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Happy Labor Day Weekend! Here in Boston, we’re soaking in the warm weather while we still can. If you find yourself with some free time when not winterizing splashing around in your pool, check out a few of our favorite digital marketing articles from our feeds this week.

Millward Brown Acquires InsightExpress To Bolster Digital Measurement

It’s been an exciting week in our office with announcement that we will be growing the Millward Brown Digital family! Our acquisition of InsightExpress takes our capabilities to the next level, allowing us to provide the ultimate behavioral and attitudinal solutions. Take a look at this article to learn how our expansion will help our clients achieve optimal marketing effectiveness and get digital right.

10 Surprising Things You Should Know About Social Media

Keeping up the latest social media trends can seem like a never-ending task. Chances are some of the information you’ve been hanging on to is outdated. This infographic by Entrepreneur features a collection of social media facts that will likely surprise you. Check it out to learn what your followers expect from you, capitalize on trends, and spruce up your social strategy.

With SEO, There Is Now A Difference Between Data And Wisdom

Forbes interviewed two digital experts, Bruce Clay, President at Bruce Clay, Inc. and Duane Forrester, Sr. Product Manager, Webmaster Outreach at Bing about the newest SEO trends. Take a look at this article to read expert advice on how search engine changes should be impacting your strategy, what opportunities you should be taking advantages of, and what mistakes you should be avoiding.

Search Marketers: The Time To Focus On Mobile User Experience Is Now

Marketers are currently in the process of hopping on the mobile bandwagon. For many, developing mobile SEM has been a trial-and-error process. This article by Search Engine Land highlights the successful implementations while underscoring the shortcomings. Check it out to make sure you brand falls on right side of the divide.

Mobile Marketing: Stop Ignoring the Modern, Connected Customer!

For consumers, mobile means convenience, so if you aren’t utilizing mobile formatting, you’re missing out on a huge segment of the digital population. This post, and podcast, from B2Community discusses how thinking mobile from the get go will benefit both you and your consumers.

Marketing Automation is Only The Beginning: How Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence Will Disrupt Marketing Forever

Marketing automation is here! Sort of. It’s shaping up to become a multibillion dollar industry, but right now it’s still in its infantile stages. This article by PR2020 provides a strong overview of the realities of marketing automation and the prospects it may come to offer.

August 31st 2014 News, SEO, Social Media

The Compete Weekly Pulse

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It’s Saturday. Congratulations, you survived the work week! This edition of the Compete Weekly Pulse has a strong focus on one of our favorite topics—blogging! Take a look at some of our favorite articles from the past week to learn all about how your can optimize the results of your blogging endeavors.

How To Create A First-Rate Content Marketing Strategy

If you want your brand to be successful, utilizing content marketing is no longer optional. The reality of today’s digital marketing is that your potential customers are likely forming their opinion of your brand long before actually contacting you. This article by Business 2 Community gives you all the information you need to get your content marketing campaign up and running. Check it out and unleash your creativity.

6 Reasons Experts Include Case Studies in Their Blog Posts

If you’ve ever seen someone use a case study on their blog, chances are that it impacted your perception of their brand. Case studies do two major things when included in blog posts: first, they increase the blog’s level of authority, and second, they generate long-term traffic. Case studies are frequently used among blogging experts for these and many more reasons. This article by Jeff Bullas will take you through the benefits of using case studies and teach you exactly how to go about it.

What Really Happens When Someone Clicks Your Facebook Like Button

Most bloggers have Facebook buttons on their blog, but few are familiar with the impact they have on their posts. This piece by The Next Web details the difference between getting people to “like” your content and getting people to share it. Discover which is more preferable, which buttons are worth keeping on your blog, and how you can get those buttons to work for you here.

4 Tips for a Successful Local SEO Marketing Strategy

With the new Pigeon update, you need to reevaluate your local SEO marketing strategy. If you’re not sure how the update affected you, or if you don’t know how to go about adjusting, this article by SEO Clarity will be sure to help. Check it out to learn exactly what you need to focus on to optimize your new local SEO strategy.

