Online Marketing News: Pinterest and 3rd Party Rules, Mobile Is Only Part Of The Key, Facebook Still Runs Traffic

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Revenue Pinterest

Study: Pinterest Referral Traffic Drives 67% Increase In E-Commerce Revenue - Marketing and analytics solution provider Piqora claims its customers experienced a 67 percent increase in e-commerce revenue from Pinterest referral traffic between January and June of this year. Marketing Land

Twitter Diversity Statistics: 70% Male Globally, 59% White, 29% Asian in U.S. [REPORT] - How important is diversity in the workplace? A KelloggInsight report documented how better decisions are made by diverse businesses, while Catalyst noted that Fortune 500 companies with the highest representation of women board directors outperformed those with the least by 53 percent. AllTwitter

Digital Marketing Performance Increasingly Affects CMO Compensation [Study] - The Chief Marketing Officer Council’s new CMO Compensation Report suggests that CMO base compensation tends to increase as a company’s digital marketing performance improves. More than one-third of CMOs who earn $350,000 a year or more responded that their digital marketing performance is “excellent.” ClickZ

14% Use Third Party Apps for Twitter (Which Means 40 Million Never See Ads) - Twitter released its second quarter earnings report last week to much fanfare, and rightly so, as the figures beat Wall Street expectations across the board. However, buried deep in the presentation that accompanied the release was a worrying statistic: 14 percent of Twitter accounts log on or connect to the service via third party apps, which means that close to 40 million of its active users are never served ads. AllTwitter

Facebook Drives Nearly One-Fourth Of All Referral Traffic [Shareaholic Report] - Facebook, the king of social media referral traffic, is strengthening its reign, according to social analytics and publishing firm Shareaholic. Marketing Land

Adults Are Spending Nearly Two Hours Per Day on the Mobile Web - Adults worldwide report using the mobile Web for 1.98 hours per day on average, according to a recent report from GlobalWebIndex. MarketingProfs

52% Use Two or More Social Networks (And Six in 10 Have Unfollowed Brands) [STUDY] - More than half of U.S. adults are active on two or more social networks, favouring different platforms for different interests, reveals a new study. AllTwitter

Study: Before People Shop At A Small Business, They Check Facebook - According to a new study by G/O Digital, when people want to find out more about a local small business — they check Facebook more than any other social channel. All Facebook

Social Referrals Result in a 65% Bounce Rate After First Page - When we talk about measuring social media engagement, people usually refer to comments, likes and shares. However, the amount of time spent on a particular page or post is a relevant metric. According to social bookmarking and analytics company AddThis, scrolling could also provide relevant insight into consumer engagement. SocialTimes

Twitter: Just 5% of Social Logins (Facebook: 55%, Google+: 27%, Yahoo: 11%) [STUDY] - Facebook continues to dominate social logins around the globe, with more than half now accountable to the social networking giant, reveals the latest data from Gigya. AllTwitter

Study: Mobile Makes Up Only 6.51% Of Retargeted News Feed Ads, Yet Drives 8.25% Of Clicks - Retargeting powerhouse AdRoll recently crunched data from their advertisers and uncovered some surprising findings on retargeting and Facebook. Marketing Land

Men Spend More Than Women on Purchases From Social Media Recommendations, Ads [STUDY] - Women love to shop, right? I mean, that’s the stereotype. And maybe it used to be true, but a new study has revealed that when it comes to purchases resulting from recommendations from contacts or ads on social networks, men spend more than women. A lot more. AllTwitter

From our Online Marketing Community:

From Audience and Oysters – Ann Handley on the Power of Growing Your Audience for Content Marketing, sharonthoms said, “Perhaps the takeaway could have been, if your opposition was sharing that wonderful story with the little oysters, finally they (the prospects, customers) may have been, so happy with the journey and the relationship formed that the chance of you seeing that customer again was about as likely as, if they had been gobbled up, by your opposition. Like no chance! Loved that :)

What were the top online and digital marketing news stories for you this week?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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Online Marketing News: Pinterest and 3rd Party Rules, Mobile Is Only Part Of The Key, Facebook Still Runs Traffic |

August 22nd 2014 Online Marketing

Online Marketing News: Big Bots on Google and Twitter, Pinterest Is Tops, The Press Takes To Twitter

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Pins And Tweets On Mobile

More Than 7 in 10 Twitter, Pinterest Shares Are Now Done Via a Mobile Device [STUDY] - The vast majority of all Twitter and Pinterest social sharing is now done via a mobile device – compared to slightly more than half of Facebook sharing – reveals a new study from ShareThis. AllTwitter

Foursquare Releases Social Search-Centric Redesign - The network is now more focused on allowing users to tailor the network to their personal preferences, which, conveniently, opens new opportunities for brands. After relegating check-ins to a different app in May, Foursquare debuted a redesign of its core functionality on August 6 that instead focuses on social search. ClickZ

Fake Googlebot Activity up 61% [Report] - Just in time for the annual security conferences of Black Hat and Defcon in Las Vegas, Nevada, Incapusla Security has released their latest report on the state of Googlebot (and it’s evil malicious twin). The news isn’t good for those of us who spend our days staring at website statistics. Search Engine Watch

23 Million Twitter Users Are Bots - In an analysis of its user base, Twitter said 30 million, or 11% of its 271 million active users, receive tweets through third-party applications, such as Tweetdeck. Of that group, 23 million, or 8.5% of its active users, get tweets “without any discernible additional user-initiated action.” In other words, their feeds are updating without them having to interact with Twitter. CNN Money

Report: “Understanding Customer Behavior” Top Holiday Priority For 66% Of Retailers - During a recent Big Data and Analytics Summit in Chicago, business analytics provider Looker polled more than 125 senior-level retail executives to identify retail industry priorities and challenges as the holiday season approaches. Marketing Land

