Yahoo Updates App, Homepage

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Yahoo announced some updates to its mobile app and homepage in the U.S. making it easier to get to news and content and follow developing news stories.

The company says it looked at the latest mobile trends to guide its design of the new app and homepage.

“With this update, we’ve made it possible to sift through more content in less time,” says Yahoo SVP Simon Khalaf. “You no longer need to open individual articles in multiple browser tabs; instead, you can simply scroll through related stories inline. Up top, our editors pick some of the most important stories you need to know, alongside content most relevant to you. For a more in-depth understanding of a story, see related stories by clicking the “heart” icon, or clicking through to find additional related stories below each article. Over time, as you click on more content, the Yahoo stream becomes more tailored to your interests. The more you use the app and homepage, the better your experience will be.”

“News stories have the power to start meaningful conversations,” he adds. “With tens of millions of you sharing your views daily as part of our vibrant community, we want to amplify your voice. We’ve made it easier for you to share your thoughts, engage and converse with each other about a particular topic or story. This new update surfaces comments directly in-line, making it easy to share and hear reactions from our community, in one place.”

Stories now have follow buttons so you can receive notifications when a story is update.

The updated app is available in the the App Store and Google Play.

Images via Yahoo

January 29th 2016 Mobile, News, Technology, yahoo

Microsoft Launches Bing-Powered ‘News Pro’ App for iOS

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Microsoft has a new iOS app called News Pro in the App Store.

The app description says:

News Pro helps you search for news around your work every day. Fuel your unique interests with over a million topics to choose from. Get informed efficiently by locating the most important and relevant articles each day based off what interests you. Leverage the power of social networks for your daily news. You can sign-in on Facebook and LinkedIn to tailor your daily news highlights to your work experience and interests.

Find articles and topics you didn’t know you needed. News Pro allows you to extend the scope of your daily news updates by suggesting new topics to search based off your current interests and by helping you discover websites where you can read articles that are interesting to you. You can also search for news related to any topic right in the app so you can always be fully informed.

Here are the screenshots:






We haven’t seen an official announcement from the company, but the app was first reported on by Microsoft News, which says the app is powered by Bing News and comes from Microsoft Garage.

Images via Microsoft, App Store

January 27th 2016 bing, microsoft, Mobile, News, Search

Microsoft Launches A Bing-Powered News App For iOS Devices, News Pro

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newspro Microsoft today unveiled yet another application aimed at iOS users, with the launch of a news application that greatly resembles Apple’s own News application that comes built into iOS 9. Called “News Pro,” Microsoft’s app aims to offer readers a personalized experience by connecting them to articles that match their current interests, while also uncovering… Read More

January 27th 2016 microsoft, Mobile, News

Affiliate Summit East 2016 Registration Now Open

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Affiliate Summit East 2016

Affiliate Summit East 2016 is taking place Jul. 31 – Aug. 2, 2016 at the New York Marriott Marquis.

The 3-day conference includes an exhibit hall with affiliates, merchants, vendors, and networks, as well as multiple tracks of educational sessions covering the latest trends and information from affiliate marketing experts.

There’s even a program dedicated specifically to Affiliate Summit newcomers.

Conference rates nearly double after May 13th, so book your Affiliate Summit ticket early!

Thoughts? Are you going? Leave a comment below!
Here are a couple of articles in which you might be interested if you are contemplating attending an industry conference…

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January 26th 2016 News

Yanik Silver is Giving Away Copies of His New Book… Want One?

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evolved-enterpriseMy good friend Yanik Silver just released his new book “Evolved Enterprise – How To Re-Think, Re-imagine, & Re-invent Your Business To Deliver Meaningful Impact & Even Greater Profits“.

It’s a practical roadmap for building a highly profitable, socially conscious, and purpose driven company from the ‘inside out’ and a step by step guide for entrepreneurs who want to add meaning to what they do… while automatically (and inevitably) multiplying profits as a result!

The best part is, he’s giving away the first 10,000 copies at cost!

The list price for the book is $19.95, but Yanik is giving away the first 10,000 copies for exactly what it takes to print and ship it — which means you can get brand new copy shipped to you for just $6.95.

That’s even less than the ‘shipping’ costs that most book launches will have you pay.

And here’s the kicker:

$1 from your payment will go directly to Virgin Unite to make an immediate impact on a worthwhile cause.

But hurry, Yanik is only doing this for the first 10,000 copies and they’re going fast.

Get your copy of Evolved Enterprise here.


P.S Here is what people are already saying about this work: just listed the Evolved Enterprise book as #1 on their “4 New Reads that Will Change Your Entrepreneurial Life” and “This book is a must read for all aspects of managing the cross section of your life and your business and how your brand speaks to the world.”

“There’s a transformative shift in business and what worked before is no longer an option. It’s time for evolved entrepreneurs, visionary creators, and change markers to rewrite the rules of business for the 21st century.” -Tony Hsieh NY Times bestselling author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of, Inc.