How My Blog Post Got 1052 Social Shares in 3 Days

Even if your content is spectacular, it can sometimes seem impossible to get attention for your blog. The good news? You’re not alone. Blogger Will Blunt faced a similar conundrum back in July, just before his content went viral. His advice on how to get your content shared is a must-read. Learn where your focus should be, what you shouldn’t waste your time on, and exactly what you need to do to get all the attention you deserve here.

August 24th 2014 blogging, News, SEO

July Data is Now Live – MacRumors, Zack Brown’s Potato Salad, and More

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potato salad

Image from: Potato Salad / Shutterstock

Summer’s quickly coming to a close, but there’s still time left to enjoy some family time and maybe a few more cookouts before it does. Jumping into July’s fast movers, regular cookout feature, potato salad, made a splash on in July. Zack Brown launched a Kickstarter project in order to raise $10 to make a potato salad, and the ensuing response from the Internet was overwhelming (the project has ended, but raised more than $55k in total). The fourth-most-viewed project in Kickstarter history definitely made a significant impact on the site according to our data as well. Three of the top ten search terms driving traffic to are potato salad-based, accounting for nearly 5% of search-driven traffic to Kickstarter. That’s a phenomenal amount of traffic for any one project considering there have been over 170,000 projects started through Kickstarter and more than 68,000 other successful ones. Using Compete PRO to look at daily reach for (the percentage of people that visited a site out of all the people on the Internet in the U.S. on a given day), we can see a massive spike in traffic on July 7th, which is a day when there was a lot of news coverage of the potato salad campaign on popular sites like,, and among others.

Besides, July was also a great month for sports sites which saw strong traffic and growth through mid-July as the World Cup came to a close. and both benefitted from U.S. interest in the World Cup this year. Tech gadgets also had a strong showing in July with rumors of the iPhone 6 driving traffic to and the launch of the LG G3 in the U.S. driving traffic to

Monthly Fast Movers July 2014

August 23rd 2014 News

Facebook Tests ‘Satire’ Tag to Help Users Identify Fake News

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Facebook wants to make sure its users are not only well-informed but feel smart, too.

The social networking giant is experimenting with a “satire” tag for the related articles in a user’s news feed that come from fake news sites. The move was prompted by user feedback, according to Mashable.

Google News follows this practice already for stories that come from parody or satire news sources such as The Daily Currant and The Onion, as well as those that come from blogs or press release distributors.

Facebook's News Feed debuted in 2006. Since that time, the number of potential stories showing up in any given user’s feed when they log in has grown exponentially; today it’s 1,500 on average.

The site’s engineers and algorithm wizards have made a number of tweaks to news feed over the last year, from cleaning up spam to surfacing more relevant ads and better videos.

Some marketers believe these changes have been not only in the aim of optimizing news feed for users but also in an effort to make them buy ads.

August 19th 2014 Facebook, Google, News, Technology

The Compete Weekly Pulse

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This was a big week for Millward Brown Digital due to the release of our latest thought leadership piece, Getting Mobile Right! Among other content from our feeds, the most popular articles this week focused on social media. Check them out to see how you can take your digital marketing to the next level!

Your Social Listening Checklist: What You Should Be Monitoring Besides Your Brand Name

While the world may not completely revolve around your brand, you may be more relevant to conversations than you would expect. The good folks at Hootsuite are giving you permission to be a little egocentric. In fact, they’re encouraging it. You need to keep track of a lot more than just what people are saying about your specific brand name on social media, because why they have to say about other topics may affect you just as much.

5 Social-Media Tips to Enhance Your Marketing

A lot goes on behind the scenes of your social media pages. Figuring out your strategy is a lot more than just deciding what types of posts to put out there. It’s what to post…from which accounts…at what time of day…and that’s just the beginning of it. These tips by will show you how to go beyond organic reach, how to test out data, and how to optimize the results of your social media marketing. If you don’t yet have a comprehensive social media strategy, get one. If you do, improve it here.

The Web Is a Content War. Here’s How to Win.