Twitter Unveils Objective-Based Ad Campaigns - The social platform says its new tools will allow advertisers to select objectives and see recommended formats, as well as only pay for actions aligned to their objectives. ClickZ

SEM the Most Effective Acquisition Channel for 85% of Retailers [Survey] - A study by and Forrester Research shows 85 percent of retailers surveyed said search marketing (including paid and SEO) was the most effective customer acquisition tactic. And, the research showed paid search was the channel most heavily invested in. Search Engine Watch

Pinterest Tops Social Media User Satisfaction Survey, But The Bar Is Low - There’s good news and bad for the social media industry in the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index Customer released this week. Marketing Land

Twitter Changes Pricing Model For Advertisers - Twitter is changing its prices. On Thursday, the company announced it was introducing new tools for what it calls “objective-based campaigns,” which include four new ways advertisers can buy ads on the social media platform. AdAge

25% Of Small Business Have Zero Presence In Local Search Results [Infographic] - Apparently 25% of small businesses have failed to get the memo, because they have zero presence in Google or Bing local search results! Marketing Pilgrim

46% of Journalists Open to Using Twitter for Press Releases [STUDY] - Journalists get a lot of email, and a ton of that is made up of press releases. How much? A new survey has revealed that the average reporter’s inbox picks up 50 press releases each week, with one in five being sent more than 100 missives every seven days. AllTwitter

Survey: 74% Of U.S. Adults Would Delete Themselves From Search Results If They Could - In the wake of the the Right to Be Forgotten controversy in Europe, Survey Monkey has conducted a survey of online adults (n=210) to explore U.S. attitudes toward search and online privacy. Eli Schwartz of Survey Monkey has written about parts of the survey on Search Engine Land: Right To Be Forgotten: Do Users Even Care? This article looks at some of the other findings in the survey. Marketing Land

From our Online Marketing Community:

In response to Is Business Blogging Still Worthwhile?, Kami Watson Huyse said, “Blogs are the only content platform that we really own. I have had my ups and downs too, but I am more convinced on this than ever. I tend to think of the social media networks (which come and go, ebb and flow) as outposts of content, but I also like your hub and spoke model. It works as the networks are often the driver of the center wheel, but without the wheel the spokes have no grounding. Landing pages and websites can only take it so far. I would urge people to not be too short sighted.”

Douglas Karr replied, “Social networks provide a surface. Blogs provide a deeper dive. I remember about 5 years ago the first squawks of “blogging is dead”… and the demand for valuable content has increased exponentially since then.”

And Mark Evans added, “I’m a firm believe in the power of the business blog. As you point out, there are many benefits to having an active blog. Personally, it has been the best marketing tool for my consulting business so I’m always telling startup clients that they need to embrace blogging.”

And in on Audience Development for Content Marketing eBook, Heidi Cohen said, “Lee–Thank you for including me with such amazing company. Every marketer should read this ebook to ensure that their content (or any marketing for that matter) supports building an audience!!! Happy marketing,”

What were the top online and digital marketing news stories for you this week?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Infographic: ShareThis

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Online Marketing News: Big Bots on Google and Twitter, Pinterest Is Tops, The Press Takes To Twitter |

August 15th 2014 Online Marketing

Online Marketing News: Google Boosts Encryption, Facebook On Schedule, Presence Isn’t Enough

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A Google Minute

What Happens In A Google Minute? [Infographic] - What takes place on the worlds largest search engine in just 60 seconds?  The above infographic shows what goes down in a single minute on the busiest site on the net.  Click the image to checkout the full-sized version. SocialTimes

Twitter’s Latest Experiment: Self-Explaining Hashtags - Twitter brought hashtags to the attention of the cultural masses, and it feels like hardly an hour passes now without seeing a hashtag plastered across a billboard, movie trailer or TV commercial. AllTwitter

Pinterest Adds to Its Functionality With Icebergs Acquisition - Pinterest has purchased Icebergs, a company that allows creatives to collaborate on projects online. This acquisition, along with a number of new features Pinterest has launched lately, will change how content is curated and utilized within the platform, say industry participants. ClickZ

Google Says Website Encryption – Or Lack Thereof – Will Now Influence Search Rankings - Google will begin using website encryption, or HTTPS, as a ranking signal – a move which should prompt website developers who have dragged their heels on increased security measures, or who debated whether their website was “important” enough to require encryption, to make a change. Initially, HTTPS will only be a lightweight signal, affecting fewer than 1% of global queries, says Google. TechCrunch

Facebook Adds Ad Scheduling to Power Editor - Facebook quietly added a huge new feature to its Power Editor, giving advertisers who use lifetime budgets the ability to schedule hours during which their ads should or should not run. AllFacebook

Google AdWords Debuts Dynamic Sitelinks Globally: What You Need To Know - Meet Dynamic Sitelinks, the latest ad snippet from Google AdWords. Dynamic sitelinks are another one of those add-ons — like seller ratings and consumer ratings annotations — in which advertisers don’t have control over what displays or when the content is triggered. Here’s what you need to know. Search Engine Land

Facebook Claims More Than Half of Social Logins [Study] - Social infrastructure company Gigya’s quarterly social login report finds that Facebook accounts for more than half of social logins, and a whopping 64 of social logins on mobile. Facebook is still the leading source of social logins, according to new research from social media tools provider, Gigya. ClickZ

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Splits Into Separate App For Standalone Social Selling - The era of social selling is upon us and LinkedIn’s taken note. In response to the varying needs of its users, LinkedIn is dividing their apps and segmenting each with various tools. Marketing Land

Twitter Has More Users in Asia Than North America (And That Gap is Getting Wider) [STATS] - Slightly less than a quarter of all Twitter users – about 60 million profiles – are based in the U.S., a number which was risen by 50 percent since the third quarter of 2012. AllTwitter

Google Launches Google News Publisher Center - Google announced on the Google News blog a new portal for Google News publishers to use to help manage their news sites within Google News. The new portal is named Google News Publisher Center. Search Engine Land

