. So, American Greetings' street team is also giving out a few $400 Apple Store gift cards.

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Apple Moving Closer To Adding Public Transit Routing To Maps

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Apple has been talking about adding public transit data to its mapping product for a very long time. My understanding is that the company has had access to the transit data itself for some time, but for reasons that remain obscure has not has not been able to get transit directions into Maps yet….

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April 23rd 2015 apple

Facebook Testing Caller Id App “Hello” | Crunch Report

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CR4.22THUMB On today’s Crunch Report, Google announces Project Fi cell service, what your favorite apps will look like on Apple Watch, Makerbot’s uncertain future, and Facebook’s user base is flocking to mobile. Crunch Report airs Monday through Friday at 7 PM ET / 4 PM PT.
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