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Welcome to the weekend! This edition of The Weekly Compete Pulse features five of the most popular digital marketing articles from our feeds this week.

The Top 10 Questions Every Brand Must Answer To Grow In 2015

With 2015 around the corner, brands need to ensure they have their priorities in line. Make certain that your brand can answer these top questions for short and long term success.

Mythbusters: Digital Media’s Biggest Misconceptions

In this piece by Digiday, digital media pioneers and thought leaders respond to the question “What’s something everyone believes about digital media that’s actually wrong?” Take a look at what each of them had to say here.

5 Ways Listening to Community Data Can Expand Your Content Marketing Strategy

Discussions of content marketing rarely include mention of the data that supports content strategies. Take a look at this article by Copy Blogger to learn five ways to use community data to improve your content strategy.

Are You Tracking the Right Metrics on Social Media?

Social media is a part of your business, so your primary focus should be conversions. This article by Steamfeed will provide you with the appropriate metrics for you to keep an eye on. Check it out here.

Marketing in 2014: David Meerman Scott & Brian Halligan on What’s Changed

This video interview features a best-selling author and the HubSpot CEO as they discuss the changes in marketing in 2014. Learn which mistakes to avoid and where to invest your time and money here.

September 27th 2014 News, Social Media

#EatAdWaffle Illustrated

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Slang, jargon, waffle – whatever you want to call it, colloquial language is rife throughout the advertising industry. While its use can be very effective at communicating meaning amongst like-minded people, the terms used by advertisers are occasionally so obscure they even confound their peers in the business!

To help address this situation, we launched the #EatAdWaffle campaign, an effort to crowd source all of the good, bad and crazy words and phrases to infiltrate the advertising lexicon. We asked the social community to post suggestions – a request that generated in excess of 200 entries – before selecting the ten we believe best represent the jargon experienced across the industry every day.

Part of the campaign saw these ten examples converted into graphics in an attempt to simplify and make sense of ‘ad waffle’ that I want to share with you today:

#EatAdWaffle: But is it hashtagable?

#EatAdWaffle: Can you have a think about the art of the possible?

#EatAdWaffle: We need to start from the ground up on this one

#EatAdWaffle: Shareable, snackable, sticky content


#EatAdWaffle: Aim for a media first

#EatAdWaffle: Gamification

#EatAdWaffle: We need to make it more mocial!

#EatAdWaffle: Hopefully we find a cookie-cutter solution in our post campaign deep dive

#EatAdWaffle: Guarendeavour to deliver that

Drop by again next week for an update on all the key insights to come out of the #EatAdWaffle breakfast events held earlier this month.


Leena Shah,
Communications Marketing Manager, Microsoft

September 19th 2014 Marketing, News, Social Media

Panic bars save lives, says Qualified Hardware

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In the summer of 1883, a traveling variety show made a stop at Victoria Hall in Sunderland, England. Near the end of the show, the entertainers announced to the more than 1,000 children in attendance that upon exiting the Hall, they would be met with a prize.

Anxious to get their hands on whatever gift awaited, hundreds of children rushed down a staircase toward the door. What they didn’t know was that the door would not allow for their safe passage. Having been opened inward and bolted to the floor, the door was designed to limit the flow of patrons. As the story goes, the gap between the door and the frame was only wide enough to allow one child to make it through at a time.

But the hundreds of eager children didn’t know that, and continued to rush down toward the exit. With nowhere to go, the children at the front of the line were crushed and suffocated. When all was said and done, 183 children lost their lives.

Out of this tragedy, the panic bar was born.

The panic bar, also known as a crash bar, is an unlocking mechanism – usually spring-loaded metal bar – that when pushed, quickly unlatches the lock and allows the door to swing wide open. After the Victoria Hall tragedy, the town decided that doors must open quickly and easily in situations like that, and began fitting public locations with panic bars.

“It is interesting to know that the force of six or seven people pushing in the same direction can generate up to 1,000 lbs of force. Human stampedes can happen out of nowhere so having panic bars in place reduces the risk of tragedy, at least within buildings,” says Kevin Klein, E-Commerce Sales Manager for Qualified Hardware, a supplier of high quality door and lock hardware.

Despite Sunderland’s decision to make panic bars a requirement, the idea didn’t catch on across the pond until two decades later.

In 1903, more than 600 people died at the Iroquois Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. During a performance of the popular musical Mr. Bluebeard, a light shorted out and lit a curtain on fire. As patrons flocked to the exits, many were confronted with unfamiliar locks. Others found themselves trying to open windows that only appeared to be exit doors. Some show-goers were trampled, some were crushed, and others died of smoke inhalation. The Iroquois Theatre Fire remains the most-deadly single building fire in the history of the United States.