Twitter’s Ad Revenue Doubles in Q2 - Twitter released its second quarter earnings yesterday and financial analysts were, well, all a-twitter. Thanks in large part to a World Cup-related boost in activity, revenue for the quarter exceeded forecasts, up 129% to $312 million. The gain was right in synch with ad revenues, which rose by 129% to $277 million. Direct Marketing News

A Social Media Presence Isn’t Enough – Brands Need Engagement [Report] - A new report from Sprinklr finds that simply developing social media platforms isn’t enough for brands — conversing with customers is to the key to avoiding alienating them. ClickZ

From our Online Marketing Community:

From Content Marketing Strategy Infographic – 12 Tips from SAP, Boeing, CAT, Progressive, John Deere, charity: water, Tyler J. Koenig said, “Content is king…context is queen.” Freaking awesome.”

Dave Schneider added, “Nice infographic! The big companies are really beginning to come around and implement content marketing, and of course,, with their budgets, they teach some valuable lessons.”

And Kostas shared, “”Content Marketers with a plan are more successful.” How true is that! I have never understood those who take a fly by the seat of their pants approach to content strategy.”

And in response to Online Marketing News: LinkedIn Makes You Good Looking, More Money More Traffic for Facebook, Organic Is Still King, Dave Schneider said, “Couldn’t agree more that organic is still king. I get about 50% of my traffic from organic, social media doesn’t even compare.”

What were the top online and digital marketing news stories for you this week?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Infographic: SocialTimes

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Online Marketing News: Google Boosts Encryption, Facebook On Schedule, Presence Isn’t Enough |

August 8th 2014 Online Marketing

Online Marketing News: LinkedIn Makes You Good Looking, More Money More Traffic for Facebook, Organic Is Still King

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2014 Digital Spending Trends

The 2014 Digital Dollar Shift [Infographic] - 58% of business to business (B2B) marketers are spending more on social media this year, with just one in fifty decreasing their spend in this area in 2014, reveals a new study. Find out all about the current state of digital spending trends in the infographic above. AllTwitter

Introducing the App - Over 85% of the world’s population lives in areas with existing cellular coverage, yet only about 30% of the total population accesses the internet. Affordability and awareness are significant barriers to internet adoption for many and today we are introducing the app to make the internet accessible to more people by providing a set of free basic services. Facebook

Your New LinkedIn Profile Makes You Ridiculously Good Looking on Mobile, and in Meetings - What if, minutes before you met me for the first time, someone whispered in your ear and reminded you not only where I work (LinkedIn) and what I do (product management), but also who we both know in common, whether we overlapped any years in school, or if we worked at the same company? If you knew what we had in common or any of my interests (say biking or Latin poetry), chances are that we’ll probably have a pretty great first conversation. LinkedIn

Report: Social Sharing On Mobile Devices Surges 30% In Second Quarter - Adding to the evidence that 2014 is a mobile tipping point, social data and sharing tool provider ShareThis reported today that sharing via smartphones and tablets surged more than 30% during the second quarter. Marketing Land

Mobile Paid Search Spend Up 98% Globally vs. Last Year [Report] - Covario released its quarterly report today that looks at global paid search spend. Mobile online advertising was the undisputed star of the findings, with 98 percent increase in spend year-over-year (YoY) and 6 percent increase quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) globally. Search Engine Watch

Google Launches New Local Search Algorithm: SEOs Notice Significant Ranking Changes - This week, Google pushed out a new and major local search ranking algorithm change. I broke the story at Search Engine Land where Google provided details for me on this update. Search Engine Roundtable

Study Shows Mobile Social Users Are More Active and Engaged - 64% of online adults use a desktop or laptop to access social media at least once a week. That’s a nice number. A lot nicer than the 45% who use a smartphone or the 25% who use a tablet. But when talking about social media marketing, the majority doesn’t always rule. Marketing Pilgrim

Study Shows Organic Search Responsible for 64% of Web Traffic - Groupon recently published a study showing that 60% of what Google Analytics defines as “direct traffic” is actually organic traffic. The study was conducted by Groupon’s Director of Product Management, who heads their organic search. In the study he shared details about an experiment that involved completely deindexing Groupon from Google for 6 hours. Search Engine Journal

LinkedIn Unveils Direct Sponsored Content for Better Targeting and Testing - The new feature will not only help marketers with A/B testing, but industry participants say it also indicates a big move for native advertising. Right on the heels of its acquisition of Bizo, LinkedIn has released a new feature called Direct Sponsored Content (DSC) to help marketers deliver more personalized content to specific audiences. ClickZ

Facebook: 23% of all Social Traffic in June (Pinterest Dips, Twitter Flat at 1%) [STATS] - Facebook’s slice of the social referral traffic pie got a little bit bigger last month, with the giant now accounting for almost one quarter of all social website visits, reports Shareaholic. AllTwitter

Facebook Pulling Messages from iOS, Android Apps in Favor of Messenger - Facebook users who want to send and receive messages via their iOS and Android devices will soon only be able to do so via the social network’s Messenger applications, as messaging will be removed from its flagship applications for both operating systems, Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch. InsideFacebook

Facebook Now Makes 62% of Its Ad Money in Mobile - One day, if it wanted to, Facebook could shut down its desktop site and become a mobile-only company. The majority of the social network’s advertising revenue — 62% of the $2.68 billion Facebook made from advertising in the second quarter, according to results it released on Wednesday — already comes from mobile. AdAge

Facebook Reports 19% Increase In Daily Active Users - Facebook just released their Second Quarter 2014 Financial Summary and it’s looking good for the social media giant. Marketing Pilgrim

From our Online Marketing Community:

In response to The Power of Empathy for More Customer Focused Content Marketing, Dan Bischoff said, “Lee, very refreshing to read this today. A lot of SEOs and various agencies are starting to get into the content game now. And like you say, none of them talk, “customer journey”, “buying cycle”, “customer insight” or related concepts.”