Content marketing is trendy. It’s great for your brand, and your consumers appreciate the information. Unfortunately, your competitors have likely come to this realization as well. This infographic by takes you through exactly what type of content you should be sharing in order to one-up others in your field. Check it out here.

Twitter Just Dropped a Huge Hint that It Will Introduce Shopping Services

Big changes may be afoot for Twitter! Android users have been noticing a new option on their Twitter apps: a “payment and shipping” option. This introduction of more transparent purchasing on Twitter could be a potential game changer: further merging the fields of social media and ecommerce. Find out more in this article by The Next Web!

Getting Mobile Right

Finally, we have to include a plug for what has easily become our favorite written piece at Millward Brown Digital this week, Getting Mobile Right! This thought leadership piece is a must-read for any marketers with an interest in mobile marketing. Actually, it’s a must-read for anyone with an interest in marketing in general. Extensively covering topics of mobile consumer usage and reach, our study explains how you simply cannot afford miss out on your mobile audience. If mobile is already part of your marketing plans, Getting Mobile Right will provide you with all the information you need to make smart decisions. Download the study here to become mobile marketing expert.

August 17th 2014 News, Social Media, Twitter

The Compete Weekly Pulse

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Happy National Simplify Your Life Week! We hope that some of our favorite articles from last week will help you do just that. The following five articles are filled with information, tips, and tricks to help your digital marketing, to put it simply, win the internet.

7 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Email Marketing [Infographic]

We’re constantly being reminded that email marketing isn’t dead, but it makes sense that people might think it’s outdated given that email is one of the oldest digital marketing tools. Through the years we have heard so much advice about how to manage this element of marketing, some of it sage, some of it nonsense. With all the information coming your way, it’s increasingly difficult to detect the true from false. This Hubspot article, featuring an infographic by Alchemy Worx, will show you what to believe and what to dismiss. Increase your open rate by debunking these popular myths here.

7 Lies About SEO You Probably Believe

As is the case with email marketing, there’s a ton of misinformation on the internet about SEO. This article by Quick Sprout helps you weed through inaccurate information and commonly held misconceptions. Learn what to do, what to ignore, and how to navigate those pesky algorithms here.

Top Social Media Blunders of 2014 and What You Can Learn from Them

If at any time during the past year you’ve felt like your social media hit a snag, this article will make you feel a whole lot better. These massive social media catastrophes from the first half of 2014 should help to put things in perspective. Featuring incidents of an accidental NSFW image, a hashtag campaign gone awry, and an Instagram that led to international outcry, this article by Click Fire should serve as a comforting reality check as well as a collection of cautionary tales.

30% of Traffic to Insurance Sites Came from Search in June

Most people are familiar with the TV advertising campaigns of leading auto insurance companies, but the digital marketing behind the companies that bring us the gecko, mayhem, and Flo, are lesser known. This article by Search Engine Watch discusses how the competition continues on the search results pages. Learn about the rivalries here, and check out an article by our VP of Financial Services, Retail and Consumer Products Practices on the topic as well.

The Latest LinkedIn Features You Should Start Using Today

LinkedIn has some brand new upgrades! And the good people at Forbes want to teach you all about them. In this article, they highlight what the new features are, take you through how to best use them, and explain how utilizing these new features will optimize the effectiveness of your branding. Check it out to learn how to take your online professional network to the next level.

August 10th 2014 News, SEO, Social Media

The Weekly Compete Pulse

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Lots of variety in this week’s Weekly Pulse! If you missed any of our favorite articles this week, check them out below to stay up-to-date on all things digital marketing!

Infographic: A “Christmas in July” Digital Marketing Checklist

Happy Holidays! Too early, you say? Not for digital marketers. This cheery infographic by Marketing Land takes you through a six-month action plan so you can be fully prepared come the winter season. These comprehensive, easy-to-follow steps will have you feeling so equipped for the holidays, you’ll think you had a couple dozen elves working for you too.