This tragedy is what spurred the installation of panic bars across the U.S. These devices has been building code requirements ever since.

“Tragedies like the Iroquois Theater Fire and the Victorian Hall Disaster were devastating. We’re so lucky today to have systems in place to prevent tragedies like this from happening again. And human stampedes still happen. There was a really horrible incident in Cambodia at a Water Festival in 2010 and 465 people died. The most important thing is to learn from these events and put systems in place to make the world safer,” says Klein.

“There are organizations like the International Code Council that are committed to standardizing building codes to build a safer world. Panic bars are a part of that code. With proper preparation, tragedy can be avoided.”

In public buildings, panic bars are a no-brainer. They allow people to quickly exit and avoid being caught up in the logjam that occurs when too many people are clamoring toward an exit that simply can’t accommodate the flow. As Qualified Hardware’s Klein says, human stampedes can happen out of nowhere, and panic bars have and will continue to save lives.

September 19th 2014 News

The Weekly Compete Pulse

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Welcome to the weekend, and your weekly edition of the Weekly Compete Pulse! Take a look at some of our favorite articles from the past week below.

ALS Ice Bucket Raises $110M In Donations, Marketers Take Note

As discussed in our recent blog post, traffic to skyrocketed and demographics shifted drastically as a result of the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. This article by MediaPost discusses the exciting data via Millward Brown Digital. Take a look at the analysis here.

4 Reasons Why CEOs Need to Care About Digital Marketing

According to MDG, some CEOs tend to have a less than favorable attitude toward marketers. This article makes a strong pitch for why they should adjust that thinking. Check out their discussion of the key reasons that digital marketing is deserving of your CEO’s focus here.


A lot more goes into rebranding than coming up with a new name. This article from Tom Fishburne discusses an innovative concept: consumers dictate the direction of the brand. Take a look at their discussion of the rebranding process, what’s successful, and what tends to flop, here.

4 Branding Challenges for the NFL

Football season is finally upon us! Controversies surrounding teams and individual players may actually help the professional football industry. Take a look at Digiday’s discussion of the problems that the NFL continues to face and how they may actually help the organization generate more interest.

7 Tips for Perfecting Your Digital Marketing Program

Feeding digital marketers’ constant need to update their strategies and adjust for industry changes, this helpful article by Click Z provides timeless tips to perfect your digital marketing strategy. Learn how to evaluate and improve upon your techniques here.

September 14th 2014 News

Politico Will Launch a European Site

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Confirming months of speculation, Politico announced plans to produce a European edition. The news site is teaming with German media conglomerate Axel Springer in an equal partnership for the venture, but specifics remain scarce.

CEO Jim VandeHei and editor in chief John Harris informed staff of the deal on Sept. 9. In a memo published by Capital, which VandeHei also runs, they explained, "This partnership is aimed at exploring journalistic opportunities in Europe and is being set up as a stand-alone enterprise."

Politico hasn't set a launch date for the new digital-only publication, tentatively titled Politico Europe, or named a leadership team. What is known—and what may reflect a stated desire to cover continental politics and policy as broadly as possible—is that staff will work in Brussels, home to NATO, the European Parliament and the United Nations Development Program.

John Harris

 The Wall Street Journal cited unnamed sources that put the initial combined investment from Politico and Axel Springer "in the eight figures," and the Huffington Post reported that current Financial Times Brussels bureau chief Peter Spiegel turned down an offer to manage the coming site.

Also unsettled is whether Politico Europe will be free or offer a combination of subscription-only and ad-supported content, as the existing Washington, D.C.-based site does.

Here's what VandeHei and Harris have jointly revealed on these issues: "This is the start of a very important project for us, and we will have many details to share in the weeks ahead."

September 11th 2014 News, Technology

August Data is Now Live – #ALSIceBucketChallenge, NFL, Back to School, and More

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als ice bucket challenge

Image from: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge / Shutterstock

August data is now live and available in Compete PRO! Diving right into our Monthly Fast Movers, the ALS Association was far and away the leader of the pack. Thanks to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge campaign that has managed to raise over $109M so far for ALS research, traffic to the ALS Association website has skyrocketed in August with unique visitors growing over 4,000% month-over-month (MoM) and over 3,300% year-over-year (YoY). Looking at demographic data for, it’s easy to see how the primarily social media-driven campaign (referral traffic from social media sites alone grew 161% MoM and accounted for over 18% of referral traffic) has altered the demographics for the website MoM. Compared to July that saw just 23% of the site’s audience falling into the 18-34 age bracket, that number leaps to 43% in August when the #ALSIceBucketChallenge reached its peak in the United States. The impact of the challenge can also be seen in search referrals to with 11 of the top 50 keywords relating to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, accounting for nearly 30% of search traffic to More good news for the organization beyond awareness is that another 10 of the top 50 keywords were directly related to donations and finding out how to donate to the ALS cause.