Dave Schneider added, “Interesting article – it’s definitely a huge oversight to not be focusing on your customers when trying to drive marketing.”

What were the top online and digital marketing news stories for you this week?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Infographic: SayItSocial

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Online Marketing News: LinkedIn Makes You Good Looking, More Money More Traffic for Facebook, Organic Is Still King |

August 1st 2014 Online Marketing

Online Marketing News: Google+ Lets You Fake It, Facebook Saves, Microsoft Overtakes Yahoo

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How Social Signals SEO

How do Social Signals Impact SEO? [Infographic] - How is social tied to SEO?  Click the graphic above to checkout how social signals can impact your SEO. SocialTimes

Twitter and Pinterest Lead Mobile Sharing Growth as Desktop Declines - In Q2 of 2014, shares from smartphones and tablets increased by approximately 31 percent, while desktop shares declined by 6 percent. Twitter and Pinterest were the biggest drivers of mobile sharing growth. ClickZ

Study: Only 22 Percent Of Top 200 Apps Using Deep Links - Among the top 200 mobile apps only 22 percent are using “deep links” from their websites into their mobile apps. This is according to an analysis by URX. Marketing Land

Facebook Outperforms Twitter, Google+ For Social Brand Interactions [STUDY] - Have you Liked a brand’s Facebook Page in the last four weeks? Or shared one of their photos with your friends? Now, how recently have you done this on Twitter? AllTwitter

Facebook Ad CTRs Up in Q2 - The average click-through rate for Facebook ads on desktop and mobile platforms in Q2 was 0.36%, details Nanigans in its latest quarterly benchmarks report [download page] covering activity among its customers, which are predominantly direct response advertisers at e-commerce, gaming and other pure play internet companies. The 0.36% CTR represents a 47% quarter-over-quarter increase and a 146% year-over-year increase, from 0.14% in Q2 2013. The upward trend comes as advertisers allocate a greater share of their budgets to mobile. Marketing Charts

STUDY: Facebook Ads Sequenced Like Stories Lead To Increased View-Throughs - A new study by Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer Adaptly, in partnership with Facebook and Refinery29, shows that advertisers who position and sequence their Facebook ads to take customers down the conversion funnel can experience an uplift in view-through and subscription rates. AllFacebook

Google Launches Free AdWords Express App For iOS And Android Devices In The US - Last week, Google launched a free app for Android and iOS devices for AdWords Express, the simplified version of Google’s search advertising platform designed for small business. Search Engine Land

Facebook launches Save - Your friend posts a link to a story in the New Yorker that’s 7 pages long, but you’re just quickly skimming Facebook at work. Your favorite band just posted their newest music video, but you’re on the train without headphones. Now, Facebook has a way to save that content and check it out later. Through Save, users can indicate that they want to bookmark content to revisit later. It is rolling out for iOS, Android and Web users over the next few days. Inside Facebook

Mobile: 34% of Organic Search, 42% of Social Traffic in Q2 [Report] - ‘Tis the season for quarterly reports, and this week, RKG released its Q2 report on the state of digital marketing, looking at channels like organic search, paid search, and social. Search Engine Watch

Microsoft Set to Overtake Yahoo in Ad Revenues - Yahoo, whose CEO Marissa Mayer has been pressed by investors to define just what business the company is in, will decline in stature as a seller of digital ads. Though Yahoo will rebound from a 2.1% decline in 2013 ad revenue with a 2.7% increase this year, according to eMarketer, its share of the digital ad will decline three tenths of a point and drop it to number 4 behind Microsoft. Direct Marketing News

Foursquare Goes All In With Personalized Local Search - This week, Foursquare unveiled a new look, new logo, and most importantly they announced a new feature that will be a core focus of their business going forward – personalized local search. Search Engine Journal

Google+ Will Now Let You Use A Fake Username - When Google launched its social network three years ago, it mandated that users use their real names, a la Facebook. The general idea was that this would help consolidate a user’s identity across Google’s myriad services, but it drew some criticism from some Google users who wanted to conceal their true identities. Fast Company

From our Online Marketing Community:

On What Marketers at Dell, IBM, Optum, General Mills and Bank of America Think About the Future of Search Marketing, Steve Martin said “Thanks for sharing this.its really awesome and good to know about budget of big brands about search marketing.”

Maria shared, “I enjoyed reading this blog entry! Thanks for sharing your article. And guess you are right…that is where budgets are. Looking fw to reading more articles!”

And Dave Schneider added, “Thanks for writing this article. It’s good to know what the big brands are thinking about Search Marketing.”

What were the top online and digital marketing news stories for you this week?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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Online Marketing News: Google+ Lets You Fake It, Facebook Saves, Microsoft Overtakes Yahoo |

July 25th 2014 Online Marketing

It’s Not Just Links: Why Nothing Is Safe In Online Marketing

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Links have been under fire for years. And while I’m someone who provides link development services, I’ve never thought that links are all you need. In fact, if all of my clients would let me become more involved in other aspects of their marketing, I’d be absolutely gleeful….