“Yanik Silver has focused his thinking and efforts for years on helping CEOs grow companies that care about people, causes, and others as much as they do revenue and profits. His book is a must read for anyone who cares about creating a company that ‘matters’.” – Cameron Herold, CEO Coach & Author of Double Double

“Yanik Silver is a truly conscious entrepreneur who understands that creating meaning for yourself — and everyone connected to your business — is absolutely vital in the 21st century.” – Chip Conley, former CEO Joive de Vivre Hotel group and author, PEAK and Emotional Equations

“Through free enterprise, one can benefit people all over the world… by contributing to a better way of life for all. Peace, love & happiness.” -John Paul DeJoria cofounder, Paul Mitchell Hair Care

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November 18th 2015 News

Facebook’s Notify App Launches on iPhone

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Last week, we learned that Facebook was about to launch a new standalone app for breaking news called Notify. The reports were true, as Facebook just took the wraps off it.

Notify from Facebook from Facebook on Vimeo.

The idea behind Notify is that you can get news alerts based on the things that interest you and by partner-based station. Facebook counts 72 publishers among its launch partners. These include ABC, Bleacher Report, Bloomberg Business, BuzzFeed, CNN, E!, Fox News, Fandango, ET, EW, People, The New York Times, Time, The Verge, Vice, Wired, Vanity Fair, and many others. You can see the full list here.

More sources will be added in the future.

“To create your personal mix of notifications you select the stations from which you want to receive updates,” product manager Julian Gutman explains. “Sources like the ones above will publish notifications through these stations when there are relevant updates. Notify also provides station suggestions based on your Facebook profile, and it’s easy to discover and add new stations any time.”

“You’ll receive notifications, delivered right to your lock screen, and a quick glance will keep you connected to the things that you care about throughout the day,” says Gutman. “If you want to see more, just swipe or tap through any Notify notification to open the link in the app’s browser where you can read the full article, watch the video, or view the site.”

Notifications can easily be shared with friends via Facebook, text, email, or other social networks from your lockscreen. You can also save notifications for later.

Notify is for iPhone only for the time being. The company didn’t mention any plans to expand it to other mobile platforms. That probably depends on how much people care about this one.

You can download the app or just get a closer look from

Images via Facebook

November 12th 2015 Facebook, News, Social Media

September Data is Now Live – Back to School & Fantasy Football Kick Into Gear!

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Image from: Encyclopedia / Shutterstock

September data is now live and available in Compete PRO. We’ve noticed two overwhelming themes this month: fantasy football and education-related sites.

With the NFL season underway, fans everywhere are in full swing with fantasy football. Three sites in particular took spots in our Fast Movers list this month, including (#1 overall with 229% growth month over month) (#3 overall with 184% growth), and (#10 overall with 113% growth). If you take a look at the list in last month’s post, has made a big jump to the top of our list. It will be interesting to monitor these competitors through the rest of the football season and beyond as we are now seeing a big growth in daily fantasy participation.

For, we noticed a large spike in total and paid search referrals. – about +334.6% MoM. In the past 90 days, keywords and phrases including “fanduel” in the top 5 keywords sending traffic to have accounted for over 51% of search traffic to the site, indicating strong brand recognition. Aside from search, FanDuel has been making its presence known in the marketplace with a lot of advertising, and it seems to be paying off.

Aside from fantasy football, it’s clear that school is back in session. Students spanning several ages are back in the swing of studying, reading, and writing papers. With many resources at their disposal, it’s no surprise that sites like,, and all made our Fast Movers list for September. For those unfamiliar, is a free bibliography generator used by students to cite sources used in their research. The site grew +222% MoM, and finished in the #2 spot in our fast movers list. With, professors are using this to collect written work. September growth led to its highest monthly count of unique visitors over the past two years. For, 40% of site visitors are between the ages of 18-24, with 55% of the total being female. College students are doing their research!

September Fast Movers

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October 15th 2015 News

Google Updates First Click Free Policy

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Google introduced its “First Click Free” policy nearly a decade ago to help paywall-using publishers better monetize their content. It lets users see a little bit of content for free without giving them free access to everything. The idea is that users will pay (or register in some cases) to be able to view all of a publisher’s articles.

In 2009, Google updated the policy to let users get access to five articles per day. The company says this was an effort to protect publishers “who felt some users were abusing the spirit of this policy.”

Now, Google is changing the policy to reduce the number of articles users can read to 3. The company says it has heard from publishers about the need to revisit it policy to reflect the mobile, multi-device world. The policy now reads:

First click free: We’ve worked with subscription-based news services to arrange that the very first article seen by a Google News user (identifiable by referrer) doesn’t require a subscription. Although this first article can be seen without subscribing, any further clicks on the article page will prompt the user to log-in or subscribe to the news site.
This is our preferred solution since it can benefit both our users and our publisher partners. It allows Googlebot to fully index your content, which can improve the likelihood of users visiting your site; and it allows users to view the article of interest while also encouraging them to subscribe.
It is possible to limit the number of free articles that a Google News reader can access via First Click Free. A user coming from the domain [*.google.*] must be able to see a minimum of 3 articles per day. This practice is described as “metering” the user: when the user has clicked on too many of a publisher’s articles from Google News, the meter for freely accessible articles on that site is exhausted. If your site meters access on a weekly or monthly basis, you are still responsible for showing a minimum of three articles per day to Google users. Otherwise, your site will be treated as a subscription site.
If your site has been set up using the First Click Free model but you are being labeled as “subscription” in Google News, please contact us so we can help.