Moving into the rest of the Monthly Fast Movers, with the official start of American football preseason in August, traffic to saw impressive MoM growth in August. While the unique visitor bump we saw this year wasn’t quite as sizeable as the bump saw last year between July and August, engagement metrics are up significantly YoY. Visits per person are up 13% YoY, pages per visit are up 23% YoY, and average stay on the website is up 28% YoY.

While on the subject of engaging audiences, also had a breakout month in August which was partially driven by the release of Guardians of the Galaxy. Taking the #1 keyword spot, “guardians of the galaxy” drove more than 2% of search traffic to and was the #14 overall destination for people search “guardians of the galaxy.” August wasn’t all entertainment though; back to school season was also on the minds of consumers as and also saw big increases.

Monthly Fast Movers August Data 2014

Looking at our Yearly Fast Movers for August, we can see some similar trends as the Monthly Fast Movers, but also some surprises. While we saw traffic increases for educational resource sites like,, and, ridesharing service also saw massive YoY growth as they continue to expand their operations. Launching the Uber API in August, the company is trying to replicate the success its seen with its Google Maps integration and allow developers to make using Uber as easy as possible through their own apps.

Yearly Fast Movers August Data 2014

If you need early access to the latest month’s data and you’re not a Compete PRO user, start your free trial of Compete PRO today to get early data and more!

September 7th 2014 News

The Weekly Compete Pulse

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Welcome to the first Weekly Compete Pulse of September! With summer wrapping up, we hope you fall in love with these popular articles. See what I did there? Fall. Like the season.

Here are the articles…

How Brands Can Remain Human When Native and Ad Tech Collide

More and more, programmatic is showing up on everyone’s radar. It’s understandable that the transition may seem daunting to brands who value their relationships with consumers. This article from Ad Age provides advice to guide you through the impending changeover to programmatic so that you can maintain your rapport with your audience and continue to succeed while using new technologies.

How to Do Proper On-Page SEO for Your Website

Are you sure that your site is SEO friendly? With effects of the Penguin update still looming, you’re definitely going to want to avoid using unethical SEO practices…perhaps mostly because they’re just about guaranteed to result in a Google penalty. This article from Business 2 Community provides valuable advice on how to handle keywords and permalinks. Check it out here.

Brands: Consumers Don’t Want to Be Your BFF in Social (They Want Help)

With social media and content marketing very much in vogue, it can be hard to keep focus on what it is that your consumers truly want from you. What they do want is assistance, what they don’t want is unsolicited attempts at friendship. This article from Ad Age will show you how to walk the line between clingy and supportive.

How Social Media and SEO Impact Your Ranking

With the ongoing debate over whether you should focus your efforts on social or SEO finally wrapping up, we now know it’s in in our best interest to consider these tools in conjunction. If you’re still not convinced, this quick infographic from Visually should help sum things up. It takes you through the connection between social and SEO and how the duo can ultimately affect your website, together.

Pinterest Gives Marketers Analytics to Make the Case for Brand Budgets

Advertising on Pinterest is now a reality. Moreover, consumer analytics on Pinterest is now a reality. Brands on Pinterest can now access details about their audiences, including both personal data on their consumers and information on the level of traffic Pinterest drives to their sites. Check out this article from Ad Age to learn more about the Pinterest analytics update and advertising expansion.

September 7th 2014 News, SEO, Social Media

The Weekly Compete Pulse

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Happy Labor Day Weekend! Here in Boston, we’re soaking in the warm weather while we still can. If you find yourself with some free time when not winterizing splashing around in your pool, check out a few of our favorite digital marketing articles from our feeds this week.

Millward Brown Acquires InsightExpress To Bolster Digital Measurement

It’s been an exciting week in our office with announcement that we will be growing the Millward Brown Digital family! Our acquisition of InsightExpress takes our capabilities to the next level, allowing us to provide the ultimate behavioral and attitudinal solutions. Take a look at this article to learn how our expansion will help our clients achieve optimal marketing effectiveness and get digital right.

10 Surprising Things You Should Know About Social Media

Keeping up the latest social media trends can seem like a never-ending task. Chances are some of the information you’ve been hanging on to is outdated. This infographic by Entrepreneur features a collection of social media facts that will likely surprise you. Check it out to learn what your followers expect from you, capitalize on trends, and spruce up your social strategy.

With SEO, There Is Now A Difference Between Data And Wisdom

Forbes interviewed two digital experts, Bruce Clay, President at Bruce Clay, Inc. and Duane Forrester, Sr. Product Manager, Webmaster Outreach at Bing about the newest SEO trends. Take a look at this article to read expert advice on how search engine changes should be impacting your strategy, what opportunities you should be taking advantages of, and what mistakes you should be avoiding.