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

July 22nd 2014 Online Marketing

Online Marketing News: #SongsSecretlyAboutPancakes, Yelp Complains, Twitter Gets Analytical

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Apps Driving Twitter Sharing

Twitter Engagement Study: Top Apps, Content Sources & Profiles Among Search Marketers - The search marketing community is one that can be defined by the topics we write about and share with our colleagues. In its latest report, “How Search Marketers Engage on Twitter,” social insights company Leadtail looked at 521 U.S. search marketers (SEMs) on Twitter to discover what topics they talked about, which content they consumed and shared, and what publications and people were the most influential in the Twittersphere. Search Engine Watch

REPORT: Facebook, Google To Represent 15% Of Total Ad Market In 2016 - Facebook and Google combined will account for a 15 percent share of the total media advertising marketing of $200 billion in 2016, according to the latest projections from market researcher eMarketer. AllFacebook

India Now Has More Than 100 Million Social Network Users (With 30% Active On Twitter) [STUDY] - With more than 1.2 billion people India is the world’s second most-populated country (and its most populous democracy), and 243 million of its citizens – about 19 percent of the nation – now use the internet. AllTwitter

Pinterest Adds New Follow Button to Boost Brand Discovery - An upgraded Follow button with a pop-up window makes it easier for customers to keep track of their favorite companies’ Pinterest activity. ClickZ

Yelp Complains That Its Being Outranked By Google+ Local Listings - TechCrunch broke the news today that a Yelp internal document was recently leaked online claiming Google is promoting its own content at the expense of users. Search Engine Journal

IHOP’s #SongsSecretlyAboutPancakes Showcases Shazam as a Marketing Tool - IHOP says it decided to use Shazam because it wanted to engage with consumers longer than it can in a TV spot and notes the Shazam icon is more of a draw than Facebook or Twitter logos. ClickZ

Google Webmaster Tools International Targeting Now Available - In June, Google began privately beta testing a new feature, which we uncovered as a Webmaster Tools href lang debug tool. Search Engine Roundtable

Twitter Revamps Analytics To Show Impressions & Engagement On Organic Tweets - Twitter gave its analytics dashboard a major upgrade today, offering advertisers a deeper look at how well their organic tweets are performing. Marketing Land

Google Ad CTR Goes Up After Removal Of Authorship Photos - Google made the decision late last month to remove authorship photos from search results. This led to speculation that the decision was made as a result of the impact of authorship photos on the CTR of paid search ads. Search Engine Journal

Facebook Promotes ‘Start to Success’ Program, Offering A Dedicated Account Manager - Something advertisers and marketers have craved from Facebook is here: a direct line to a Facebook representative, through the Start to Success program. AllFacebook

Top 10 YouTube Influencers and the Brands They Work With [Infographic] - As marketers continue looking for new ways to connect with consumers online, more are turning to influencer marketing. Every platform and niche has its own set of influencers — people with an audience that trust their recommendations. Marketing agency the Ayzenberg Group has put together a list of the top 10 YouTube influencers and how those influencers are working with brands. SocialTimes

Trust in Sponsored Content Runs Low - Some 54% of internet users aged 18-65 say they generally don’t trust sponsored content, with most of the remainder only trusting such content if they trust the publication it runs on (19%) or they already trust the brand (23%). That’s according to survey results from Contently, which also found that two-thirds of respondents have at some point felt deceived upon realizing that an article or video they read was sponsored by a brand. Marketing Charts

From our Online Marketing Community:

From Digital Marketing – What Does It Really Mean? Insights from 9 Brand Digital Marketers, Benin B. said, “That’s a timely question, Lee! Although everyone gave terrific responses, the one from @tamicann resonates with me the most. Because nowadays even traditional marketing leans digital. However, the most common trait of digital is that you can track it.”

What were the top online and digital marketing news stories for you this week?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Photo: Search Engine Watch

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Online Marketing News: #SongsSecretlyAboutPancakes, Yelp Complains, Twitter Gets Analytical |

July 18th 2014 Online Marketing

Online Marketing News: #NewTweetRecord, B2B Wants To Go Automatic, Tweeting Is Bad For The Bedroom

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New Twitter Record

With 35.6 Million Tweets, Germany’s 7-1 #WorldCup Win Over Brazil Sets A New Twitter Record [STATS] - Tuesday, in a match that will be remembered for a long time and likely take the host nation (and its ardent fans) years to recover from, Germany humiliated a Sunday league-esque Brazil side 7-1 in the World Cup semi finals. AllTwitter

How To Be in the Top 5% of Bloggers [Survey] - Orbit Media Studios conducted a survey of more than 1,000 bloggers to better understand the processes of industry experts. Respondents answered questions about time spent on a typical post, frequency, editing, promotional tactics and more. Orbit Media Studios

500 Writers & Editors Reveal What They Look for in a Pitch - In this BuzzStream SlideShare, Ryan McGonagill & Kelsey Libert share the results of their Perfect Pitches survey. Ryan and Kelsey reached out to more than 500 editors at publications like Time, BuzzFeed, Upworthy, and more, and asked them what they look for in a pitch. BuzzStream

32% Of B2B Marketers Want Automated Social Media Integration [STUDY] - The automation of digital content is an essential tool for all marketers, but particularly those in the business to business (B2B) sector, where delivering the right message to the right lead at the right time can mean the difference between success and failure. AllTwitter

Google’s New AdWords Editor Version Offers Shopping Campaigns Support, More Display Targeting Options - Roughly a month ahead of the rollover to Shopping Campaigns, Google has released a new version of AdWords Editor that supports the new campaign type. Google announced the old style of PLA campaigns will be shut down at some point in late August. Search Engine Land

STUDY: Facebook bouncing back in social logins, with help from anonymous login - After six straight quarters of falling behind in the social login sphere, Facebook has bounced back to take over the top spot. According to Janrain, Facebook overtook Google and LinkedIn as the most popular choice on B2B sites, posting a 1.5 percent gain and re-claiming a lead it lost in Q1 2014 after holding it throughout 2012 and 2013. It also extended its lead on media and retail sites. Inside Facebook

Experiment Shows Up To 60% Of “Direct” Traffic Is Actually Organic Search - Everyone knows that browsers don’t always report where visitors came from when they arrive at a website. When they don’t report where they were in the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) referrer header, often the traffic is considered “Direct” — which really means, “we have no clue where they came from, maybe they typed the URL in or hit a bookmark.” Search Engine Land

