Will the New iPhone Come With Facial Recognition Technology?

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There are several ways to unlock and secure your mobile phone. When it comes to the iPhone, the fingerprint scanner is one of the most popular options available. However, this method has its limitations, which is why Apple has been considering facial recognition for more than a year now.

This feature would not only be convenient but also more secure than the fingerprint scanner, possibly overshadowing it. The Apple facial scanner would be able to scan a face from a distance using a depth sensor, making it faster and safer to unlock the phone rather than using the fingerprint scanner, a pattern, or a number code.

Apple is apparently testing out frontal 3D facial scanning, retinal scanning, and depth recognition. They are also focusing on a high level of speed and comprehensive accuracy with the new technology. The aim is to give the iPhone owner the ability to unlock the device, within a few milliseconds at the most, just by glancing at it. It could even work if the phone is lying flat on a table.

The security of the face recognition feature would not only exceed that of the Touch ID sensor, but also the iris scanner found on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Upon release of the Galaxy S8, hackers were able to unlock the phone with an easy-to-execute tactic that involved holding a photo image of the iris in front of the phone’s sensor. Sensing depth, the 3D feature on the new iPhone would be able to collect more biometric data to reduce the possibility of being deceived by a photo. 

An added bonus of the new feature is that your face will not only be able to unlock your phone, but also make payments, launch apps, log into social media accounts, and much more. It is not clear if the 3D scanner will replace the Touch ID as Apple’s representatives have yet to respond to the rumor.

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Desktop Calendar Wallpaper – July 2017

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Wireless Earbuds Links Concept

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Pinch to Copy – Touch Screen Gesture Concept

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I really want this!

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Hand for Your Smartphone (Concept)

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I want a smartphone dock with a physical little hand.

It’d be nice if it could work as a real ‘stand’ and even walk!

And here’s a similar concept I thought of some time ago.

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Gina – Future Glass Smartphone Concept

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Just a sketch again.

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New Gadget Allows iPhone to Print ‘Moving’ Pictures

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Mobile printing startup Prynt has unveiled their latest gadget that can print colored photos in just 30 seconds, and makes use of augmented reality to produce “moving” pictures.

The gadget is certainly cool, but don’t expect to get high-quality images. The printing quality of the gadget is reportedly pedestrian and doesn’t even match up to photos from Polariod. However, the faster printing speed, easy functionality, as well as better connectivity to iPhones, make it a good buy compared to most Bluetooth mobile printers.

Here’s how it works: when the users choose an image from their iPhone to print, the application will upload a clip from the Live Photo—or the Boomerang app from Instagram—to the cloud. After they scan the static image using the Prynt app, the video will be superimposed on top.

Prynt co-founder Clément Perrot said, “It’s the best of both worlds. You get something that is tangible, unique, but you also have a sense of the context of what happened at that time.”

“Here’s a way to capture all of that and put it into something that people would look back at. If it stays on their phone, you don’t necessarily look at it again,” he added.

A mobile printer is not exactly new, considering that Polaroid has its own Insta-film technology, apart from its own mobile photo printer. HP also has the Sprocket (which sells for about $130).

Perrot hopes that the new technology will encourage people to print their most precious photos. While the convenience of camera phones allows people to take as many pictures as they want, they rarely go through the photos after uploading them on social media. In most instances, they just delete the photos after sharing them on Facebook or Instagram.

Perrot stated that this is what Prynt is trying to fill with its mobile printer. The nostalgia that physical photos possess, where “you can touch something and go back to it.”

For now, the Prynt app is only available for the iPhone. However, an app dedicated for Android will be launched later this year. The app uses inkless paper from Zink, which can be activated using heat.

The Prynt pocket printer sells for $138 on Amazon. Users will have to buy another pack for the sheets of paper to be fed into the device. One pack with 40 sheets will cost $20.

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Apple Patent Hints at Plan to Use Wifi Routers for Wireless Charging

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Hoping to get an edge over their competition, Apple Inc. is developing technology that will allow users to charge their phones via wireless routers.

The Cupertino-based tech giant has been granted a patent filing by the U.S. Patent and Trademark, according to documents publicly revealed on Thursday.

According to a recent report, the “Wireless Charging and Communication Systems With Dual-Frequency Patch Antennas” technology will make it possible for people to replenish the battery life of their devices using Wi-Fi.One of the many challenges of wireless charging is the limited range of Wi-Fi. But Apple suggested the use of dual mode circuitry and “dual-frequency patch antennas.” If the company manages to realize the dream, it can make use of Wi-Fi routers (both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) through a cellular frequency link somewhere between 700 MHz and 2700 MHz using a transmitter and receiver.

The concept of latching on to wireless routers to charge devices is not new, as small gadgets, like smartwatches for instance, have been proven to be charged using a Wi-Fi connection. However, this would be the first time that something as ambitious as charging a more powerful mobile phone is being pursued. It would also have greater impact on the future of charging devices, taking mobility to another level.

Apple already has existing technology in its AirPort Extreme routers that use “beamforming antennas” in order to scour and latch on to a signal. While AirPort promises to amplify the user’s internet speed, the technology itself can be used to search for nearby Wi-Fi networks to charge a cellular phone.

For now,  Apple remains mum about its intentions regarding the patent, but chances are consumers can expect to see an overhaul in how we power our electronic devices in the coming years.

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Now Free– Checkie! Image based checklist app

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Items that are often left behind when leaving home, such as a schoolboy’s handkerchief, grocery items, baby wipes, etc. etc… Checkie! helps you remind those items with fun!

Everybody’s busy. So the timer directly starts the app and images are used instead of text so you can see and know what it is at a glance. All you have to do is touch the item when it’s ready. For the events that you don’t know when to happen, such as outing with a baby, an irregular business trip, just prepare lists of them ready at hand! What you can enjoy the most of Checkie! is when preparing a list so that even a little kid gets interested in the process, which helps her/him aware of self management of the belongings.

Users of Checkie! say it helps not only kids, adults and seniors who often leave something behind, but also people with ADD and ADHD.

It’s now available free on iPhone and iPad on App Store.

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Apple files a billion-dollar royalty suit against Qualcomm

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iphone-4s What started as a rough week for Qualcomm just got worse. Apple is piling onto the lawsuit train just ahead of the weekend, following in the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s footsteps with a roughly billion-dollar suit against the San Diego-based mobile chipmaker.
Apple was specifically named in the recent FTC filing, which accused Qualcomm of engaging in an anti-competitive “no… Read More

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