Search Marketers: The Time To Focus On Mobile User Experience Is Now

Marketers are currently in the process of hopping on the mobile bandwagon. For many, developing mobile SEM has been a trial-and-error process. This article by Search Engine Land highlights the successful implementations while underscoring the shortcomings. Check it out to make sure you brand falls on right side of the divide.

Mobile Marketing: Stop Ignoring the Modern, Connected Customer!

For consumers, mobile means convenience, so if you aren’t utilizing mobile formatting, you’re missing out on a huge segment of the digital population. This post, and podcast, from B2Community discusses how thinking mobile from the get go will benefit both you and your consumers.

Marketing Automation is Only The Beginning: How Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence Will Disrupt Marketing Forever

Marketing automation is here! Sort of. It’s shaping up to become a multibillion dollar industry, but right now it’s still in its infantile stages. This article by PR2020 provides a strong overview of the realities of marketing automation and the prospects it may come to offer.

August 31st 2014 News, SEO, Social Media

The Compete Weekly Pulse

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It’s Saturday. Congratulations, you survived the work week! This edition of the Compete Weekly Pulse has a strong focus on one of our favorite topics—blogging! Take a look at some of our favorite articles from the past week to learn all about how your can optimize the results of your blogging endeavors.

How To Create A First-Rate Content Marketing Strategy

If you want your brand to be successful, utilizing content marketing is no longer optional. The reality of today’s digital marketing is that your potential customers are likely forming their opinion of your brand long before actually contacting you. This article by Business 2 Community gives you all the information you need to get your content marketing campaign up and running. Check it out and unleash your creativity.

6 Reasons Experts Include Case Studies in Their Blog Posts

If you’ve ever seen someone use a case study on their blog, chances are that it impacted your perception of their brand. Case studies do two major things when included in blog posts: first, they increase the blog’s level of authority, and second, they generate long-term traffic. Case studies are frequently used among blogging experts for these and many more reasons. This article by Jeff Bullas will take you through the benefits of using case studies and teach you exactly how to go about it.

What Really Happens When Someone Clicks Your Facebook Like Button

Most bloggers have Facebook buttons on their blog, but few are familiar with the impact they have on their posts. This piece by The Next Web details the difference between getting people to “like” your content and getting people to share it. Discover which is more preferable, which buttons are worth keeping on your blog, and how you can get those buttons to work for you here.

4 Tips for a Successful Local SEO Marketing Strategy

With the new Pigeon update, you need to reevaluate your local SEO marketing strategy. If you’re not sure how the update affected you, or if you don’t know how to go about adjusting, this article by SEO Clarity will be sure to help. Check it out to learn exactly what you need to focus on to optimize your new local SEO strategy.

How My Blog Post Got 1052 Social Shares in 3 Days

Even if your content is spectacular, it can sometimes seem impossible to get attention for your blog. The good news? You’re not alone. Blogger Will Blunt faced a similar conundrum back in July, just before his content went viral. His advice on how to get your content shared is a must-read. Learn where your focus should be, what you shouldn’t waste your time on, and exactly what you need to do to get all the attention you deserve here.

August 24th 2014 blogging, News, SEO

July Data is Now Live – MacRumors, Zack Brown’s Potato Salad, and More

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potato salad

Image from: Potato Salad / Shutterstock

Summer’s quickly coming to a close, but there’s still time left to enjoy some family time and maybe a few more cookouts before it does. Jumping into July’s fast movers, regular cookout feature, potato salad, made a splash on in July. Zack Brown launched a Kickstarter project in order to raise $10 to make a potato salad, and the ensuing response from the Internet was overwhelming (the project has ended, but raised more than $55k in total). The fourth-most-viewed project in Kickstarter history definitely made a significant impact on the site according to our data as well. Three of the top ten search terms driving traffic to are potato salad-based, accounting for nearly 5% of search-driven traffic to Kickstarter. That’s a phenomenal amount of traffic for any one project considering there have been over 170,000 projects started through Kickstarter and more than 68,000 other successful ones. Using Compete PRO to look at daily reach for (the percentage of people that visited a site out of all the people on the Internet in the U.S. on a given day), we can see a massive spike in traffic on July 7th, which is a day when there was a lot of news coverage of the potato salad campaign on popular sites like,, and among others.

Besides, July was also a great month for sports sites which saw strong traffic and growth through mid-July as the World Cup came to a close. and both benefitted from U.S. interest in the World Cup this year. Tech gadgets also had a strong showing in July with rumors of the iPhone 6 driving traffic to and the launch of the LG G3 in the U.S. driving traffic to

Monthly Fast Movers July 2014

August 23rd 2014 News