Too Much Twitter Can Be Bad For Your Marriage, Sex Life, Says Research [STUDY] -  Heavy Twitter use can have a negative impact on both your marriage and sex life, says a new study. The survey, which has been documented in the Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking journal by the University Of Missouri, asked 581 active Twitter users to report how often they used the platform and if any conflicts arose with current or former partners as a result of this usage. AllTwitter

Facebook Responds To Flak Over Study That Tinkered With Users’ News Feeds - Facebook has caught a lot of flak for a recent study by social scientists from the social network, Cornell University, and the University of California-San Francisco, in which the researchers randomly selected 689,003 Facebook users and tinkered with the number of positive or negative stories that appeared in their News Feeds to gauge the results of those users’ moods. AllFacebook

Influential Twitter Accounts Indexed More in Google [Research] - Stone Temple Consulting put out findings of research it conducted on the indexation of tweets in Google. What it found was that indexation was low overall, but that influential Twitter accounts with specific types of tweets tended to be indexed more.  Search Engine Watch

Socialbakers June U.S. report: response rate slipping on Facebook - Though T-Mobile is once again the most socially devoted Facebook brand in the U.S., overall response rate from brands dipped by 10 percent over the past month, according to a report by Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Socialbakers. Inside Facebook

Google Releases AdWords Editor Version 10.5 - Earlier this week, an announcement was made on Google+ that AdWords Editor version 10.5 is now available. The latest version allows users to download product groups, upload and check changes, make bulk edits, and perform other time-saving tasks across Shopping campaigns, online and offline. Search Engine Journal

From our Online Marketing Community:

From Attract, Engage, Convert – How to Better Measure and Optimize Content Marketing Performance,  Frank J. Kenny said, Excellent piece Lee. I like to think of the top of the funnel as creating awareness by delivering value and storytelling. Then, it’s about relationship building (my clients are small and medium businesses. I know this doesn’t always scale but it does for my target market). Then comes conversion, either what I call organic (It is easy to buy) or digital marketing (copywriting skills, CTA’s, guarantees, scarcity, etc.). Then you have customer and tribe relationship management (actually throughout the funnel), leading to word of mouth, repeat purchases, etc.”

And on Is Your B2B Company Getting Ahead or Dead on these 21 B2B Marketing Basics?, Steve Kirstein shared, “Agreed – great, inclusive checklist – appreciated.”

And Bob Bly added, “Admirably comprehensive checklist–very valuable. Thanks.”

What were the top online and digital marketing news stories for you this week?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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Online Marketing News: #NewTweetRecord, B2B Wants To Go Automatic, Tweeting Is Bad For The Bedroom |

July 11th 2014 Online Marketing

Is Your B2B Company Getting Ahead or Dead on these 21 B2B Marketing Basics?

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B2B Marketing Tactics

Staying competitive in the B2B marketing space seems overwhelming for a lot of marketers right now with all the hype about everything from content marketing to programmatic ad buying.

While I am a firm believer companies do need to stay on top of what’s new, continuously experiment, adapt and evolve, there’s still quite a bit of low hanging fruit when it comes to B2B marketing tactics.

What are those easy pickings you ask? It’s marketing fundamentals! But you say, “Nah, we’ve been to the basics mountain, summited and back. Been there, done that.”

Here’s the thing about online marketing basics: the nature of the tactics persist, but the data that supports them along with execution have undoubtedly changed.

Here’s a list of 21 B2B online marketing tactics that you can review to see if you’re up to date on the data that informs your approach and the way you execute. When is the last time you revisited, analyzed and optimized the performance of these essential marketing tactics?