LinkedIn Revamps Its User Profiles to Help You Increase Your Business Contacts

LinkedIn has firmly established itself as the go-to networking site for professionals. Now, with their improved mobile visuals, they’re making it even easier to get connected. This article by The Next Web takes you through the updates to the site so you know exactly what to expect. Heads up: if you’re not loving your picture, it might be time for a photo shoot; it looks like a lot more people could be seeing your face on their phones in the near future.

5 Things Digital CMOs Do Better

Providing a discussion of the changing times, and a well-served ego boost for digital CMOs, this piece by Harvard Business Review dives into what it means to work in digital marketing in 2014. It highlights the major shifts in the industry that digital CMOs have had to master and provides with some particularly successful executions of new techniques to get you inspired. So digital CMOs, check out this article, make sure you’re up to speed, and give yourself a pat on the back for all those digital skills.

Publisher’s Brand Value: The Effect on Potential Advertisers?

How much do you know about brand value? How about what brand value means for digital marketers? Well, whether it’s a ton or not much at all, our study on the topic should provide you with some cutting-edge insight. Check out this article by Media Post to read about our conclusions.

Mastering Marketing Via Email Techniques With These Simple Ideas

Email marketing is very much alive! And it can be an extremely successful instrument for your brand if used correctly. With helpful tips and guidelines, a crash course on email marketing etiquette, and ways to avoid being labeled as spam, this article by Cory Threlfall gives you all the tools you need to personalize your email campaigns and rock that inbox.

August 3rd 2014 News

The Weekly Compete Pulse

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Have you seen the video of Charlie the dog apologizing to an infant for taking away her toy? Well, it’s awesome, and it’s gone viral. The video got massive attention on Facebook and Twitter this week, proving yet again the power of the retweet.

Last week social media didn’t get a ton of love, so today’s Weekly Pulse includes three of our favorite articles on how to develop your social media marketing plan. Pair that with new findings concerning the “digital generation gap” and some insight on the CEO-SEO dynamic, and this edition of the Weekly Pulse will have you feeling like the savviest digital marketer on the web.

Social Media…

How To Create a Social Media Marketing Plan from Scratch

If you’re just beginning the process of developing a social media marketing plan, this article is your gospel. It’s one of the most detailed and comprehensive pieces on social media that we’ve ever read. Buffer provides you with crucial information for success and doles out some tips that there’s just no way you could have come up with on your own. They break everything down into simple steps so you can overcome your anxiety and your brand can make some digital friends.

8 Essential Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Examiner provides another phenomenal overview on developing your social media marketing strategy. They more so emphasize the implications that your social media presence has for your brand as a whole. Hashtag collaboration! Their article will help you understand what to include in your marketing strategy so that it is cohesive with your ideal image. If you want to make sure your branding stays consistent, check it out and get your digital ducks in a row.

25 Ideas for Your Social Media Network Strategy wants to help you achieve marketing success in 140 or fewer characters. They argue that developing an audience should be your foremost goal and show you how to do so in the fastest way possible—on Twitter. Whether you’re just starting out on Twitter, or you’ve been hashtagging for years, this article can provide you with a plethora of ideas to step up your Twitter game and build an enviable audience.

…and more

7 Misconceptions CEOs Have About SEO

Vintage is trendy, but it’s not trending. Unfortunately, that’s likely the type of knowledge your CEO is hanging onto about SEO. He has a company to run, so chances are he’s not the most up-to-date on those algorithms. This article by Search Engine Journal shines a light on the epidemic that is the underinformed CEO. You might not transform him into a SEO guru overnight, but this article will help you understand what you need to communicate to benefit the company that he loves.

Digital Generation Gap

So obviously we’re all aware that people who are 20 use technology differently than people who are 60, but in terms of concrete, researched evidence to support this claim, there’s shockingly little. Cue TECHnalysis Research. They conducted a survey on how varying age groups use mobile vs PC. Check out their results so that you know how to appeal to both the Justin Bieber fans and Sean Connery aficionados of the world.

July 27th 2014 News, SEO, Social Media, Twitter

The Weekly Compete Pulse

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We kicked off this week on a great note—Sunday was national “Embrace Your Geekness Day.” Over here at Millward Brown Digital, we were happy to oblige. Lots of articles this week were all about email and content marketing. Geek out with us over some of our favorites:

The Laws That Govern Email Marketing: How Many Are You Breaking?