The rest of the old guidelines (for both Google News and Google Search) still apply.

Publishers can elect to apply First Click Free to specific sections of their sites, only for Google News, or only for Google Search should they choose to do so.

Image via Google

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September 30th 2015 Google, News, Search

August Data is Now Live – Fantasy Football, Back to School, Adult Swim and More

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Fantasy Football

Image from: Football / Shutterstock

August data is now live and available in Compete PRO! American interest in fantasy football hasn’t waned despite recent NFL controversies. In fact, fantasy football sites look stronger than ever heading into football season. takes the top spot in August’s Monthly Fast Movers list, growing a whopping 211% month-over-month (MoM) and more than 50% year-over-year (YoY). While their biggest month for traffic ever was December 2014 (coinciding with the end of the regular season for American football), the strong YoY growth for August is a good indicator of traffic to come. Another good sign for DraftKings is that their brand recognition is growing (likely due to their abundant and effective advertising). Taking a look at the top five keywords driving traffic to over the last 90 days, 4 out of 5 keywords contain branded “draftkings” terms, with “draftkings” being the overall top keyword driving over 30% of search traffic to the website.

We can see a similar pattern with daily fantasy competitor to DraftKings, In terms of unique visitors, traffic to is a bit lower overall, but the growth patterns are a little more interesting. While wins in terms of MoM growth, FanDuel’s traffic has been more consistent over the summer months and YoY growth is much higher (+700% compared to DraftKings’ +50%). It should be interesting to follow the progression of these two popular fantasy sites over the course of football season.

Besides football-related sites, the majority of our Monthly Fast Movers for August are education-related with,,, and all making the list. Confirming that these sites are reaching their target audiences, we can see that these sites all heavily over-index for the 18-24 demographic (averaging around 40% compared with the Internet Browsing Population being about 15% made up of this age group).

Lastly, American cable network,, makes its way onto our Monthly Fast Movers list and this seems to be mostly driven by one television show in particular. Taking a look at keyword data for the site, we can see that keywords related to the popular animated show, Rick and Morty, are driving much of the search traffic to Eight out of the top ten keywords sending traffic to over the last 90 days are related to the show, which premiered its second season at the end of July and was quickly renewed for a third in August. It’s interesting to note that demographics for heavily skew towards a male audience (60% compared to the Internet Browsing Population’s 51%), which is critical information for potential advertisers.

Monthly Fast Movers August 2015

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July Data is Now Live – Khan Academy, Steam, GQ and More

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summer camp

Image from: Summer Camp / Shutterstock

July data is now live and available in Compete PRO! July was a busy month on the Internet, and it shows in our Monthly Fast Movers. Topping the chart is non-profit educational tool,, posting an impressive 128% month-over-month (MoM) growth. Part of this explosive growth can likely be attributed to two major partnership announcements in July. In the month of July, Google tapped Khan Academy and a number of other educational companies to put together sessions for its inaugural free summer program, Camp Google, aimed at getting kids to learn through interactive science activities. Additionally, Hyatt Hotels announced a partnership with Khan Academy intended to expand educational opportunities for their employees, their families, and communities where Hyatt is active. Khan Academy will also be working with Hyatt to develop content and courses specifically for people in hospitality careers. Not only did expand its reach through unique visitors in July, it also increased engagement with the website, reflected in an over 15% MoM increase in visits per person, nearly 3% MoM increase in average stay, and a 15% MoM increase in pages per visit.

Popular digital distribution engine for gaming, Steam, also had a big month with growing over 90% MoM. A big part of this growth can likely be attributed to some big video game launches in July, including an installment in the massively popular Magic the Gathering game series. We can see the impact that the release of Magic Duels had on by looking at incoming traffic to the site from (the publisher’s site for Magic Duels). Referrals from to increased by 2,029% in July, making the 34th highest site sending traffic to in July.

Lastly, GQ made a big splash in July with their controversial comedy issue featuring a risqué photo shoot starring Amy Schumer and characters from Star Wars. Unique visitors to the site grew 87% MoM and over 200% year-over-year (YoY). As is often the case when traffic increases so dramatically (especially when growth is specifically tied to one event), engagement has a tendency to drop. Engagement stats for were no exception in this case as pages per visit and visits per person dropped sharply and average stay remained flat. Over the last 90 days, Amy Schumer-related keywords have topped the list of search referrals to behind only the branded keyword “GQ,” equaling roughly 2% of all search referrals to

july fast movers

If you need early access to the latest month’s data and you’re not a Compete PRO user, start your Compete PRO subscription today to get early data and more!

August 12th 2015 News