  • Client Testimonials – Client stories of success are often one of the first things that catches the eye when looking at potential business partners and B2B vendors. Common mistakes include testimonials that are too enthusiastic or those that are benign but packed as if they’re something special. Most importantly, testimonials should reflect issues of interest to the target audience. Client stories on video, in Slideshare decks, at conferences as speaking partners and similar partnerships are the “entry level” of client testimonials.
  • Case Studies – With more complex situations, buyers want to drill down into specifics of how a company does what it does. The changing nature of just about every industry along with buyer behaviors for researching and evaluating B2B vendors means a continuous set of problem/solution exercises. Case studies present a picture of a company’s breadth and depth of ability to solve a variety of issues. B2B case studies don’t have to be limited to a PDF file. Core format can be augmented with visual and video content as well as curated related resources to give buyers a bigger and more useful picture of your B2B brand and what it can do.
  • Industry Awards – Getting recognized by a respected third party can mean a quick trip to the credibility club. However, such awards are only as meaningful as the credibility of the entities giving them out. Whether you agree with awards in your industry or not, they are a signal of credibility that work with certain segments of buyers. You might even take a different approach and create your own awards to recognize people and companies that represent your ideal customers.
  • Being Quoted by the Press, Blogs – Being cited as an authority on a particular topic in a high profile publication can transform a business marketer’s reputation and credibility overnight. For our business, being profiled with a photo on the cover of a regional print publication had amazing effects, but not nearly as much as getting mentioned in a favorable light in The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and industry specific websites like Advertising Age, MarketingProfs, Content Marketing Institute and Social Media Examiner. Media Relations is now more valuable than ever and PR should be involved right along with marketing during planning, development and amplification of a B2B brand’s content marketing programs.
  • Brand Influencers & Thought Leaders – Because of conferences, blogs, and social networks, there are more opportunities than ever for key executives and subject matter experts to become influential. Having one or more of these brand influencers on staff can give the indication that the company has a competitive advantage. There’s a careful line to walk with “brandividuals” vs. brand influencers as the former are almost always transient and the latter may not be as enthusiastic about continuous promotion.
  • Speaking & Attending Conferences - Baring it all in front of an audience so to speak, can go both ways. If the speaker knows their subject matter and can entertain as well, speaking at conferences, regional events and at Universities can be very productive. However, if the speaker does not prepare, present well or “know their stuff” things can go badly. Whether a company hosts their own event with subject matter experts and clients as speakers or attends an industry event – there are numerous opportunities to create content, experiences and media coverage as well as direct connections with prospective customers. Just don’t make the mistake of sending people to conferences that don’t create content, network for prospects or bring back a list of actionable advice to share with the rest of their team.
  • Web Site’s Design & Functionality – A web site still says a lot about a company, even though the kinds of interactions many B2B companies are looking for to attract leads can happen anywhere on the web where a form can capture prospect information. Websites that provide useful content, engage with audiences and curate brand social media activity give buyers a reason to return and keep the B2B brand top of mind.
  • Editorial Contributions to Industry Publications – Contributing articles to prominent online or print publications gives companies an opportunity to show their unique problem solving abilities and expertise. That’s right, I said print! By association with the publication, the company also gets a boost in the credibility department. Getting a column with online publications like Forbes and The Huffington Post are not as difficult as in the past and can provide syndication and exposure to entirely new audiences.
  • Online Advertising – One way of growing reputation is to advertise in all the places your target audience looks for credible information in coordination with brand content, social media marketing, email, PR and organic content. Whether it’s a B2B campaign or content amplification, there are numerous options to buy attention to B2B content. The question is, will it be the right audience? Thanks to retargeting, programmatic ad buying and increasingly sophisticated targeting through social networks, the answer is increasingly, “yes”
  • Employee Advocacy - Answering the phone, speaking to prospects in meetings, networking online and offline, front line staff behavior can have leave a big impression (good or bad) on potential clients. In today’s always on, always connected world, everyone in your business is a potential sales person, customer service agent and brand ambassador. Insourcing and employee advocacy shouldn’t be left to a few individuals or to chance. Make employee advocacy a part of your strategic marketing initiatives.  A great resource for this is “The Most Powerful Brand On Earth: How to Transform Teams, Empower Employees, Integrate Partners, and Mobilize Customers to Beat the Competition in Digital and Social Media”.
  • Connecting with Industry Influencers - Relationships with industry influencers doesn’t need to be limited to the pay to play with analysts. Journalists, bloggers and credible individuals with authority can provide highly credible access for a B2B brand to new audiences of buyers. Like all productive relationships, these connections need to be maintained through communications and oftentimes through value exchange or even compensation.
  • Client List – You are who you associate with. Big brand customers bring a whole other set of challenges and opportunities. But seeing those big names often gives lesser known brand prospects a certain kind of warm fuzzy feeling, “If this company made it through the vendor sourcing process with a Fortune 500 company, then they’re probably of the right caliber for my Fortune 1,000 company.” But if it appears that your company ONLY does business with the big dogs, then the mid-market companies may get gun shy. For the best of both worlds, keep it balanced.
  • Search Engine Visibility on Competitive Industry Terms – I can’t tell you how many times companies have said, “We found you on Google by searching for (insert industry term here) and we figured if you can do it for yourself, you can probably do it for us.” I know, I know. There’s so much wrong with that kind of ranking logic these days, but it’s a fact of life in today’s world of online business. Search engine visibility is a form of public relations and showing up for relevant, broad terms (as well as your niche specialties) makes your brand name (if your Title tags are written properly) associated with those terms. Relevant search visibility also means your company is present as a resource at the very moment a buyer needs you most.
  • Brand Identity, Message, Narrative - There’s a lot that goes into creating a brand. I like the definition: “A brand is a promise kept”. Each interaction between a prospective company and something that communicates information about the agency is an opportunity to make a brand promise. Repeat interactions provide the opportunity to keep that promise. Thoughtful storytelling in a B2B brand’s content marketing efforts convey important messages that evoke feelings which can either build or detract from credibility. Content shouldn’t be isolated by campaigns, but support an overall brand narrative designed to connect with buyers across the entire customer lifecycle from awareness to transaction to advocacy.
  • Press Releases – It’s true, the direct SEO value from press releases is pretty much gone. And sending out non-news press releases like, “We launched a new web site design”, is worse than not sending any press releases at all. But sending out occasional press releases with “real news” to wire services and directly to cultivated lists of relevant industry publications can still create signals of your credibility. And with clever pitching, they might even get you some press coverage.
  • Social Media FootprintSocial Networks (especially LinkedIn and Twitter), Forums, Images, Videos, Podcasts – As Charlene Li has said, “Social networks are like air”. Social Media and Networks provide B2B buyers another perspective on companies they want to know as potential vendors. Promoting unique knowledge through social media formats and networks can give important indications of an B2B company’s expertise in formats that can match the information consumption preferences of a variety of potential buyers.
  • Industry Research, Surveys and Reports - In the same way that faculty at Universities gain prominence and reputation by publishing research in professional journals, companies that have the insight and resources to conduct real research and publish their findings create very strong signals of credibility. It is not only the execution of such research that makes it an effective “signal” though. The intelligent promotion of these learnings is as much or more important. Quality research that is packaged well gets significant play on industry websites, blogs, on social networks and can be repurposed numerous ways. Conducting research at intervals (quarterly or annually) creates anticipation that grows audience with every release without an increase in marketing costs.
  • Industry Association Involvement – Investing in the future of the overall industry through association involvement can give the impression that a company has a higher level commitment than those that are not involved. Being involved with setting industry standards, guidelines and even training programs can set an agency apart and give an indication of their expertise. The time investment can be substantial though, so this one needs to be carefully considered.
  • CEO, Executive and/or Company Blog – Blogs can be exceptionally effective at imparting a company’s “genuine” philosophy and corporate personality. Company web sites tend to be dry and careful or conversely, full of hype. A well written and promoted blog can do absolutely amazing things for an B2B company’s reputation in an industry. I like to think our very own Online Marketing Blog is a good example of that.
  • Word on the Street, Buzz, Word of Mouth – First and foremost, providing great B2B products and services and is the cornerstone of building positive word of mouth. At the same time, successfully engaging the tactics on this list will build positive buzz, but the longevity of that buzz is only sustainable if the company has something significant in it’s ability to deliver results, to back it up.  Making it easy for customers to share the good news about your company or making sure testimonials are properly promoted can extend a company’s reach with nominal marketing investment. At the same time, monitoring social networks for brand, product or key executive mentions can reveal real-time engagement opportunities.
  • Being Included on Industry “Lists” of Top Companies - No matter how you slice and dice it, getting included on a list sends a signal. Lists are inherently controversial because getting included means others are excluded. If you know how to create and promote the right signals, like doing great work for clients and letting the world know about it, getting on the kinds of lists that build credibility is pretty straightforward. Leaving it to chance and expecting inclusion based purely on merit is flat out naive. Also, if your B2B brand really wants to take advantage of lists as a marketing tactic, then start making your own lists. Just make sure they’re well researched, credible, relevant and well packaged.