Believe it or not, email marketing has quite a few intense laws that come along with it. If you’re not careful, you may need to budget about sixteen grand for your next campaign. And that’s just for the fees—it doesn’t take into account the financial loss you’ll incur from jeopardizing your relationship with your client base, or worse, from a lawsuit. IM Soup will catch you up on laws regarding database, identity, subject lines, and other aspects of email marketing that you may have never considered. CYA here.

What Is a Decent Email Marketing Response Rate?

Only one fifth of your recipients opened your email and you’re feeling insecure? Well, you’re in good company. Econsultancy breaks down email marketing stats in this article so you can see how you stack up. It takes you through various rates and forms of measurement and lets you in on third party data. Pair that with a sleek infographic and you can consider yourself informed.

Why to Choose Email Marketing for Business Success?

We’re not saying they aren’t biased, but Email Marketing Gold makes a solid pitch for why you should focus your efforts toward email marketing. They take you through all the advantages of these campaigns: effective promotion, flexibility, real-time tracking etc, and we have to say that we’re sold. Witness all email marketing has to offer here.

Millennials Are Not Impressed with Your Content Marketing

Millennials live on social media, and they’re more than happy to share your brand through their personal channels, but only so long as they feel you’re being earnest. This article by NewsCred teaches you how to make your content marketing appeal to a generation that will certainly make you work for their affection, but who has the ability to take your branding viral.

Top Tools to Elevate Your Content Marketing Strategy

If you find yourself understandably overwhelmed by the intricacy of content marketing, you can breathe again. There are dozens of tools at your fingertips, and 3C SEO wants you to know about them. Check out this infographic filled with awesome tool suggestions for every aspect of your content marketing strategy. They all should make your life easier, just try not to get overwhelmed from all there is to choose from.

July 20th 2014 News

June Data is Now Live – World Cup, Urban Dictionary, E3, and More

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world cup soccer ball

Image from: World Cup Ball / Shutterstock

July 22 Update: June 2014 data is now live for free users of as well! To get priority early access to data each month, start your free trial of Compete PRO!

After the end to an exciting World Cup, we’ve got June 2014 data live and available in Compete PRO and the World Cup is the star of the show.

Leading the pack is, the official website of the International Federation of Association Football. Unsurprisingly, World Cup-related keywords accounted for 33 of the top 50 keywords driving traffic to, and that’s only counting keywords using the phrase “world cup” or a variation of that phrase. Search queries looking for score updates and specific matches account for nearly all of the rest of the top 50. Using Compete PRO to look at the keyword profile for “world cup,” accounts for nearly 5% of all traffic from the broad match for that keyword, and that number jumps to nearly 12% when looking at an exact match. Perhaps knowing that, FIFA seemingly didn’t spend a lot of money on paid search for World Cup keywords. Only one of the top 50, “fifa world cup 2014 schedule,” had any paid share; the rest drove traffic to strictly organically.

Interestingly, while Unique Visitors (UVs) skyrocketed for, the Average Stay of its visitors actually dropped dramatically between March this year with a peak of 11 minutes and 20 seconds to a mere 6 minutes and 20 seconds in June. Part of this can potentially be accounted for by fellow fast mover, In addition to seeing a major spike in UVs for the month of June, also saw their highest Average Stay so far this year at 9 minutes and 11 seconds.

The World Cup wasn’t the only major event to take place in June; the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) also made waves across the online world early this summer. certainly benefited from the E3 bump in June with accounting for a not insignificant 1% of GameSpot’s 26,368,903 site visits for the month. also saw impressive growth in June, perhaps bolstered by Mashable’s Urban Dictionary Spelling Bee that occurred in early June and pitted the co-champions of the Scripps National Spelling Bee against each other to spell “words that really matter.”

Monthly Fast Movers June 2014

If you need early access to the latest month’s data and you’re not a Compete PRO user, start your free trial of Compete PRO today to get early data and more!

July 16th 2014 News