So how does your B2B company rate on these online marketing fundamentals? What core tactics would you ad?

Take the time to inventory what makes sense for your business and target audience, then prioritize. Go after the top of the list and see what can be improved upon. There’s plenty of data and lots of shiny new ways to execute many of these tactics to give your business a competitive advantage without breaking the bank.

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Is Your B2B Company Getting Ahead or Dead on these 21 B2B Marketing Basics? |

July 8th 2014 B2B, Online Marketing

Online Marketing News – Millennials Don’t Like Content, Bing Goes Twitter, Errors Kill Mobile

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13 Most Popular B2B Content Marketing Tactics

The 13 Most Popular B2B Content Marketing Tactics – Click the above infographic to get insight into what content marketing strategies are being deployed by B2B marketers, and see the gaps in what is being deployed versus what the impact of those strategies might be. Marketing Tech Blog

Email Marketers Need to Do More to Nurture Leads [Study] - A joint report from Bizo and Oracle Marketing Cloud shows email marketing isn’t enough when it comes to nurturing leads and suggests marketers should develop multi-channel strategies instead. ClickZ

45% of Millennials Aren’t Compelled by Content - Savvy marketers recognize the value of content and embrace its future impact. These marketers have devoted countless resources to better serve content to the ever-elusive millennial. Despite all of this, 45% of millennials simply aren’t interested in the content marketers currently serve, according to a recent study conducted by DigitasLBi, Razorfish, Tumblr, and Yahoo. Direct Marketing News

Facebook Launches Multi-Product Ads, Enhances Custom Audiences - Facebook this week announced a new feature for advertisers seeking better direct response through the social network, and made Custom Audiences even more powerful. All Facebook

Bing Ups Its Twitter Game: Rolls Out Hashtag & Twitter Handle Search Features - Starting this week, Bing users are going to see even more Twitter content in search results. Search Engine Land

Mobile Implementation Errors Cost Sites 68% of Organic Smartphone Traffic [Study] - BrightEdge has released a report that observes, “over one in four mobile sites are misconfigured, leading to a massive loss of potential traffic. Search Engine Watch

Study: Top 5 Search Engines See Search Traffic Drop By As Much As 31% Since December 2013 - A newly released report from Shareaholic claims the top five search engines — Google, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL — have all experienced a decline in search traffic since December of 2013. Search Engine Land

More Than 70% of Consumers Value Push Notifications [Infographic] - Marketers may be surprised to know that push notifications produce twice as many open rates and click-throughs than email. A recent survey of 1,200 adults by global marketing cloud service agency Responsys found that consumers find push notifications highly valuable.  SocialTimes

STUDY: What Facebook Users Want Out Of Brands In Terms Of Customer Service - What are the expectations of users of Facebook and other social networks when they communicate with brands via those channels? Customer-engagement-solutions provider Accent Marketing Services surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. Internet users to find out. AllFacebook

Survey: 62% Of Consumers Say Social Media Doesn’t At All Influence Their Purchasing Decisions - It shouldn’t come as a surprise to savvy social media marketers, but consumers really aren’t interested in what you are selling. Marketing Land

Twitter’s Latest Experiment: Retweet With Comment - By its own admission Twitter experiments with at least one new feature each and every day, and while most of these are simply that – experiments – some do move out of the beta process and become system-wide. Twitter’s latest venture is a tweak that many users have wanted for a long, long time: retweets with comments. AllTwitter

Google Kills It’s First Social Network, Orkut - Google is saying goodbye to Orkut. Wait, what’s Orkut? Orkut is a social network Google launched in 2004, the same year as Facebook (FB, Tech30). Needless to say, Orkut hasn’t exactly kept up. CNN Money

From our Online Marketing Community:

On 18 More Amazing Search & Digital Marketing Takeaways from #MNSummit, ScottBolen said, “Thanks for the recap, I wasn’t able to attend this time around as I was speaking out of the country. I think 2015 is going to bring some interesting twists to the SEO world.”

In response to Where Search Fits in the Digital Marketing Mix – 12 Lessons from Lee Odden Keynote at MnSummit, Daniel Honigman said, “I find #4 and #5 to be very important. Many marketers have a very cursory “understanding” of their audience, which usually revolves around demographics. The real interesting stuff, however, comes with a deep understanding of motivations, channels and the like.”

From Online Marketing News – Goodbye Google Authorship, 1 Minute On Facebook, Videos Dominate, VisualRank shared their thoughts. “Most users have responded favorably to Google’s Authorship program, claiming it allows them to develop stronger relationships with clients and other people/professionals with similar interests. And it doesn’t take any special metrics to realize that publishing a photo next to your listing draws more attention to it, which subsequently generates more clicks. So, why did Google decide to remove Google+ profile pictures from search listings?”

What were the top online and digital marketing news stories for you this week?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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Online Marketing News – Millennials Don’t Like Content, Bing Goes Twitter, Errors Kill Mobile |

July 4th 2014 Online Marketing